So Here we Gooooooo...!

Hi All, I have had crooked teeth my whole life...

Hi All,
I have had crooked teeth my whole life & i'm nearly 40 .. I have done the Clin Check and i've been told it will take about 20 trays for the bottom and 16 for the top. I just would like to know if people think I should continue. It is alot of money for something which I'm not sure really works for everyone.. Have told my dentist that i'll let him know this week.. What to do...?

Its good that you are carefully considering whether Invisalign would be worth it for you before committing to the treatment. Here are some Invisalign reviews sorted into the 35-44 age group. Hopefully reading their specific reviews can help you decide if you want to move forward or not.

Personally, I believe Invisalign is a good product, but its very important to make sure you are in the hands of a doctor who has had good success treating patients with Invisalign.

Here are a few more bits of information that might be good for you to consider:

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I've decided after lots of research and thought to...

I've decided after lots of research and thought to go for the invisaligh braces. I am now waiting with a sense of dread and trepidation. I've no doubt it's gonna be hard, and i'm sure i'm gonna question my decision alot over the next year. Lets hope i made the right decision. My braces should be fitted next week. I'm gonna post alot through my time as I feel it will help for good or bad other people who like me research before deciding and also I might need a shoudler to cry on:) Look forward to the feedback.
I am 43. I've wanted straight teeth and a nice smile all my wife. I took my daughter to all of her ortho appointments and she was in metal braces for 2 1/2 years. I would ask questions here and there about Invisalign and her ortho began showing me before and after pics. I FINALLY decided to go for it and ended up doing my impressions the same day my daughter had her braces removed. I wish I had started when she did but you know what? The time just wasn't right and the money wasn't there...having the comfort of getting to know the ortho and the entire staff helped make my decision, they kept me moving along when I would try to procrastinate. I was scared. My first couple of days I thought I would have a nervous breakdown not from pain but from the lisp I had. I really questioned my decison. However, I stuck through it and it took a good 10 days for the lisp to go away. It comes back everyone once and awhile but rarely. I've never had a real problem with popping them in and out and the pain hasn't been too bad at all. I am now 3 months into my trays and there is no looking back!!! Hang in there and good luck!!!
Thx for the Support.. I'm looking forward to getting started at this stage.. Good to hear the lisp goes away.. Not sure I could handle that long term..
Dont worry too much - you eventually get into the rhythm of being an invisalign wearer - and just accept for a while its gonna be this way - but will be worth it in the end.. Amazing how quickly a year will go!!!

So.. Here we Goooo..!! 16 Trays for the Top 19...

So.. Here we Goooo..!! 16 Trays for the Top 19 Trays for the Bottom..

Got fiitted at last for my Invisalign. After much thought, research, saving and soul searching I got my first tray. Easy getting fitted for my 9 Buttons, attachments or as my kids have called them my FANGS..!!. Happy out walkin out the door and told to come back for my 3rd tray in 4 weeks..

I found getting them out a little difficult to get out the first time but since then it's got easier. I seem to be making enough Saliva that would float a small boat but i'm sure that's only to be expected. I have found my teeth quite sensitive after taking out the Trays but maybe I need to switch my toothpaste to a sensitive one. So far so good , will update as I go a long.. Any newbies have any questions please ask as I'll be very honest.. Talk soon..
Hi Fine Whine and congratulations for deciding to go with Invisalign! I think over the course of your treatment you will be amazed and I hope you find that this was/is the best investment in yourself... I know I did. I am so happy with my results and the in/out of trays routine is by now 2nd nature, you will find this pattern as well in time you'll see :) When we go to restaurants I don't even have to think about it... I automatically find myself going to the restroom to remove my trays as soon as we sit down. It's funny how we learn to adjust to things and adapt our lifestyle accordingly. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your story because I have been where you are and know how you are feeling. I wish you the best and look forward to hearing how your trays are coming along!

So.. I'm onto set No.2 .. Didn't mind too much...

So.. I'm onto set No.2 .. Didn't mind too much the first Trays, A little discomfort but overall found the process very easy. It's gonna take a bit of getting used to eating out as, you have to floss and wash your teeth straight away after, I'm getting some funny looks in the mens room, as most of the guys don't even wash their hands (gross I know) after never mind floss and wash there teeth. Really the only thing that bugged me was I got a very sore throat and then I got a nasty Cold, I haven't been Sick for ages and yes it could be a coincidence but 3 days in to Tray 2 and my Sore throat has come back with a vengeance.. Anyone else get Sore Throats with invisalign? Hoping that it's not gonna happen everytime I start New Trays. Anyway that's it for now.. Laters..
Hi Fine Whine, I started my third tray today and every time I start a new one it is still so difficult to remove the bottoms. I didn't get sore throats, but lots of sores in my mouth and redness around my mouth. At first I had to use examination gloves to remove them, and still do when I first start a new set, so I can remove them without breaking my nails and it's just easier to grip them. I also dislike going into the restrooms at restaurants and brushing my teeth, etc. in front of people. Today I was in a place that had only one restroom for everyone so I was so nervous that I was taking too much time and someone would be waiting and waiting to use the facility. I'm thin and don't want to loose weight, but I would recommend these to anyone who would like to loose weight, because it's such a pain in the neck to take them out to eat that they may not want to bother to eat as often. Anyway, thanks for your comments. Charlotte
I'm not an expert but check with your orthodontist, when I did my research on Invisalign I saw other comments about sore throats and for some patients they were having an allergic reaction to their trays. Again, this may not be your situation but you should call your provider. I'm 4 months in and have not had any reaction. The comments I read about having an "allergic" reaction, they seemed to be fine when they had their trays replaced. Good luck!!!
Hi Bern, Lucky you 4 mths in, Can't wait to be saying that.. Thx for the advice RE the Hypoallergenic trays.. will defo check it out if it continues..

So From 3 to now on Tray 5 of 16U & 19L.. It's...

So From 3 to now on Tray 5 of 16U & 19L..
It's all kinda fallen into a routine.. In my Tray take out my Tray.. Eat, Floss wash my teeth, wash my Tray put it back in my mouth and repeat that about 7 times a day.. Pretty mundane, boring slightly annoying but now routine.
Can't really see any difference, but can feel when I floss my teeth have definitely got more spacing. Not sure if it is all gonna work out but I gotta have faith I supose. I'm back in to my dentist next week for a free clean and my next 3 Trays..
No one has mentioned that they notice them at all, but think I am still a little self conscious of them. Anyway, will post again in a few weeks.. Keep smiling :)

HI, So Just finishing 7/16U & 7/19L .. I've...

HI, So Just finishing 7/16U & 7/19L .. I've changed my status to worth it, cos finally i've statred seeing alot of change with my Front teeth. I know that i've along way to go but still tto he difference is kinda amazing. I feel like i'm grinding alot with them in, especially the first 4/5 days of a New Tray. I still have had no one mentioning that I have braces, I reckon I've probably drawn peoples attention more.. Looking forward to putting in Tray number 8 tomorrow nite.. All kinda routine at this stage.. Talk soon
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