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My Dream Was Flat Stomach... and Now Im Happy -Israel, IL

Im Orel , my age is19.3 years old . in the last 5...

Im Orel , my age is19.3 years old . in the last 5 years i wanted to be a thin men. before 4 years i was 92.3 Kg i losed 22 kg to 71 in 1.5 years but after 10 months i was up agien to 89.5 kg. When i finished the high school and 4 months before the army i started to keep the weight and when i was in the army i lost 21kg to 68.5 kg .. and in 3 months other i lose to 65 kg.
the extra skin was terrible for me !  

I did this surgery to change my life .. and now im only 8 days after( i did it in 3/21/2013) and im happy from results! .. now im like my body and in this summer i will finaly go to the sea and to the pool with out T-shirt. im still with the Stomach belt till pass 1month from the serugery ... to short, the pain is gain =] i will update the post when i get rid off from the belt =]

11 days after the serugery....well im boring so i...

11 days after the serugery....well im boring so i toke Scissors and try cutting the bandage... cuting cuting cuting and no seen the scar... I pressed to continue so i stoppet to cutting ( sorry on my bad spealling) added photo

Hehe the Curiosity killed me so i keep cutting .....

hehe the Curiosity killed me so i keep cutting .. little part .. i think im like it =] added photo

Well i did it ... i get rid off from all bandage ....

well i did it ... i get rid off from all bandage .. it was toke me over than 80 mines hehe ... i think next time when i do surgery i will do wax before he he =] i dont succsseded to added photos.. ill try agien l8r =]

Added photos =] ... it loking like some 1 bring me...

added photos =] ... it loking like some 1 bring me box in the stomach but it will be disappear in some days~ weeks =]

After 17 days... today i was met with my doctor .....

after 17 days... today i was met with my doctor .. he said that look great and he said me to start use with "Kelo-cote" for the scars... so i wish it help .. next month in 19/5 i will meeting with him agien ... i will keep update the scar look =]

Hye agien =] im 3 weeks after the seurgery ... and...

Hye agien =] im 3 weeks after the seurgery ... and 4 days after use "Kelo-cote" .. i wish the time pass fast and the Red around the hub disappears .. 1 more week for the This nagging abdominal belt .. well next week =]

Hye alll !! finaly passed 4 weeks from the Tummy...

Hye alll !! finaly passed 4 weeks from the Tummy tuck .. and today i was get rid off from the Belt ... and im after 10.5days after "Kelo-cote" ( i dont know how it help but keep using it) i added photos from before and after the serugery, im so like to watching the before and after =] i wish now the time pass and scar does not stand out so much ... next week im finaly back to the army .. i will update agien ithink in 2 weeks the scar ... i would love to have comments =]

Hye all... 55 days after the serguery and 38 days...

Hye all... 55 days after the serguery and 38 days after the "Kelo cote" ...im happy with resluts.. keep using the kelo cote til July and i wish the scar the scar looking better.. added photos .. =] good weekend !

=] before diet and 70 days after serguery

i added aphoto from June 2012 to june 2013... 70 days after serguery =]

5 months after ...

Long time since I updated, I'm 5 months after surgery ..
Yesterday I was visiting my surgeon said the scar is slightly darker and brought me back to use after two months I did not use anything to use Dermovate Cream for scars for 3 weeks.
In addition to starting early next month I will start to use silicone sheets for six months .. Next update will be another two and a half or so, I feel again in November after two months of criticism with the use of silicone sheets .. I am optimistic and surgeon kept telling me not to think about the laser option to blur the scar.

Throughout this time I continue to train and shape his gut loads and runs very looking forward to seeing the stomach for another six months or so when the scar is lighter and lower abdomen feeling completely back to me .. added photos .. I'd love comments

21/3/2014 1 year passed ;-)

Hye evrey 1 ... im 7 months didnt update .. so i added some photos ...

Mid-May I remove the inner seam of the abdominal muscles at the moment relatively prominent scar still looks horrible, but every few weeks I feel that improvement is why I am optimistic
Dr. Eyal Kramer

in the Clalit aesthetics near my home.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hoping for another post, Thank you for this
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i will updating in march or ending of may .. i waiting to update in May because..in May my surgeon removes the inner seam of the abdominal muscles, it now looks like a small block stands out because I am very thin .. But basically I want to scar more clarified
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thanks for sharing your experience! I'm surprised you had the courage to go with the surgery at only 19 years old. I'm 24 now and prepping, I'm nervous but I just want to get it over with.
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i wanted this serguery when i was 17 years old haha.. in March or May i will add photos and update =]... and goodluck for you!
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Hi orel Thank you so much for the great information you post. You look amazing. Please let me know where you did your surgery. Thank you
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i did my surgery in Israel .. my Dr is Eyal kramer.. and thnx
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You look great, congratulations! Was it difficult to go back to the army after only 1 month?
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i was wanted back to the aemy after 2 weeks but it was problem with the army... any way im not fighter an i dont need in my job up a high weight and thank you!
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Wow, you look amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so detailed and helpful. The pictures speak a 1,000 words. I'm happy for your new found confidence and hope you continue to have a healthy balance. Be sure to continue to update us on your progress. You're story is featured on the RealSelf blog today!

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עברית אנגלית ערבית Thank you very much, of course I'll update later, probably next update will be another month and a half after my supplementary audit by the surgeon =]
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Looking great! Four weeks just flies doesn't it:) Be patient with swelling and the scar. I am 5 months post op and still swell occasionally. Scar tends to look its worst at 3 - 4 months. Continued luck as you as you head back to work!
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thnx alot =] I am optimistic and hope that the scar will be clarified as soon as possible, at the moment I just slather on the gel of the scars but if it does not help to have lots of methods that help cover scars =] ... And I wanted to get back to the army before 10 days but it was some procedure ..
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Great job!!   With time the swelling will all go own so don't worry:)

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i dont worry =] im like the results now and every day it look bether so i dont worry .. any betther than what i was have.. =]
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You are looking great!

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thnx =]
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Looks like your doctor did a great job. You look awesome!!
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i think that my doctor did great job to, and thnx =]
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My husband is looking into the surgery thanks for the review.
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no problem ... and good luck for him =]
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No but seriously thank you not enought me post on here it's hard to find info. I'm so glad you shared your story. It makes me feel most at ease.
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no problem =] ill keep update the review
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Hey welcome to the community.  You are doing amazing for only being a week out!   Make sure that you don't over do it and get some rest.  

You are looking great so please keep us up to date with new pictures as you heal.

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=] im all day rest hehe .. next sunday im going to my doctor to remove the Bandage so i will update with photos. im little scared to watch the scar but it ok =] .. thnx
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Oh don't be scared.  The scar won't be so bad!   I have always said that I would rather have a scar that my old muffin top:)

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