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Hi,i had a fantastic concentric malar lift in...

Hi,i had a fantastic concentric malar lift in paris in 2011 ,the job was perfect but i have an excess of skin expecially on the upper eyelid so i decide for a little revision the 31th of may 2014 in italy ;the surgeon performed a partial blepharo of the upper eyelid removing only skin and muscle(not fat) and for the lower remive only 1-2mm of skin by an half incision from the centre of the eye to the lateral cantus (no fat or muscle are touch).My prev big job of the 2011 give me a cateye,now with the new little job my eyes are round and shorter ,why???i'm disperate!!only 24 days are passed but i dont think the are few to see the results since i have a very small work.The surgeon say my eyes are the same SHAPE thanks before,the look completely different!!i'm disperate,i want my CAteye back,what i have to di now???


Pre and 26 day post revision

revision upper and lower eyelid pinch+nostril 27.6.14 pre and post

pre revision

this picks is larger-withouth makeup-31-5-14


28 days post revision, I'm orrible , something gone wrong? I ask a consultation from my old surgeon in paris

Disperate please help me

My eyes dosnt look to come back 30 days later

The new bar shape remain the same,dont change nothing ,i have lost hope,the corner pull down...

Corner down

I think the problem is expecially on the lateral corner ,now pull down ....do u think?wrong position flaps ???
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Your upper eye lid margin (area from lashes to crease) created an almost even reveal from inner to outer corner Before your surgery. Your PS has changed that and now you have a wider margin in the center of your lid. That increased margin in the center is what creates a rounder look to the upper eye. Apparently that skin has been excised so I can't imagine how you get it back. Lifting the outer corner might help a little but any alteration in the shape results from structural change to the eye rim could also mean dry eye among other issues. It would be interesting to know what words were exchanged between you and your surgeon that led him to believe a rounded eye would be acceptable to you as an aesthetic result. grace
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Ho grace,when i have seven my eyes the first time after surgery i immediately notice a strange thing,the upper eyelid pull up but toward the center of the eyes (not on the corner )and the same thing Made the lower eyelid,pull down toward the center...on the lateral corner there was e Fold of skin that CUT the eye making it shorter...now the corner is directed downwards and the increase margin in the center further enhances the appearance of round eyes but isnt the only thing that make no more my eyes projected upwards..my surgeon says te wouldnt change nothing in my SHAPE before the operation and now he says i'm a craZy patient,so i try to explain the problem but he Dosnt hall me no more...also my nose is bigger now and eh says it the same Size ...i'm disperate ,i think there is also a malposition of the flaps but now i stop every conversation with my surgeon that Dosnt listen me ...i hope in my old surgeon Dr le loaurn but he is si far from me and i have sent an email for the moment ...i canthopexy or lift can help the corner but i think the eyes might seems even smaller and fake..i'm out of nerves for this lake of comunication after my surgery...i dont want denounce no one ,i want only my eyes and my nose back!
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you are correct to worry about what additional change to eye shape might happen with a cantoplexy or canthoplasty. It could make your lower lid very straight across instead of having the gentle curve it is naturally supposed to have. And as you understand that straightening out could make the eye appear smaller. It may address some of the lower lid rounding but it might also create an undesirable smaller appearance. You should really think long and hard about finding someone who can really hear and understand what you are seeing. But having them understand the problem AND be able to technically fix it is going to be difficult. Best of luck and please take your time; do not rush into anything....grace
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.  I don't see what you are talking about, to me your eyes just look swollen.  I'd give it some time, it can take a few months before you see your real results.  Either way, I'm sorry you are unhappy so far with how your eyes look.  I hope it is just swelling and that you think they look better as you heal more.  Keep us posted on how your healing goes :)
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Thanks for your comment and sorry for my english , yesterday my surgeon says that he's not sure my eyes shape will change no more in the next month and if I want to return to the old shape I have to do a cantopexy...I'm disperate, 28 days passed home cause I'm a monster, I don't recognize my face at the mirror.Also the revision of the point of my noise is a disaster , the surgeon performed a reshape of nostril and of the lateral cartilages marker on this new pick,i hope this is not the real result cause it's terrible...I ask a consultation from my old surgeon in paris by mail, I hope he will says something to do....
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Definitely give it more time. It takes a while for swelling to go down and for your skin to shrink back. I had a bad result, but it changes for months. I think yours will be fine. Maybe send the question out for the drs on real-self to answer.
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Thanks Regret65,when I had the concentric malar lift in paris fromdr le louarn I had to stay close home 4 month ,Italian surgeonssays I never came back to a normal face and I had a terrible chemosis ...then the miracle...perfect job ,very natural..now seems all lost!my new shape eyes was the thing I love more than any other exspecially after the 4 month spent thinking about getting disfigured after the job in paris...I know that I have to wait but this now job is very small and also the surgeon says he doesn't expect major change in...only a second miracle can save my eyes!
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I had mine 7 1/2 months ago. The eye shape change is the worst for me. Especially since I didn't know that could happen. I have scars under and on the sides of my eyes that I am terribly unhappy with. I think you look beautiful in your before and after pictures. Try to hang in there. Talking to people on here helps
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From the photo you look great but I understand your unsatisfaction with the scars cause who undergoes a plastic surgery makes it to be better, not better with some damage or even worst.I'm my previous job my scars disappeared completely within a few months because I have a good healing, now are very bad but they are not yet worried about what (Kelo-cote, massage and compression can help even months later and a good camouflage foundation like covermark face magic reduce visibility ). I Also ask the doctor to in this website for my case but even if I do a review I will have to stay that way for many months !
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