Round 2 BBl and Rhinoplasty - Dr Contreras (Dominican Republic)

Hi ladies, Ive been stalking this website since...

Hi ladies,
Ive been stalking this website since September 2013 and thought, hey why dont I jumps on the bandwagon lol.
Starting from the beginning, I wanted to get my boobs done. I had something called Tuberous breasts, and they really depressed me. At first I thought, I'm young, they're just developing weirdly, but after 6 years, of them staying the same, I realised they were never gonna change.
I was in a string of abusive relationships during that time, (both physically and mentally), and I became severely depressed. I almost dropped outta school, started cutting myself, wanted to commit suicide... you get the picture. All my previous partners made me feel as if I was scum, and belittled me at every chance they could. Long story short I cut all ties with all the destructive people in my life, met a brilliant guy who helped me turn my life around. He encouraged me to get medical help for my depression and self harm. He saved me and I will always love him for that.
Although he told that I was beautiful and helped to rebuild some of my confidence, I was still incredibly self conscious about my body. So after many consultations in London (UK based), I decided to get my breasts done at "The Hospital Group ". Dr Mario Russo is a brilliant surgeon and he truly did a terrific job on my breasts. I HIGHLY recommend him to any of the UK ladies who are considering getting their boobs done.

Fast forward to now, I am travelling to turkey to get my bbl, with Prof. Doc. Fuat Yuksel . Would have profered to stay in the Uk but there are no specialists in London that perform them to the standard I'm looking for. Would have loved to go with Duran or Yilly, but the long flights worry me as I would be travelling to the UK. Professor Yuksel is great with communication and we frequently email and Skype to ensure my expectations are met.
Ideally, id love at least 800ccsnper bum cheek, realistically I doubt id get that much loll. I'm generally slim, however I carry fat on my stomach and back. I'm having my back, flanks, dorsal roll, and stomach lipo'd. I'm not doing my thighs because I love my legs... apart from the cellulite I've accumulated from the weight gain lol.

Has anyone had experience with a surgical garment called Voe? My surgeon uses them but id prefer to use a faja, if I wear a medium now... should I get a large or xl for after surgery??

Looking forward to your response ladies :)
(Ps sorry this was a long 1)

Supplies list

Surgey is in about 2weeks and I hardly have any supplies *covers face*...any suggestions on what is a must for a bbl ladies? Your help would be much appreciated ???? xoxo

Wish pics

48 hours to go :)

hey ladies, I know ive been AWOL for a and work have been super stressful and time consuming :( .
I finally received my boppy pillow and it is massive! I don't see how this will fit on the plane seat...have I bought the wrong 1???
im flying out tomorrow and then surgery will commence Monday 28th at 7:30 :D.

will keep you all off to pack now :)

At the airport!

Morning ladies, I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight. It's all beginning to feel so real now...excitement, and nerves!
I will update when I land :D


Waiting in the hospital :)

Hey ladies, my flight was good and my hotel (self booked) is great. I will post some pictures of me before and after soon. Just gettin my blood work done and then it's off to a new me :)

Other pictures didn't upload


late update

the hospital experience was good, the nurses were very hospitable even though there was a language barrier between us.
I woke up from surgery freezing! my ass felt like hot bricks and when I woke up I was lying on it.
I was given lots of pain meds, my boyfriend flipped me over and I spent the next few days just in and out of sleep.
I had to have help getting up because my arms felt like jelo...only today 4 days post op I can get up by myself.
I was sick only once and that was because I don't think Turkish food agrees with me,,neither do I like it tbh.
I wanted more volume rather than a huge ass, so far im liking what I see.
will keep u guys posted x

Not sure...

Hey ladies,
I know my updates are very infrequent, university is taking up all my time atm.

I'm not sure how I feel about my results now...think I got booty greed...I'm considering a round 2 already lol.

I'll be going with yilly or Duran next time.

I'm still super swollen in my back and stomach which is depressing, makes my butt look smaller because I look so wide :(

Post soon xx

Round 2 with DR Contreras in DR!

Hey ladies it's been a while, although at first I was pleased, my previous dr didn't aggressively lipo me so I still had rolls of fat on my stomach, back and sides :(. I'm going with Dr C in September with a buddy of mine.

I'm also going for a rhinoplasty aswell.
Will post again soon????


I'm just counting down the days! 2months to go till I get made in contreras lol!
If anyone is going in September, pm to buddy up on rooms

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Please post after pics
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Hi, im going to Turkey in 4 weeks for my breast augmentation & tummy tuck with Dr Fuat Yuksel. I would like to know the hotel you booked, it looks lovely
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The city loft suites was the loft suite I booked not the studio or 1 bedroom flat
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Thanks for the reply keisha, if you don't mind me asking how was ur experience with longevita & Dr fuat? Was the hospital environment clean and up to UK standard? I know you were fully satisfied with the result if the surgery but how was the treatment and staff communication at the clinic? :)
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Well the clinic was spotless? The staff were great and dr Fuat was nice, but you must continually stress what your looking to I said, I wanted aggressive lipo, but still am left with back fat, stomach fat and rolls!
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Good Luck! I can't wait to see your rhinoplasty results.
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I will be following your journey , hope you will get the body you want for so long :)
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Hope you continue to get better but hey your well shaped! Loving your butt and tum...done a great job!
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Thanks Hun x
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Good luck! Praying for you doll!
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Good luck xx
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Can't wait to see your results!! Happy healing
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Good luck
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Good luck baby girl in excited for you xxx
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Good luck hun! Cant wait to see the after pics as I to am looking to go to Istanbul for a bbl...keep us posted!
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keep us posted! looking good love, the bad boyz hope you get the perfect ass to match....
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Thanks hun :D xx
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That's who I'm meant to be having rhinoplasty with this year, hope it goes well! Let us know how it goes, I haven't found one single person whose gone with longevita/ fuat before! X
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Hi, I'm just about to book in with dr fuat for rhinoplasty also, have you had the surgery yet? Kirsty :)
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I'm going in a few months, when are you?
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