IPL for Sunspots

I got several courses of IPL for very dark sun...

I got several courses of IPL for very dark sun spots that suddenly showed up after a Greek vacation. I was dissappointed that they did not go away entirely - they are still visible. But they did fade a lot. I even used a hydroquinine cream for a while and it seemed to do nothing.

If I could guarantee that they would fade completely, I'd go back for more courses, but results seem very individual and it is expensive.


Actually, IPL works quite well for the right indications. The benefit of IPL is its efficacy to downtime relationship, which is quite good. A full face IPL treatment in our office runs 400 or so.
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IPL is something that i really dont understand its popularity. It just is a money maker for businesses but with little results. It requires several treatments. It is a light and not a laser. There are several lasers that with one treatment will remove 80% of the spots. this treatment is about 575 per 15 minutes and hands take about 10 minutes for most people. Post care must be done but I am rather astonished that people keep offering IPL when better technology with fantastic cheaper results are out there. One of my clinics was built on the failure of IPL pts and the referrals to a treatment that would actually work with little risk or downtime. Patients should be informed as unfortunately you may find yourself a victim. I expect many IPL fans will be a furious but this is fact and I would be happy to compare one treatment with 6 treatments for an IPL.
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Here's a photo and doctor answer to treating sun spots that are seborrheic keratosis:

How do I get rid of sun spots and Seborrheic Keratosis?
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Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin

I had a different person attending to me every time I made an appointment - and their experience varied.

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