Lip Lift - Istanbul

I had a lip lift 3 days ago, most of the swelling...

I had a lip lift 3 days ago, most of the swelling has gone. It's a little bit harm now to laugh because I had a buccal fat pad removal too. Both had done under local anesthesia. Cheeks are still swollen but the potato face look had gone :) I'll update my review. Please share your opinions, thanx :)

U look amazing last year i was in istanbol its very nice country i loved it ... Can i ask how many mls u removed ?
i love ur results! i would love to know if your surgeons is good with noses? im looking for a surgeon to do my nose and a lip lift. it would be great if you can tell me more about him. did you see photos of previous patients of his? thanx!
Hi, I just e-mailed dr.Battal and he said that the total cost of the procedure is 2000 dollars so how come you had to pay more? and also, did he show you before and after pictures of lip lifts before he went ahead and operated you? best regards
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