Apparently, Costs Have Declined Since Many of These Reviews I've Read by Dentists Here

I'e lost almost all of my upper teeth over the...

I'e lost almost all of my upper teeth over the last 65 years and am going to replace 6 to 8 upper front teeth. I previously had a 1 piece bridge/crown which never really would stay connected to what was left of my remaining teeth. I finally gave up, had the 6 teeth stubs pulled, and am making arrangements to have the implants done. I've been quoted $998.00 per tooth for all three components for regular implants at the Right Choice Dental Implant Center, Jeffersonville, Indiana by Dr. Tanya Long. She previously practiced in Louisville, Ky. as the 4th Street Dental Spa in Louisville and is a graduate og U of L Dental School. This is literally thousands per tooth less than all the Dentist's reviews here have estimated. Basically, from what I've learned from reading of others experiences here on the net and from my own personal experience, I feel most Dentists doing implements today and medical professionals in general are, what I can only describe as, fleecing their patients with grossely inflated prices. They do business more like used car salesmen than professionals. Frankly, it is not that difficult to view the broader medical community overall from the drug companys to most medical professionals in the same manner. And then their is the case for the billions being scammed from Medicare by the medical community. It's just a fact. If they are scamming medicare I.E., their government, what do you think they are doing to the average guy and gal walking into their office everyday. I'm hoping I've found the exception in Dr. Long, to the not so golden rule, that way to many, so called, Medical Professionals live by. I'll come back after the implant procedure is actually done to let you know.


personally this concerns me very much. I work in the industry and the cheapest implant out there DR,s cost is $150 abutment,and parts $150 crown cost lab $250 so that is 550 low end cost now a Dr also has to pay staff, supplies and there is no way he is going to do that and have a quality staff min $15 per hour and 2hr for surgery with two assistants and now let us not forget a cat scan assuming this is a surgeon, I would not do it without a scan to measure width of bone, and where nerves are. Now having said that the other option would be mini implant supported individual teeth and that is like putting a pumpkin on a stick be mistake. I hope in twenty years you are happy with your results Good Luck and best wishes
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Thanks for starting your review. I'll be looking forward to hearing how everything goes for you with your implants.

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I actually did get 7 implants for $995.00 each by paying cash. I will be getting the abutments and crowns attached to the implants Feburary 19 th. 2013. As I mentioned in my earlier post, they were done by a husband and wife team with she being the Dentist and him being the lab guy with no other staff involved. David has his lab right in the same building as where Dr. Long does the implements and is right beside you during the whole process observing as the implants are put in. They run a bare bones operation without compromising quality as far as I can tell. I use them for implants only and have two other regular Dentists as well. I had my other Dentist who is also my cousin who also does implants, check the work which he deemed satisfactory to this point (implants only). The Longs keep overhead to a minimum with an answering service instead of employing a bloated staff answering to your every whim to be able to provide implants to those who might otherwise not be able to afford them like myself. I do think they may have raised their prices a bit since I began the implant process but are still thousands less than comperable implants available most anywhere else. I stand by my earlier comments concerning most, if not all, other dentists around the country. Implants have been and continue to be a "cash cow" for dentists providing "windfall profits" which are, for the most part, unjustified beyond "because we can" by dentists in general. Prior to implants it used to be and still is root canals as one of these cash cows. I see not reason why they are so expensive. I further stand by my opinions of the medical community as basically being medical Gypsies fleecing the general population at every turn. The old time medicine show has just become more sophisticated. I'm sure anyone involed in the big fleecing of the average citizen of this country will have argument on top of argument defending what they are doing but most anyone who has had long term involvement with the "medical community" has seen and been victimized by what I'm describing over and over again. Further, the so called medical professionals in this country would like to portray themselves as the best in the world which, I believe, is not backed up statistically. Excellent medical services can be had in many other countries at drastically lower cost which is the reason a healthy business exists where people take "medical vacations" instead of accepting being scammed by doctors in the United States. I'll try and get back after the abutments and crowns are installed to let those who are interested know of the final outcome.

I was originally scheduled for the 7 abutments and...

I was originally scheduled for the 7 abutments and crown install Feb. 19, 2013 but was pleasently surprised with a call from Dr. Long informing me I could come in on Friday the 15 th. of Feburary instead which I jumped on. She installed the abutments and crowns with her husband David who did the lab work assisting throughout the whole process. My new teeth are absolutely works of art giving me my smile back not to mention the ability to chew and eat effectively again. At this point I could not be more happy. If things go south with the implants I'll come back and report that as well. As for DONNA above, I can only say that, yes, she obviously works in the FIELD and has been brainwashed by others in her field who are in the business of fleecing their patients. C SCAN DONNA-really ! Considering that Jeffersonville is just accross the river from Louisville, Ky. it's rather obvious that Dr. Long has rained on the parade of others in DONNA"S field around Louisville and elsewhere and, as a matter of fact, Dr. Long, I believe, has actually revieved what can only be described as HATE calls and/or letters from other in DONNA'S field. Like DONNA, I also hope I'm happy in 20 years. Hell, I hope I'm alive in 20 years given I'm 65 now. But what I really hope is that DONNA become more well informed and stops defending a seriously flawed Dental community. What is really sad is that people like myself have to travel hundreds of miles or even leave the country to be able to afford dental services which should be available anywhere in a country like the U.S.A. instead of being RIPPED OFF by those like DONNA and her peers. It is high time for change in all the medical professions and I'm not talking about OBAMA CARE either but that a whole other nightmare I won't bore you with if you haven't already figured it out for yourself. Do your homework, which is what I did, instead of spending $20,000 to 50,000 for what I recieved for $7,000. the other $714.00 was for some bone scrapping and a temp partial plate. Bottom line I paid $995.00 per implant and could not be happier. I will tell you I'm 6 foot tall, weigh 220 lbs and have jaw bone structure like a 120 lb. pit bull so I did not need some of the extras some people might require like sinus augumentation etc. As I stated earlier I needed some bone scrapped away. Actually, I did not have to have it done but choose to. By the way, If I didn't mention it earlier, I live in Florida but am from Ky. and stay with my mom when I come to see Dr. Long but it only costs me $47.00 to fly from Orlando to Lexington if I fly on Mondays with Allegiant Air. I don't know what it would cost to actually fly into Louisville but it is probably comperable.


TMT; any updates on the longevity of your dental implants by Dr. Long?

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im 35 and i lost most of my teeth :( im soooo sad i havent been out in about 3 years because i do not want to be seen. even doing the research to fix the problem makes me uncomfortable
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I'm so sorry to hear how this is impacting your life. :( I'm glad that you are on here researching your options.

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Like I mentioned earlier, I needed implants but could not possible afford American Dentists prices so I started looking at Mexican and Costa Rican possibilities because my Brother in Law and family lives in Arizona and goes into Mexico for all their dental work. He was very complimentary of the Mexican Dentist he'd used but I'd caution you to carefully research this possibility because you could easily end up with a butcher. In doing so, I accidentally ran on to Dr. Long's practice being mentioned and whoever was commenting was complementery so I made the phone call, she sent me a brochure and a dvd and the rest is history.

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