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Isolaz is a Better Choice Than Accutane for Acne

I was seeing a dermatologist in New Jersey NJ for...

I was seeing a dermatologist in New Jersey NJ for years for my acne. she was pushing me to go on accutane. I saw this product ISOLAZ on the Today show and did some research. This doc was closest to my house so i gave it a shot. I was really impressed with teh results after my first treatment, however after three my face was almost clear. the treatment was quick and pain free. I had a total of four treatments and have not been back for almost six months and my face still looks great!!!


I am writing extensively to those out there in need of information! I wish someone had written all about their experience regarding acne and Isolaz treatment for me before I started any medications and procedures. I have struggled with acne for 5 years. It started when I hit high school. I had flawless skin prior. Now I am in college and still must deal with it. When I came across the Isolaz laser treatment I was thrilled. I thought I found my magical cure that would not physically and mentally harm me like Accutane, which after hearing about I could never due to myself. I scheduled an appointment at The Reflection Center in Bridgewater, NJ. The doctor who would perform it assured me it would solve my terrible skin issues. It was very expensive, but I couldn't bare the terrible scars, painful cysts, and deep acne covering my T-zone. I saved all summer for $1,500 as my parents could not afford it. Once I had enough I went back for my treatments. The doctor told me my skin would be red at first and it was, but over my 4-6 sessions I would see results. The only thing I saw were bruises all over my face. My peers at school stared at me in the halls because everyone believed I was in a fight. I had black and blue marks around my eyes and cheeks. The area surround my nose became bruised, as well as red and irritated. My skin often burned afterwards. After several treatments and no results I was forced to stop. If I had seen any results I would had found a way to raise more money, but without any changes in my acne I had no incentive to. I do not recommend Isolaz. I wasted my savings on a procedure that cured nothing and was painful! It is not painless. For those it helped, I am grateful. Perhaps it cures acne for some and that is terrific. Afterwards I was left without cured skin and embarrassed of my appearance that I often cried. Now being in college 3 years later I am still struggling. I have found a new dermatologist near me who has somewhat helped at keeping my skin at bay. For those interested, here is the back story before I ever had the Isolaz treatment. I first suffered from red painful cysts on my chin. I was put on an oral drug which I believe was doxycycline to take once every night. During that time I was also given wipes with Benzoyl Peroxide on one side and Salicylic Acid on the other. I used these every night instead of washing my face. After allowing the wiped creams to dry on my face for about 1 minute I was instructed to immediately apply a small amount of Retin-A Micro to my face in small rotating circle motions. In the mornings I washed my face with just water and Cetaphil. For the first few months was stick was red and terrible, I got much worse before it got better. My skin was peeling off in globs and I could not where makeup because it would peel right off of my skin. I would not give up, I looked terrifying but it was worth it in order to get better. After about 3 months my acne was amazing. I still had a few red bumps but holly shit did I look good! I stuck with it for a while, but then my acne returned. My dermatologist said my skin adapted to the drugs. I stopped using the creams and weaned off the oral pills. Then I found Isolaz and did that, but no results. I stopped any acne medications for about 1.5 years to give my skin a break. Then I found a new dermatologist who put me on a lower dosage of Retin-A micro with the combination of birth control from my Gynecologist, which was the lowest dosage of Beyaz, a new birth control pill! My skin has greatly improved since then, which was about 5 months ago. I still get acne, but wow, it really has become much more manageable. Since I started Beyaz and use the low dosage or Retin-A micro before bed I do not have cysts on my chin and rarely get zits. I still had scars on my chin, but the perks of being a woman is I can throw on a little bit of mineral foundation on my chin. I really hope my long story has helped those out there suffering though acne. I know I was worried it would never get better, but have faith I ALWAYS speak up and ask ALL of your questions you have at the dermatologists office. FYI, there is nothing wrong with trying as many dermatologists you have that is covered on your insurance to get all the advice and opinions on drugs. They don’t need to know about each other, it’s your skin after all!
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If you could also email me with the doctor who you saw that would be fabulous!
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could you give me the doctor adress pls...i want to take the same treatment for my acne, and i think the cost for $275 was so great...thankssss
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Dr Chasin

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