IPL Ruined my Skin

My friend and I had read  that IPL's were...

My friend and I had read  that IPL's were great for skin for redness, light wrinkles, etc.  We were both excited to get our face cleared up and 'beautiful'.

We should have known because the clinic we both went to didn't even explain any side effects other than it may hurt like a snapping rubber band, there may be a little redness, etc. The procedure was painful, and after 6 procedures my face was still swollen and it had enhanced my, what was but not anymore, fine lines by my eyes.

It may have been the clinic or the IPL, but I do not recommend this procedure at all. 

I had IPL ten days ago, (for rosacea)I am very fair skinned and youngish looking 50 I wasnt told about the pain IPL causes, It is like having cigarettes stubbed out on your face, my procedure was done at cosmetic studio in Rokeby Road,(Faye) I have phoned them because I have a few lumps appear that look like pimples. They also itch I have to see Cosmetic studio this saturday so they can give me a diagnosis I Will post results of that appointment I live in WA
I had IPL treatments on my chest a few years ago. It did feel like be apped by rubber bands. Immediatly afterwards my chest looked like a truck ran over it!! It was quite red and honestly uncomfortable. After a few days it peeled and the skin was a bit sensitive.Almost all of my sun spots are gone and my skin has much better texture. I have been using an extremely high sunscreen ever since and my skin looks terrific. I highly recommend the procedure. The little bit of discomfort is definately worth the outcome
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They weren't professional and did not present the true side effects.

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