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Hey everyone, A while ago I posted about my acne...

Hey everyone,
A while ago I posted about my acne scar story and ask for a suggestion to another treatment. This is a summary of what I wrote:
"I have acne scars on my cheeks and chin. I did "phenol peel" which made me more damage than it was before. After that I did 6 laser ("PALOMAR") treatments again with no result, I even try the needles system but nothing. My lest treatment is Injections of "hyaluronic acid" but this is a temporary solution.
The doctor that made the Injection told me that I have a stubborn skin... "
The doctor answer to me that "the best treatment for acne scars is a combinaton of silicone (a permanent filler) plus a series of about 3 fraxel treatments."
I didn’t want to even think about silicone, so I keep looking… and that I have found it…

Nelly is my new cosmetologist, when she first see me I had an oily skin and the scars,
"first thing first" she said "let's get rid of this oily skin and then we will treat this scars."
She gave me free samples of product (that lasted for a week and a half) for my oily skin and told me to come back when it's over, after a week and a half I was oil free…just like that…
I came back to her to make the facial treatment for the acne, I'm not going to lie to you, there was pain at first, but people that have acne scars knows that every treatment is painful,but when you see the result you don’t feel the pain anymore you are thankful for every moment of it just to get rid of this scars!
I'm after my third treatment (the first treatment is on the T area only, the next 2 treatment are on all the face) and I stop wearing makeup, which was my dream since I was 16.the improvement is remarkable, she got rid of the redness and made my dream come true..
I'm not done yet I still have some scars as you can see in the pictures,but hey I only had 3 treatment :)

between treatment...

hey :)
Now I am after my third treatment, and in between I use Dr. Karabelnik products to get rid of facial fat. It's just great products !! This is unbelievable! When I finish the routine (two or three times a week) and my skin looks amazing, and so clean. And the most amazing thing is that it's really not expensive .....
So here is the details of the routine :
1. I wash my face very well with pomegranate soap
2. I'm cleaning my face with a toner
3 rice peeling - it's have nothing to do with the rice, I call it that because of how it lookes after using :)
I apply the paste on my face,and then rub it with the my palms until it falls out in small pieces that look like rice..
4. Exfoliating peeling - simple and easy I rub it on my face with it very well (my face are red after that but it goes after a few minutes)...
5. Green peeling - this peeling smells slightly spicy , and it burns a little, but I just continue to massage it on my face as much as I can and then remove it with toner (the same one from lever 2)
6 I put face cream and that's it :)

BTY, if someone try to get rid of oily skin and want to try this product I can send you :)
this has been so helpful for me,that I just want everyone to do it :) .
and if you want I can make a video of that routine.just let me know.
have a good day everyone :)

The fourth treatment

sorry for the delay :(
So ...
last Thursday, I had the fourth treatment, he was very aggressive and took longer then previous treatments. but since the treatment was more aggressive, I assumes that the result will be at the same level. Hopefully!
Well, this time I took some pictures during the treatment and even a video :) So I add them here.
I'm saying in advance the pictures does not look good, and even scary, but for me it's worth it, there are pictures from the day after the treatment.

Besides that,
Everyone asks me about the products, So I'll answer here,
these products are designed for oily skin and causes fat to disappear! I I exaggerated a bit and got dry skin so I lowered the dosage :)
when the oily skin is gone, the scars look a lot better (which is why I prefer winter ...)
those who want the products, can send me a good picture of the face, and I'll send it to my cosmetologist (of course I do not do anything on my own opinion), if she thinks that the products will benefit you, I will send them to you :) .
It is important for me to say again,I have no profit, I do not work with her or something, it's just that at this point of the treatment I am so satisfied with the results, I just trying to spread it to to as many people that I can :)
this is price that I paid for the products:
1. Pomegranate Soap - $ 27
2. Toner - $ 26
3.philingim - Each $ 13 - this is the sum of 39 dollars.
4. Face Cream - $ 13.

the peelings look small (I attached pictures), but it's enough for a long time, because you need to use a small amount of product each time.
I'm working on a video of the treatment, Hopefully to finish tomorrow :)


The treatment
I'm uploading the video :)
I'm sorry it took me so long but I admit, I got into some trouble with it :)
so enjoy and let me know what you think (about the video/treatment/anything)
Nelly Davidov

