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Hi all i had my mohs procedure just over 3 weeks...

Hi all i had my mohs procedure just over 3 weeks ago ' i guess it felt a lot more traumtic than what id expected ' bring awake in small threatre with consultant & 4 other members of staff ' i just didnt expect b so busy one holdong my head pulling my nose & hearing them talking about the cancer " i guess thats where the problem lies i never wanted face i had dkin csncer " i kept mysrlf busy eith my kids & then b lying there hearing them talking sbout how far the cancer had spreadwas like a slap in the face " mesn time my bp kept dropping which made me feel unwell ' next day i had reconstruction cheek skin flap " again didnt realise id look how i looked i felt devasted ' im now 3half weeks on hsve had many down days but they are getting much less i just feel so self concious re skin flap scars etc dnt want go out

Hi there, welcome and thank you for sharing your experience with us!

I'm so sorry it was such a traumatic experience for you, it can't have been easy to find out about the skin cancer and go through the surgery. Do you know if the surgery was able to remove all of the cancer cells?

Please do keep us updated with your progress! You're not alone. :-)

Thanku kirsty yes they got all the cancer the 2nd time " i have to have corrective surgery in about 6 months' this week bn a hard week i went out for the 1st time my self to my little girls nativity play feeling very self concious & just not gr8 within myself complete opposite of what i used be , after explaining to a girl i know how i feel she told me that its a lesson learnt in vanity & u know what us girls are like even with a spot ' this comment just made me feel worse how can she compare a spot to having skin cancer eating through wall my nose leaving defect & needing reconstruction " im so glad i have someone on here talk to " i fnt want feel like this i want get up & get on witj it b fun have a laugh then get cross with myself

It will hopefully get easier for you. I can understand why you feel like this, but you have to remember that you've been so strong to have the surgery and now the cancer is gone you get to spend the rest of your life with your little girl!

Can you get a revision surgery to correct the defect?


mohs nose

Thos moring (5 weeks on )my scar feels itchy very thick although hard see in pic

I haven't actually had this surgery myself, so I'm not sure. However, the link below will take you to a list of Mohs questions, which have been answered by board certified doctors and may help you while you're healing.

Mohs surgery Q&A


1st day making effort wear eye make up again

Well today i decided to use make up again make effort " feeling disheartened feel draws attention scar just dnt look like how i used to ' :(

1st day make up after mohs & reconstruction

Well feeling disheartened today i decided even wear eye make make effort feel it draws more attentiom to my scars ' just dnt look how i used to :(


week 6

Feeling lot better within myself lot more energy ' enjoyed christmas with my 3 wee children but still struggling feeling self conscious: should it still b as noticable at this stage or am I expecting to much??
Had Mohs procedure on my ankle Jan 16, 2014... Still can't walk :(. Still hurts. Stitches removed last Wed, 3 weeks after the surgery, had no idea I would still be hurting & unable to walk... Tried before a week to walk.. Disaster .. Swelled up.. Hurts to sleep. Keep hoping for recovery.. Try to walk because people tell me I should be able to... This is terrible :(
Everyone here seems to have had surgery on face, nose, ears.. Anybody on ankle? They originally said I would be out of work 2 weeks... Going on 5 weeks :(, would've list my job.
Hello just came across this/these postings and i can realte a lot to them. I had BCC last year on my nose...tiny bump looked nothing. had it biopsied and i thought that was it, only to find out it had not all been removed and requied further treatment. I naively assumed it would just need a bit more treatment similar to the biopsy...wrong!!!When i saw the dermatologist i was told it was very large and extensive and I needed it operating on ASAP. This was a friday and I had it operated on the following wednesday, so all a bit scary! I had MOHS surgery with skin flap reconstruction, it was apparantly very deep right down to the cartilage and extensive but luckily it hadn't extended as far up my nose as they had thought (which was lucky as the scar starts right up the top of my nose by my eye). I had about a month off work and was initially very self conscious. It was also quite a scary thing overall, I'd never been a sun bather at all, and just assumed that all BCC's were removed very simply with a biopsy and that was it....I had no idea they could be so extensive and require such surgery/ reconstruction. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm now 6 months on, the scar has healed really well. Im still massaging it daily, but it is still pretty numb/spongy feeling. My nostril inside is still quite swollen and very hard, but it is getting better. Good luck to everybody out there. MOHS surgery can sound daunting, but it does get rid of the cancer which is the most important thing. Stay positive each day gets better and the scars will settle down.

Another lump b removed & biopsed

So I had my check up after having mohs & skin flap 12 weeks ago ' I have a little lump under my skin flap ' my dr has said it may not necessarily b a skin cancer but she wants renove by scraping it if she can or she will have to go deeper & do a biopsy ' is this mohs again??? Feeling gutted :(
Hi there -- Just checking in to see how you're doing now. How was your biopsy? Hope you're okay. *hugs*
Hi there thanku so much Sharon for being soo thoughtful ' it's was a cyst with lot scaring tissue ' lot tingling down side face headaches moe dnt know what's going on xx
Hi here thanku soo much for being so thoughtful ' it was a cyst with lot scaring tissue so they removed ' my skin flap actually swollen today tingling down side face etc
dr dolan

My consultant ' plastic surgeon were & continue to b amazing

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