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I am eighteen years old and have a strong hatred...

I am eighteen years old and have a strong hatred for my nose since I can remember and have decided to begin saving my money to make having a rhinoplasty finally a reality, I have a slight hump and very bulbous tip which the main source of my hatred I would very much appreciate any suggestions doctors you have to recommend or how your whole experience was or is


Makeup always does the job! Search for how to make your nose appear smaller using makeup! It does wonders believe it or not. And if you are still not convinced then take the risk (which i regret on)
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You are very pretty, but I have been in your shoes in not liking your nose. The most important thing is finding a board certified doctor who is GREAT at noses. Here's a list of questions to ask at consultations. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!
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Hi, I feel bad for these people's bad rhino experience but that shouldn't deter you. It has also changed people's confidence levels forever when done right. You're still only 18 wain a few more years because surgeons do not prepare you for psychological effects of surgery. It's simply not their job. They only warn you of risks involved. So many people get good outcome from surgery but in their mind they look worse. You don't want to feel that so prepare yourself. And last advice, know EXACTLY what you want to change about your nose, don't let the surgeon do more or less than what you want.
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Desired nose

Here are a few pictures of my desired nose


It's something that I have always felt very strongly about and it drains me of my confidence I just want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with my appearance and right now I feel like this is the only thing in my way
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I really think you are making a big mistake
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You're very pretty. I think one of those wish noses will suit you perfectly. Good luck!!
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I think this photo gives a better view of how unfortunately round and big my tip is

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Thank you!

Really appreciate all the comments and words of wisdom guys really helping keep them up x


Best of luck - you have lovely eyes and nice strong eyebrows.... I would take some of the images of movie star though with a grain of salt. I photograph models and a lot of those images rely on heavy makeup contouring and photoshopping. It takes hours of prep from a professional team and professional photoshop to produce those but there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your appearance.
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Thanks a million! X
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