Loss a Lot of Breast Volume After Breast Feeding & Needed Uplift & Implant

I've been stalking this page for the past 3-4...

I've been stalking this page for the past 3-4 months looking and reading other women's reviews of uplifts & implants.
I decided to get an uplift & implant as I am still young and felt so un confident in my body , naked, in a bikini, strapless top etc and I wanted to peruse correcting my boobs. After two kids and breast feeding they lost so much volume and dropped so much!
I went to 3 different surgeons and settled on one which I thought seemed to be a perfectionist. We decided on a lollipop lift and Mentor under the muscle 300cc silicone implant - I actually didn't know it was going to be High profile until after surgery. I think if I knew I would've went with moderate but he didn't discuss this with me.
My desire was to be a full C not too big (DD) and not too small, just a nice handful lol.
I was absolutely shitting it on the day of surgery, I've never been put asleep before and just worried about the pain in general. I went through all my pre op routine questions and the surgeon marked me up and i was ready to
The anaesthetist (or is it anaesthcialogist??) was chatting to me while on the surgery table about holidays etc and last thing I know was out for the count. I woke up shaking and bit my tongue , I heard you can wake up like this..so the nurse put a heater under my blankets to regulate me back to normal.
I have to say I was surprise how painless I was, I stayed the night in the hospital. I didn't get much sleep and I was uncomfortable during the night..I was topped up with painkillers but really all I had for the following days was Solphadene & Difene & antibiotic. The second day was the toughest I couldn't do anything.. But after that it got so easy I kept thinking that the pain was going to hit me with a bang!! But it didn't.
Right now I'm 10 days post op and feel good however I feel like I went too big :( :( I wanted be a C it looks like I'm gonna be a D!! So I'm hoping it's swelling...
What do you think?? I'll post my before & afters..

sj xx

Finally getting used to them...

I'll admit I had a bit of a melt down a couple of days ago - tears and regret.... I hated them, thought they were too big I just felt horrible. I'm finally getting used to them & tried on a C cup bra which relaxed me a little into thinking they aren't THAT big... Still swelling left but getting there xx

Update - 8 weeks later

Hi Guys!

So bit of an update as to what's happening with my new boobies.. I went for my first post op appointment last week and I have a slight double bubble on my left boob :( I actually saw this from the first day post surgery but hoping it will come out. I have to go back in two months to see if I will need a revision.
I also got measured last week - 34 D is what i'm measuring or 32DD - SO NOT what I wanted, the more I have the bigger boobs the more I'm realizing I want them smaller :( I feel like i'm conscious of them with everything i'm wearing that they are sticking out....so with saying that, I am strongly considering maybe replacing the implants to a smaller one IF I get the revision necessary for the double bubble...?!! Very confused about this! Anyone else felt like this ? I've heard of boob greed but never this?

I'll post some pics up (need to do it from my phone) xx
Dr Jean Phillippe Salmin


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Sorry to hear you think they are too big! I am a big fan of the natural look myself and I honestly think your size is perfect. Not too big at all!
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Hello, I'm just checking in to see how your adjusting to the new addition. I hope all is well and you let us know how your doing.
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hi puppydog just posted an update will updates pics soon too :)
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Now that you have them.... do you like the high profile?
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I really hope you post more pics because your before pics are very similar to mine. My surgery is in 22 days. My doctor told me he is using Mentor 360 high profile. I'm a little iffy on the high profile, until I seen yours. Really, they look fantastic.
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I remember someone saying that Mentor high profile is the same as moderate profile in other brands. I'd like to know if this is true. Yours are great! The contour at the top looks very natural.
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I love your results too! They look perfect. Perfect size, perfect shape!
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I love your results! You look great!
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Thank you!! I really appreciate hearing this :)
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You look great!!!! I feel the same way! I am 10 days post op and I feel like I'm too big. I'm hoping that mine go down like yours and by 16 days post op I too will be happy with the size. About how much did they go down in the past week? I know it's hard to measure...
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I'm not sure if they went down an awful lot or I'm just getting used to them? I have my moments of panic in the mirror thinking Omg they are massive but in the last week they have softened up so so much.. What size were u before ? What did u get done ?
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I was a 32 saggy C before and got 325 HP. I just tried on bras today and I am a 34DD. I was a D/DD before breastfeeding so I have always been big but never liked it. I didn't want to be much bigger than a D after the surgery because I'm a small person. 5'2'' 108lbs.
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I know exactly how u feel I was a saggy C as well and before kids probably a small C... And I didn't like big boobs when I was pregnant... But I have them now and may just get used to them I think I would've been fine with even a 220cc or 250cc implant, I was afraid id be too small after reading about ao called "boob greed" and this is where it got me. I still think they are huge..do you have pics up?
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You don't look that big in pictures but I know it's totally different with how you see yourself. I have pics up on my profile.
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Looking great!!! I'm getting a lift with 300cc hp too, hoping for a full C/small D. We shall see...
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Thank u!! Finally getting used to the size it was such a shock to have them big but I'm getting used to them :) what size are you now ?
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I'm a 34 C (small C, maybe even a large B?) LOL. My VS are 34 C. If I end up a full D, it'd be ok! :)
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