27 Y.o. After 13 Months with 450+CC Implants Want to Back Natural Look and Active Live - Istanbul,Turkey

After i have implants since one year i decided the...

After i have implants since one year i decided the surgery did not make me any happy.and originally my sexy slim body lost proportions and i get different look.I wish i would be more clever and did not listen bf that told everyday how much he want me with bigger breasts.at the after one months post augmentation we separated.that is awesome experience how i should love myself and be confident.but i don't regret sometime we fault down some times goes up!that is what make us stronger.i hope my breast will be not much saggy as i have implant for only 13 months and i never was pregnant.but my implants are really big is 450+CC and it might be the factor made my skin too stretch.I like how breast look and it soft i did not have health problems,but my mind doesn't accept foreign material in it.and i decide to remove implants now when i am young and healthy so body can recover faster instead of waiting for more serious problems as i see almost all ladies who have breasts implants faced to it earlier or later.Dear all beautiful ladies,please love your body eat healthy do sport and that the best we can do for our body to be beautiful.I wish to every ladies meet the right man and never do such experiments as i did.


I'm actually glad to hear you are going back to natural. Your body is AMAZING and you will feel so free without those bags in your breasts. Have you chosen a surgeon to do this yet?
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Yes i had surgery and today is my second day!i feel great so free and natural.my mind and body is very happy!
I think you will look fine. You are still young, have great skin, and they haven't been in very long. Lots of ladies on this site have had them in for years, sometimes decades, and look great after they are out. Some girls, who have had them in for about as long as you have, like the way they look after they have them out, even better than before. Thank you so much for sharing your story and I look forward following your journey. Good luck!
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27 Y.O 450 implants are out without lifting

I am home already on second day post surgery.feeling great .pain almost gone i can do activity,but doctor advice starting gym in 2 weeks.i am waiting.no more artificial heavy bags inside my body.


WELL DONE YOU! your story has touched my heart xxx
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Congrats! Hope you have an easy recovery. Sounds like you do already!
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You still look really beautiful without implants.
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