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I am 38 year old male & was concerned about...

I am 38 year old male & was concerned about the decline in my facial skin & bags under the eyes.

I have tried a few other treatments incl micro-abrasion and another laser treatment called 'Polaris'. Neither was particularly good.

I read a lot on this site about Active FX & was pretty scared by some of the reviews, i.e. scarring & pustules. I spoke to my clinic's doctor. He seems to have a lot of experience & is quite well known. He gave me a patch test on the side of my face to check things out. That took about 2-3 weeks to fade out completely.

As a result, after a LOT of thought I decided to go with Active FX.

I had the treatment 3 days ago & have arranged 10 days for recovery.

So far, it seems OK. As well as the scary brown skin, some white spots have appeared beside my nose. As such, I am going back into the doc tmrw for a followup.

The worst thing so far is the itchiness. It has been quite bad today & I doubt will sleep well tonight. I find myself gently rubbing my skin a bit & am a bit worried that could cause scarring.

The other thing is that I am bald, so when the healing starts in full there will be quite an obvious line between my face & my bald head. I am still trying to work out how to handle that.

Day 4 Sleep was very fitful last night due to...

Day 4

Sleep was very fitful last night due to itchiness of my face. Eventually had to take a sleeping pill & managed to sleep from 4am-8.30am.

I was hoping more of the dead skin would be gone by now - but still have at least 60% brown skin coverage.

The emerging treated skin is similar to the skin you might see under a scab.

Unfortunately, the emerging skin under my right eye appears blood shot. This is probably because I accidentally brushed it against the leaf of a plant on Day 1. This shows that skin is very sensitive early on!

I also have some bloodshot skin beneath emerging stubble on my chin and slightly on my right cheek.

As well as that, a few white spots have appeared on & around my nose. They are not so big, but I called the clinic & they asked me to come in again to take a look.

OVERALL I am still uncertain. I think some of the emerging skin looks OK, but am worried by the bloodshot skin & white spots. However, I have promised myself I will not react until after the new skin totally emerges. So my fingers are still crossed.

The FINAL thing I want to mention is that I asked the doctor who dud my skin to 'feather' it in, i.e. so it would lend in naturally. I appreciate that that may be hard to do, but he stupidly put 2 big squares of 'deeper' treatment on my forehead & neck. It looks like someone pasted a square on a face, so I am annoyed about that :(

(Ref photos - you should note that true life colours are more saturated than they appear in the foto, i.e. redder)

I went back to the doctor (the clinic is busy, so...

I went back to the doctor (the clinic is busy, so I have a long embarrassing wait with my face melting off my head).

He reviewed the spots & bloodshot skin. He has 2 possible diagnosis for the spots - normal spots or some type of pustule.

He prescribed Tetracycline 100mg in case it is an infection. He also prescribed Hydrocostisone for the itchiness.

Overall, he seems pretty confident things will be OK, which makes me feel better - but of course, it ain't his face! Anyway, he wants me to come back again in 1 week for another review.

Finally, this evening more spots seems to be appearing around the side of my nose & cheek. They have a texture like acne (see pic). I often get spots so it is not such a surprise. However, I rarely get them in that area.

I am somewhat worried that if they do not die down soon, the texture could be 'concreted' in place as the new skin forms :/

Does that happen?

Day 5 Slept much better last night thanks to...

Day 5

Slept much better last night thanks to the Hydrocortinsone. A lot of the dead skin came off, so now just have about 5%-10% left; mainly around the edges.

The emerging skin is a light pink colour. In appearance it seems quite delicate, so I will avoid touching it as much as I can.

The eye area is still kinda bloodshot, but not too bad.

The spots around my nose seem to have stabalised. They're still there but have not expanded.

Some other observations about the recovery period in general...

> Be prepared to fight panic at times ... Active FX is a significant procedure & recovery takes work and is quite worrying :|
> Be prepared to stay indoors a lot ... I am generally staying in all day and then going out for a good walk after dusk. This was especially on Day 1, 2 & 3 due to a Frankenstein-like visage.
> Buy LOTS of vaseline. I have used almost 2 full pots (the big ones).
> Be prepared for itchiness (see above).

Overall, am still not sure if it has been worth it. I'll wait a couple of weeks before I decide.

Day 6 All dead skin is effectively gone today...

Day 6

All dead skin is effectively gone today. The emergent skin is as described before: light pink & VERY delicate. I try to avoid touching it, but it still gets itchy from time to time, so I have to rub it gently. I avoid using my finger nails, tho' waking up in the morning I sometimes forget & momentarily scratch a bit which is not great.

