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Great for Acne and Clarity - Irvine, CA

I use the generic tretinoin. It took a long...

I use the generic tretinoin. It took a long time to notice results (months), so get comfortable with the idea of using it for a while. It made my skin peel quite a bit with some redness when I first started, but once my skin adjusted to it after 8 weeks or so, those symptoms subsided. After several months, I realized that I NEVER got pimples anymore. EVER. My blackheads were notiably better. I used to be obsessed with my blackheads and I realized that, while they werent gone, man, they were better. Nothing else (and I've tried it all ladies) treated blackheads like this.

A few thoughts -
* It wont treat existing sun spots, at least it didnt for me. If you have broken capillarie or sun spots, get yourself a few IPLs, then get on RetinA. They are different issues, so dont get confused and think that RetinA will solve all your problems. It was great for me (I am taking a break now for IPL treatments), but it wasnt a cure-all.

* I recently read that sun exposure deactivates the active ingredient, tretinoin, so you are supposed to put it on at night. I was unaware of this, so when I resume my tretinoin regime after completing IPL treatments, I will be sure to put it on at night rather than in the morning. Maybe I will get even better results.

I have been using Retin-A for a long time now. ...

I have been using Retin-A for a long time now. According to Paula Begoun, RetinA (a Vitamin A derivative) is one of the few proven creams that can actually make your skin behave like younger skin (ie turn back the clock). She says that she thinks it should be a part of a normal skin care routine. It encourages cell turnover and is great for destroying any trace of acne (which I really didnt have too much before), but it makes me peel a great deal. So much so that I wonder if it is worth it. My skin is also more sensitive to products (I would never dream of using a fragranced skin cream these days). I am going to consider switching to every other day or trying RetinA Micro, which I have read is better tolerated by people who are sensitive to RetinA.

I would like to amend something I wrote above about blackheads. I was just plain wrong and I want to be sure to mention it so as not to give anyone false hopes. The issue was that I was confusing blackheads for sebaceous filaments, which are apparently normal and impossible to get rid of. I never had raised, black eruptions; I had a trillion little dots that were slightly darker than the surrounding skin and filled with sebum. Apparently, these are called sebaceous filaments and can become blackheads, but are otherwise normal and impossible to rid one's self of.
Orange County Dermatologist

The handsome Dr. S made my concerns his concerns. He is highly experienced and takes his work seriously, which I love. I never felt rushed and left feeling fully informed.

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hi there! iI was wondering if u use the cream or gel form and what strength?
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Hi 9438,

This is great info about Retin A, especially about having the IPL first. Letting the community know to put it on at night too is also great, thanks for passing that along. Do you know how long you will have to use Retin A? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Excellent question, Brit. From what I have read, many people recommend ongoing use of a tretinoin for women because the vitamin A derivative is one of the only things actually proven not only to reduce but actually reverse the signs of aging, so it is on of the most potent weapons we ladies have in our arsenal against aging. What I love is that it is based on science, not hype. I plan to continue use idefinately.
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I love when things are more based on science than hype and when we actually use it for it's scientific purposes and not it's hype. :) And really anything that can help aging is awesome.



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