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Odelya...this was very considerate of you to post. It helps a lot!
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Thank you :) Im happy to know that :)
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Thank you for updating we really appreciate it!!
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Thank you for reading....
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Is there a website for Dr Karabelnik products ? Did you ever try fraxel ?
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Can you please email me the products you used, I would greatly appreciate it!! ***email removed***..thanks so much, Tracy
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Odelya, please post the video when u can, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, please show us the products in the video. Can people outside of Israel, purchase the products from your doctor? It would be good business for her/him.
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hey, since I just had my fourth treatment I cant use the peeling for a few days :( so I will make the video as soon as I can :) Of course you can buy the products if you are interested, send me a private message and I'll send you the details about how we can make it
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If you go to you can purchase the single needles in order to do this yourself. I have done it with very good results.
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I wouldn't recommend this to anyone...You were maybe lucky and got good results, but doing something unprofessional can very easily ruin your skin! Treatments at home can easily go wrong! I would rather pay for professional treatment than risk my face...because those a few hundred $ are not more important than your face...if you destroy it once even thousands of $ will not fix it! Believe me...don't play at home with this things! I know it from experience-now i wish I could turn the time back and go to dermatologist instead doing at home treatments...
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Kate, I respect where you are coming from but in this case I do disagree. I have spent close to $100,000.00 over the decades with only the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the New York area. They are the ones that have either damaged my skin or took my money without giving me any results. People who have lived with facial scars know their skin intimately. We know every scar, every large pore, every centimeter of our skin...yet try to tell a doctor what u feel is right for your particular skin and they will, in many cases, dismiss your knowledge and tell you what they KNOW to be true from treating hundreds of patients. I have always in the past deferred to them, thinking they know best but I have found out the hard way that most doctor's do not think outside the box and do not take the time to personalize their tx. to individuals. I have made great progress with my largest scars by utilizing the needles myself. I studied the way to do it and it is a fairly simple thing to do. Now, having said that, I do agree that the person who does his or her own needling should be mature, patient, should study how it is done through videos and written material and should take it very slowly starting with one scar first. I found that, as the written material says, it takes about a month b4 you see results becuz the collagen has to build up and fill in the "hole."
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wooooow $100,000.00... Ok, I understand now...Sad, that even for so much money they did not helped you...It would be cheaper for you to come to Europe and have those treatments here :) but I do agree that it's hard to find a good doctor...Can you tell me what needles are you using I did not understand exactly what procedure are you doing on your skin...I have tried dermaroller also read everything watching videos ect..and I feel that my scars are a little bit worse... :S
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WOW!! thats a lot of money.... I completely understand your disappointment all the doctors who have taken you so much money, but I personally I would still be afraid to do something to my own without doctor supervision ... even just to have someone to blame ... On top of that I do not think I could do this treatment myself, you know the pain of doing so ... This treatment is the cheapest I had (relatively, everything is relative), so I do not mind paying especially considering that from the first treatment I see results ... Anyway since it's relatively all treatments did, affordable care, then I do not mind spending this money. On top of that I see amazing results
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Hello mr. 1,00,000$..... First I dont know english very well...but I will try to understand you.....the toughest scars to remove is ice pick scars right? But you can remove 100% any scars belive me...without any surgery or I will give u a list of products for morning to evening and night care....some products are indian but not very hard to findout outside india.... Here comes the items and procedure.... 1. Clean and clear blackhead removal scrub (in the morning) 2. Patanjali aleovera gel( after scrub) 3. Spf 50+ sun screen (if u will go outside then) 4. Clean and clear acne control face wash or foaming face wash (wash your face again in the evening) 5 . Retin a 5% at night thin layer before going to bed (do it regularly) Continue this procedure for 1 year or six month thoughest to. Thoughest scars will be remo removed
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Thank you avi841kr...I do not have an acne problem. My acne has been long gone and my skin is very clear...EXCEPT for the remaining ice pick scars. I do use a sunscreen and I do not deliberately sit in the sun. I am very fair and blonde. I do use Retin A...both .025 and .05. At times the .05 can be too drying for me. The only thing I have never used is Patanjali aloe vera gel. I do not mean to overdramatize my condition. If I could get the ice pick scars taken care of I would have very good skin. But as you have suggested ice pick scars are very difficult to get rid of. I very much appreciate your input and your English is very nice.
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Hi, what medicine helped u with your oily skin ?
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hey, this is not a medicine, I'm using products two-three times a week, and thats it. at first ofcurse I did it every day but now I don't need it :) see the details under my "between treatment..." update. and as I was saying I can make a video of the routine.
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I think that this procedure you are talking about is called subcision...but the light is different on the before and after you still see improvement or was it just the swelling?
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hey kate, there is a similarity between subcision and my treatment (process speaking). just before I found her, I went to a doctor for a consultation, and he suggest the subcision but he want me to have 2 Injections of something on my chin and then we start with the I didnt want to do that... from what I have hard, there are some big differents between the 2 process, 1. the price (which we all know is a big factor) 2.there is no need for Injections (like "hyaluronic acid") 3. recovery time is shorter 4. no need for anesthetized about the light, I take this photo in my shower, where I have the crules light.. the photos are after the swelling is gone, and the improvement is permanent. this thursday I'm gonna have the next treatment so keep your fingers crossed for me :)
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great! I'm happy for you...but i wonder what's this treatment's name if it's not subcision... I hope you'll post more photos.. :)
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maybe it is some kind of sub treatment's under subcision :) I will add more photos on my next update, hopefully with more improvement :)))))
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hello Israel i just want to know which treatment you get to get rid on your acne scars is it combinaton of silicone or any specific laser treatment i hope you will help me because i already had 3 laser treatments but no effect i just want to know your review you can connect me on facebook with this email -- i will be glad to talk to you
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hey, my name is odelya,I live in Israel :) The treatment is not silicone laser treatment, I tried all of that but no luck... as I was saying to Ellie I do not think the treatment have a certain name. so this is the description of the process :what she does is she takes a special needle and just stab each area multiple time, not as a process that we know "the roller needles", she is doing all the stabbing manually, after every few stabs she push and drains the blood out, it's amazing to see that there are places that barely have blood and there are places where a lot of blood is coming out. I don't know how to add pictures to the comments so I can show you what is look like..
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Hey, here is her facebook :
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