In terms of overall texture, it seems OK.

The main issues are dots at the side of my mouth/left cheek and some new dots at the very top of my forehead.

I noticed the dots on the top of my forehead yesterday. I think they are the result of me accidentally scratching my scalp on Day 2 when skin was extremely sensitive. The dots are small & clustered, kinda like hard lumps, but relatively difficult to see, except in side light.

Other contributors wrote about similar things on this forum, so I was worried. I called my doctor & he asked me to come in for another look (2nd time in 2 days). He examined them & the lumps on my cheek, and prescribed a stronger antibiotic with Penicillen. Hopefully that'll help. I can just about accept them as they are if they do not get any worse, but would like them to go of course.

Overall, I was impressed with the doctor's response, willingness to meet again at short notice & level of personal engagement. As such, I am upping his score from average to very good.

I won;t score the overall procedure until a few weeks have passed.

Just another thing about post-op recovery ... be...

Just another thing about post-op recovery ... be prepared to live with vaseline for a week!

It gets everywhere.

I find it washes out of most things at about a 60C wash, but get yourself some old clothes you can wear and an old cloth you can have handy for wiping your hands on.

Also, consider wrapping your pillow in an old towel to prevent oil getting into the material.

Ailesbury Clinic

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which dr was it?
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i had this treatment done in the same clinic and had no results.I had it repeated and was charged again and still had no results. i sent this doctor in the Ailsbury clinic a photo of my face and i got no reply from him. I find this disrespectful and the lack of communication unacceptable.This doctor speaks on national television about the treatments he performs but fails to tell people that there is no follow up call after treatment and no offer from the clinic to come in for an assesement or to even offer a complimentary treatment. Very disappointed with there service.
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It's about 8 months after my procedure.

I guess overall it had a beneficial effect - estimate about 10-15% improvement. Not dramatic, but decent.

I am 50-50 if I'd do this again. The worries were very great during the recovery period (esp after reading the horror stories here.)

I guess my advice is be 100% sure of where u go.
Ask, ask and ask again about their experience.

Like myself, people going into this are trusting because they are seeking vulnerable help - but this can be misplaced as to some doctors you may just be some more meat.

Also, if you have any concerns or special requests about hwo to apply the treament make sure to say. At least then it is on the record.
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had it done there myself, no follow up consultation had to have it repeated didnt work first time and no great results second time dont know if id go back to this clinic treat you like a number not a person.
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i can't stress enough to people to be very weary of this procedure at that clinic, especially if they have history of acne, they still went ahead and done my face even though i still had active acne, it was a very expensive and upsetting experience still not over it
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Sorry Ailesbury Clinic did not treat you as well. I thought they were pretty response to me. When I had concerns I called and they asked me straight in. Kinda like visiting a good dentist - but not like 1-on-1 total focus.
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thanks i know u had your procedure after me, i had written twice to the doctor concerned outlining my concerns about the whole experience not just the laser itself, so hopefully he had implemented some of these before your visit, 10-15% isnt enough in my opinion to justify the down side i realyy feel they oversell the results especially with some skin types, never again for me and your right about finding the right doctor its had to build trust in this area as it is so money driven, best of luck in future
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Hi mummydearest,just read your post .i was considering getting this done for treatment of lines and wrinkles.think i had a consultation wth your doctor also.does he havea clinic in posh area of dublin.not sure if il get it done getting scared and really sure i know who you got your treatment with.
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i had laser f.x. earlier this year, the experiences
was one of the worst of my life, i had done my research and went to the most experience doctor i could find in dublin, i had a severe outbreak of acne which has left new scars, considering i went to have
my acne scars resurfaced makes this even more upseting
i had a very negative experience with this clinic,
the outbreak is caused in part by the vaseline especially and i had mention during the consultation that i was concerned with this but it fell on deaf ear
and left me with the most severe outbreak i had ever had,luckily i was on anti-biotics already. If i was treated this poorly in a cheap hair salon i would expect it but not in a medical setting. i did make my
feelings known to this doctor and have since traveled tothe states to a try correct the new scarring.
i would advise any body considering this procedure
that has a history of acne to insist on an alternative to vaseline,i would hate for any body else to have such a terrible experience,
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Hi decriain,

I did a bit of checking in our doctor Q&A you might want to check out the answers to the question How to Stop Irritation and Itching? It might provide some added info. Hope it helps. Keep us updated on how things progress.

Thank you!


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Thank you for REALLY sharing your experience!
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