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2 Kids and a Stretched out Tummy! - Irvine, CA

Im 27yrs old and a mother of a 8yr old and a 4 yr...

Im 27yrs old and a mother of a 8yr old and a 4 yr old both were C-sections. I started early so I really feel as if I nevered got to enjoy my teenage body. Iv been working out for the past year off and on but no matter how much I do I still have extra skin on my tummy from the babies, So Im going under the knife to take care of this problem and regain my confidence I once had so long ago...Im so excited and I cant wait to have my TT.


U need to update this my friend.....I'm so excited for u...here come nurse berry...lol
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Woohoo! You have the same TT date as I do! I'm going in on June 10th as well and it can't get here soon enough. You should check out the forums and join the June TTers.
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This is a wonderful website and it has helped me alot. I went out bought me some maxi dresses so I can be fine as wine! Lol! You'll be fine ma'am! TTYL!
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Dr. Z

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