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I have had severe acne for 5 years and have tried...

I have had severe acne for 5 years and have tried just about everything from topical treatments, to facials, vBeam, blue light and oral meds.

I went to a doctor in New Jersey and between the 2nd and 3rd treatment noticed a significant difference in my skin. After the 4th treatment I was able to continue on a simple skin care regiment that has left me clear and this is now 4 months out. I may need to go back for a touch-up but I am very satisfied with the results.

Any body know where I can get isolaz on Long Island for a reasonable price?Thanks
isolaz HURTS so badly! i have horrible cystic acne all around my chin and cheeks and 2 big ones on the bridge of my nose, this laser is making it seemingly worse and worse, i still have 2 more treatments (i've had two already) so i am still hoping for improvement since it is completely paid for. but seriously, if you have cystic acne, be aware that the suction will hurt you, but you dont feel the heat, so thats a plus i suppose...
I just wondered how is your facial skin now are you happy with the treatment?
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the doctor explained to me at length the way the treatments would progress; he also let me know I may get worse before I get better; this kept me focused and made me stick out the 4 weeks and I am so glad I did!!

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