IPL Ruined my Face

I had an IPL treatment 2 years ago and still...

I had an IPL treatment 2 years ago and still seeing the damage coming out on my face!

I had started out with some minor fine lines, some sun spots and large pores. Was told that IPL would "clean everything" up and my skin texture would improve.

After the procedure, my face swelled and my eyes swelled so much I could barely see. That went down after several days and for about 3 weeks, my face looked really good. Then the horror began. I noticed major hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and a big dent on my right cheekbone. Also my lower left cheek had started to droop.

I was given prednisone for this "swelling" which did nothing. After that I began to develop crescent-shaped welts over my cheeks. These have gradually contracted down so I now have crescent-shaped depression scars on my cheeks and chin. I thought all the damage would have surfaced by now, but continue to notice increasing scarring.

I am now on Tazorac to try to increase collagen production. We'll see ( I have a new doctor). I will probably end up having some sort of dermal filler to try to even out the scarring and holes that have come out on my face. I am devastated and rarely go out of the house except to go to work.


Dont believe DDCNGA .She is just pushing a product on her site.PSGOLD. I was on her forum and that's all she tells people to try. My doctor said it's a overpriced product that doesnt work for laser damage.
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Your comment is unfair and untrue. The forum has existed for over THREE years. I've been working with people harmed for over SEVEN years. I did not even know of the existence of PG until January of this year. I have and do recommend certain products to people because others have been helped by them. What you are saying is slanderous and not true. I'm not sure why you felt the need to come make such a post and such a hurtful one. I've worked with thousands who've been harmed by cosmetic devices from Awalk to Christine Hoene. I've poured my heart and soul into researching and helping people and doing what I can to bring about awareness to this issue for many, many years, including using my own money and years of my personal time devoted to this cause. I'm truly sorry if you've been harmed. But, I did not harm you. If you wrote to me, I probably took the time to reply to you. I just don't understand why you would come here to write such a thing. I hope you find peace. I will pray for your healing.
Don't listen to DDCNGA .Her website is all about pushing PSGOLD.
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They are too aggressive in the treatment and burned my face.

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