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2 Weeks Until the Big Day - Irvine, CA

I am really excited about this surgery and as well...

I am really excited about this surgery and as well as nevous, and I am dying to get down to at least a size 11 currently I am a size 16 and hope it will be a realistice result, but here are some pictures for the before look and cant wait to post the after I hope I hopeI HOPE! =) I currently weigh 210ibs yuck yes i know but i am a thick girl always have been and that just how my body is very curey and thick arms and legs, my BMI is 33 but after losing 45LBS y motativation is going away because of the stomach isnt showing me results at all (boo) but i eat really healthy and excerise 3 times week would be more but i am a single mother of 2 girls and cant do more right now but my dr. says I am very healthy no health problems except my back I have Spondlysis on my L5 (lower back) Please let me know what could be my realistic results! Thanks


Good luck lady!! we on the same boat :) my surgery is July 2nd !!! I WISH YOU THE BEST!!!
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I hope you get the results for you. I was a single mum with three girls and I know how hard it is to put time into yourself and if I can pass some words of wisdom, try and find the time, you are worth it! Over the last two years I have lost 55 pounds and feel so good for it, going from a size 16 to a size 10-12. I have a horrible stomach and my TT is on the 9th July, no lipo as my PS doesn't think I'll need it. I have improved my overall health so much. I wish I had done it years ago when I was younger. Keep up the great work JuneJane, you and your children deserve it! :-)
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keep up the GREAT JOB....LOSING weight isn't easy but remember...GOOD THINGS come to those who wait.
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Bye belly


Best wishes and results

Change of Plan

The nurse called me and ask if i can up mu appt. Date to saturday june 29 i wss like ok but in my head i was like it going to be in three days and i am excited and nervous about it all i had a bday party on saturday and on sunday i was going to go to univetsal studios but in a way i really want to get my recovery going all ready so i can see the new me that i so anxiously have been awaiting


How are you feeling?
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I have always been a big girl to so I know what your feeling. This surgery changed my life and you will be so amazed with your results. I am still.in shock and only 7 days post op. I am still swollen feel free to check out my before and afters! I am so excited for.you and will follow your updates. You will look amazing :) happy healing
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Thank u yes this will be life changing and cant wait i hope i get the results im looking for cuz i do love my curves i just know that this will help it out

Day 13

So I have only one more drain left, and hopefully Monday they will take out the drain out but i have started to do light work around the house and no pain at all but i do ice just to hurry up the swelling around my incision.


Great, sorry about the lateness i guess i am still learning how to check my profile lol

20 days PO

Today i tried old jeans and it still didnt fit bcuz of theswelling but a part of thinks you only 20 days po why are you negative but another part of me is be patient i dont knowaybe o need more work !


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