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I am very cautious about any elective procedures....

I am very cautious about any elective procedures. I have read extensively about this technique & it just makes sense to me. I am a work out girl, 5'6 145 lbs, curvy, athletic & proportioned. I am in the fashion industry and take a lot of pride in my appearance. My doctor Charles Powell in Irving, Tx. patiently answered all of my questions. The staff was great. I was relaxed during the procedure with minimal discomfort. This AM I went in, received a couple of oral meds to help me relax, got marked on so when I layed down he knew right where to focus on. Day 1--after procedure - slight discomfort, wearing a body garment for a couple of weeks, a little draining, tired, slightly swollen, taking their advice & taking the day off from work...can't wait to see the progress.

Charles Powell

He likes to have a two day follow up to - will keep you updated

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Hi tiffr: I am past the six month mark. I do not see results, minimal at best to go through a lot of expense, pain, & stay hidden (w/ legs totally covered)...I still have discoloration under the skin - purplish - still have dimpling & uneven texture of the legs. For me personally I regret doing this. I posted positive comments very early on - but the side effects were huge...I never got the results I was promised. The procedure is still new. I continue to eat well, exercise often & hope maybe one day a less invasive procedure might be able to improve the results I currently have. Good luck w/ your decision...
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Your status says worth it but you have posted elsewhere you regret doing it. Your posts scare me. I am considering doing this. How are you feeling about this now??? Thanks
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Can you let us know if you are seeing positive results? I was planning on having the procedure done by Dr. Powell closer to the holidays and am nervous to spend all that money if it is not really worth it. The other sweet young lady who went to him does not seem to me too impressed with her results. Any update would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Yeah I have discoloration too I hope by 5 weeks it'll be better. I'll update on the swelling I'm just adding extra compression and hoping for the best.
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I think its normal...the procedure is pretty intense
& takes awhile to return to side
might have needed more laser then the other?
The dr. will definitely tell you his advice. I still
have alot of discoloration showing - no shorts
or swimsuit for awhile...
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Is it still normal to have swelling at 3 weeks? My one side thigh is def more swollen than the other. I'm going for my 1 month next week but still have minor bruising under my butt so I can't really evaluate my full results since I think I'm still healing but the swelling scares me a bit, it's not horrible but it's there
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Hi userCA...I'm @ day 23... still bruised, sore & wanting to exercise
badly. I have worn the garment all the time...the zipper/hooks
drive me crazy. I called my dr. today & they said it's all good -
Everyone bruises differently...My legs seem better, my bum - not
so's the part that bothered me the most. I am hopeful
that the results will be more visible in 6-8 weeks...stay positive, I
hope you get better everyday...
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Hi LCTX - I just had my procedure on May 14th and was just wondering how you're doing at this point? I still have not noticed a huge difference and am still a little too sore to excercise... any advice given that you're a little further along in the healing process? feeling a tad discouraged and hope to feel better soon!
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Hi, checking on you - how are you doing? I am @ the 2 week point today...bruising is so much better, still a little sore, & sick of wearing this garment!!! The swelling was disguising my results - I really am starting o see a positive difference...LC
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Rest...take it easy tomorrow...drink lots of is great when you get to take the garment off to shower!!!
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Just had it today. Starting to feel the soreness now.
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Did you have the procedure today or next Friday?
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Any update? How are you feeling? Are you seeing any results? I hope all is well!
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Looking forward to hearing about your results! What areas did you get done?
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I wanted the front thigh, sides & back of thighs - & of course my curvy
I will post pics soon - bruised but feeling good. I've worked all week, walked a little around the neighborhood...thnx...
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Sounds like you got a good deal in getting all those areas done! I want all those areas too plus my stomach.
Glad to hear you are feeling good and out and about. Excited to see pictures!
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With the areas you had treated, was it knee to hip or just patches? I will be in Dallas the end of May and am going to try to get in with a couple doctors for consultations. Thank you for your updates and comments!
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Glad to see such high marks for your doctor! I will be anxiously awaiting to hear results on your progress!
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Isn't Dr.Powell the best. I did a consult with him and didn't wanna go anywhere else. I cried in his office like a big baby after showing him my cellulite. LOL! He and Courtney are amazing! I have my pre-op today and my procedure on friday! I'm so happy for you.. for us! Keep us posted.
Question though...were you able to drive yourself home?
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Hi...Hope your procedure went well...he will not let you drive yourself home! I'm on day 6 - bruised, tender, the bodysuit is bugging me. You should be fine... & yes, the Dr. & staff have been awesome. Take it easy for a couple of days...drink lots of water...
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Congrats on getting your treatment done!!

I'm always curious about the draining. Is it just mainly going into a little bandage that is applied to the area & no big deal?

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