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Jury is Still out - Day 19

Well, day 19 and and I can say without a doubt...

Well, day 19 and and I can say without a doubt that for me, it was not worth it. there are two areas that look like scarring from the process.... ughhh....    Most importantly, if you are planning on having this process done know going into it that you will need more than one treatment.  I just can't go through it again.  I mean I looked hideous.  My skin is still not back to what it was prior to the treatment.  My doctor told me to start using Obagi since I refuse to do the IPL again.  I'll let you know in a month how that is working.

Net - IPL wasn't worth it for me, good luck and I hope it is better for you.

I too have the same on my arms and face on sides of cheeks and neck and alot more of them especially four on my arm which are now peeling and raw underneath and worried they are going to scar , mine was done 5 days ago and was just wondering when will it fade ? If it does im hoping i want scar this is so depressing i can't even leave the house and had to take time off work , even makeup wont conceal the damage !!? what have you used on your skin to aid healing any information to me is like gold . Many thanks in advance for your advice Muna
I had the pixel treatment, and although I do like the nicer texture it gave me cheeks, I have to also say for me it wasn't worth it and here's why: First I wanted results for my crow's feet (people always told me overall I had plumpy nice face skin), the healing was HORRIBLE (not "a bad sunburn" more like someone could "were you on fire?"), I got - I swear- two extra wrinkles on one eye, hyperpigmented where they did stacking - at the crows feet- now it looks like I went crazy with bronzer!. Also, my doc recommended Obaji since I also refuse another treatment-- do they like do this on purpose. I would not recommend this tx to others, or at least tell them NOT to stack and just pay for extra treatments at lower laser intensity.... I tell you it took 10 days before I felt ok to go out in public and still the new brown spots suck!
what kind of skin did you have before IPL? are you asian? cant tell by your picture. also, any more updates? :)
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