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IPL Caused Laser Burn on my NOSE

Was burned on the nose by their laser. The wound...

Was burned on the nose by their laser. The wound took three weeks to heal and I may have a scar for LIFE. The total cost was supposed to have been for 5 IPL and 5 Microdermabrasions. I only had 2 IPL's and 3 Micro's. After being burned and being unhappy I was told I would not be charged for any of the procedures and it would be transfered to 20 Micro's. I went ahead hoping it may help with the mark from the laser burn. I now refuse to go back after the last micro which caused multiple (cat scratch) lines all over my face. I will not disclose the names nor exact locations at this time.
What is your lawyer doing? What scaring does your mom have?
My mom was burned by IPL three years ago and we still are fighting the insurance company. They say that she is a liar and there was nothing wrong when there clearly was. We are being taken advantage of. Just another struggling American family being denied help. The corruption within the companies in which we pay to be insured by is becoming unveiled. If there is any thing you could do to help me in any way? If there is any information or facts or others who have been burned could you please come forward? Thank you for any considerations.

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