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My experience over all was ok. Megan is wonderful...

My experience over all was ok. Megan is wonderful. The results no good results. Scars, numbness, tingling. And worst of all no results as far as seeing any difference in my appearance. From the advertising they make you believe that you will look 20 years younger or at least 10. For me it was not even a year younger instead I see myself older. In other words all I got was scars. If you look at my before and after pictures you will see that there is no change and instead if anything I look worse. I have told them about how I feel and they have been giving me the run around. How do I sue them?


I have a consultation appointment with the San Mateo office next week. After reading all the horror stories, I am not going to go and will just live with the results of growing older.I have a friend who went to a board-certified surgeon for the full face lift, had nightmare results and ended up as part of a San Francisco DA's office investigation. I thought, because the LifeStyle Lift ads make it seem like this procedure is less invasive and much easier, it would be a good solution. Apparently not. I will just have to give this a pass.
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Which Dr. in the San Mateo office are you speaking about?
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HI, I also have the same complaints as you from the San Mateo office. Yes, Megan has to befriend the doctors or she will lose her job. She must agree with them or else. So, Sweet, I hate to see her working there. She is better than that.I am currently talking with Sara, She said I could have the life done over but the doctor insisted on the Plat surgery with it. I said I didn't want to plat surgery and now Sara said the doctor will not do the lifestyle. The legal office I was told can not tell the doctors what to do and I suppect the other way around. So, I think I just want the right ear corrected and hope it will be okay. I am worried my ear will be detached like the left was in a corrected surgery. At least it will match the other ear. I am so scared on what to do. Has anyone contacted the BBB in Oakland. That is next on my list after the correction to my right ear. I have lots of pictures of the deformed left ear and the visible scar on the right. What's next, I haven't heard from Sara. I will just make my appointment and get it over with. Nancy
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