It Was a Disaster

I am in my mid 50's and signed up for pixel laser...

I am in my mid 50's and signed up for pixel laser to improve the condition of my skin - pretty much what it's supposed to be for.  I bought a package for face neck and upper chest. I started with the upper chest because I was unsure about the downtime (which was described as "a few days") and wanted to have something I could cover. 

The procedure went fine.  There was pain but it was tolerable.  However, the aftermath was grim.   I was unprepared for the level of damage of the skin.   At the end of two weeks, the pealing had gone but I was left with an inflammation that is extremely unsightlly (red bumpy skin) and far worse than the smooth skn I started with .  It has now been four full weeks and I am left with a result that is very ugly and depressing.

I have been to the dermatologist who prescribed some antibiotic cream and a brief course of over the counter cortisone cream.  She indicates that it may never resolve and could possibly end up being worse. At best, this will resolve very slowly -over a period of a year  if it resolves at all.  During this time-zero sun exposure -not even with sunscreen. So I'll need to wear high necked shirts -- not that I'd want to show this mess.

In sum --absolutely no benefit, long term unsightly damage and possibly permanent damage. This may or may not be a rare side effect but I suspect it is not rare since the clinic where I had it done recognized it immediately. 

I would say to anyone who wants to try this- do not do it. it is definitely not worth the risk and if I had known in advance, I would not have done this. I regret it deeply.


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See review above-- they did not apprise me of all the risks involved. Very poor outcome

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Yes, I've had ultrapulse CO2 and Erbium yag and they were wonderful. This new class of "fraxel" lasers is just terrible. I have an appt tomorrow with a world class, superstar laser surgeon and I hope to walk away with some good news. My skin was beautiful before this mess. I was just looking for a "lift" - I'm devastated! You're lucky you didn't do it on your face!
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How long did it take for you skin to get back to normal after your procedure? Did you have any lines or holes??? Please let me know... I'm horrified!
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It has been 2 years now since my disaster procedure. I did a 1-month course of topical steroids (prescription strength) which helped. It took about 1 year before it looked anthing close to normal. i do have some permanent damage. I have an area that looks like rash or a cluster of freckles just above my breasts. Not the worst it could be but definitely more noticeable ugly than my skin was before hte procedure. From a distance, it looks okay otherwise, but close up the skin looks rougher than the surrounding skin. So, a negative rather than positive, but I feel fortunaate that it's not as bad as it could have been.

I know many people for whom laser works great. However, my suggestion for everyone is to do a test patch in the area. I've found a doctor that will do this and does it routinely if there is any question. She charges a small fee for the test patch which gets applied to the cost of the entire area if you decide to move forward.

Best of luck!
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Horrible experience with pixel. Holes in skin, pigmentation, and lines around mouth.
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I have the red bumps on my face now. I had Pixal 1 week ago. How long does it take for the red bumps to go away?
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I posted your question about red bumps after Pixel in our expert Q&A, hope it helps.



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I am in this exact situation now. I'm 2 weeks out and I'm horrified! just horrified. I have lines, holes, etc. It is awful. How does your face look now that some time has gone by. Were you able to resolve all the issues? Really hope to hear back!
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My skin in finally getting back to normal. I don't think it did anything to help my wrinkles though.
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Love it! New skin is smooth and soft. All fine lines are gone and so are my pores. I've had three treatments so far. I would do this again in a heartbeat.
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Hi, sorry to hear about your results. Thank you for sharing, I do appreciate it. I was thinking of doing it, but after reading a few posts, i am quite worried. Do you have any updates with your situation? are they going to try and correct the situation for you? All the best to you. Mary
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