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Invisalign is a Fraud - Italy

Hi Everyone.. if you take care about your money.....

Hi Everyone.. if you take care about your money.. don't spend a euro or dollar for this treatment. I spent 4000 euro.. around 5.500 dollars for all the treatment. I was on first time very happy but if you think that you have to bring the last mask.. ALL THE LIFE.. EVERY NIGHT (for avoid that your teeth move) let you think a little bit on that. With the traditional method, probably you go to spend less money but you have a result for the life. Think about that.

Actually, my orthodontist explained to me that it doesn't depend on the type of treatment you undergo (fixed appliance or Invisalign). It only depends on the type of malocclusion you're affected by. For example, in Class III malocclusions that are treated with orthodontics only, without surgery (that is, any time there's no serious problem in chewing or in appearance) teeth tend to go back to their original position, even if the treatment was carefully planned and successfully carried out, no matter what option was chosen. Therefore, in those cases you need to wear a retainer at night for life or at least for many years. Then, there are 2 main types of retainment: splinting (a thin metal is glued to the back of your 6 front teeth on both arches for life) or removable retainers (like Vivera Retainers, that have to be worn every night for a long time, if possible for life). It's up to your orthodontist to decide. And in most cases, the results are the same, whether you choose metal / ceramic braces or Invisalign. That's why I chose Invisalign, which is much more comfortable, less painful and less visible. If I'd chosen metal or ceramic braces, I'd have had to wear a retainer of some sort for life as well. But wearing an aligner every night for all my life isn't a problem for me. People affected by bruxism (the tendency to grind your teeth unconsciously) should wear a bite (a sort of plastic retainer, if you will) every night for life, too, and since I got that problem, too, I did that for a couple of years before starting my Invisalign treatment. What's the big deal for me in wearing a retainer instead of a bite?
Hi Berger:

Actually, with metal braces, once you are done with them, you have to wear a retainer for life as well. It is no different. I had braces for 9 years. Never wore a retainer when I was finished with my braces, and my teeth became crooked again. Hence, why I am now doing invisalign. I believe the retainer only has to be worn at night. Not too bad. :)

Hi Misty,

I had metal braces for 8 years and wore a plastic retainer only when I slept for two years after and my teeth are fine, and I don't wear a retainer and haven't for at least 11+ years. I think really it all depends on your personal makeup. I have a feeling if you had Invisalign early on and then did not do it again for multiple years your teeth probably would have moved too, kind of like when a house settles your mouth just settles. :)

Basically, I'm just saying not always do you "have" to wear a retainer for life with metal braces. Like anything just a case to case basis. :)



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