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IPL Causes WAY MORE Side Effects Than the Literature Provides

The treatment: painful, hot, but tolerable...

The treatment: painful, hot, but tolerable.
Immediately after: Red, hot, skin, no swelling.
The technician says: You skin looks great! You will be so happy. Go, enjoy your weekend!

One hour later: Red skin begins to swell in the exact pattern of the hand tool. This includes swollen stripes over the entire face!
Boyfriend says: What the hell did you do?

The next day: Swelling still present - lines from the handtool all over ma face!!!
I say: What the hell did I do to ma face!

The third day - better, but still covered in mild lines on the right cheek and under the left eye. Holy!

I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be able to return to work without anyone noticing that i look like i slept with ma face on a quilt!

In the end, this better be worth it. I paid good cash AND an enitire weekend for it

BEWARE!!! IS is worth it? Really?

I had it done on my face in may and loved the results so much i had my chest done and will be getting my upper back done this week. It's to much to have done in one sitting. It does sting but the pain goes away within a hour or so. I'm irish fair skin female, I understand the best results are on fair skin. My dermo was agressive with the treatment, but I prefer so I dont have to get more than 1 treatment. thats all you need if its done right. Go to a doctor not a spa, very important!!!! A dermatologist that specializes in cosmetic surg,they will have assortment of laser machines.
sag? more details pls . . .
It totally made the skin on my face sag like crazy! I would NEVER do it again!
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