Still Have Jowls, Just Have Huge Scars to Add to Them Now

Went to Turkey to tighten my turkey neck. Neck...

Went to Turkey to tighten my turkey neck. Neck looks better, but still have jowls, don't look any younger per say and have to huge scar underneath chin and behind ears after 8 months.

So disappointed. So much pain, so much money, so little satisfaction.


Your ears have been pulled forward too. How did it all turn out?
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i am sorry your sx in turkey didn't work out for you.

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hi i'm new to this site from canada, was thinking about getting a lower face lift but with more investigation i've heard that the string, they use slackens in 5 years. is this correct. i also did a search for dr in canada and they brought up one in calgary dr w who is a ent specialist and happens to have attended a viewing of a lower lift and suddently has become an expert i've seen a few plastic surgeons seeking getting a lower lift and they have all been negative saying getting a face lift is the best way to go. i contacted dr k in phonix, sent my photos and was told that i am a right candidate for a lower face lift. i am 52 and have been researching this for a year now and am still none the wiser. however reading your comments help alot would love to hear other comments.

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while wonderful and nice, he did not accomplish positive results

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