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IPL Can Seriously Burn You.

I started developing two tiny light brown freckle...

I started developing two tiny light brown freckle type spots on my cheeks and doctor recommended Fotofacial.

I received IPL treatment on my face, during which I was in agonizing pain. It felt like I was being burned by a hot Iron. The technician kept saying it is painful but that is how it should be. I was hot red in my face when I left and by tomorrow i had dark burned spots in lines and in rows on my face, and neck like a zebra. I looked horrifying and after four days I went back to the clinic and this time the doctor saw me and was very sorry that the girl did n't test a small patch first to see my reaction before she does the treatment on my complete face.

it has been 3 weeks now,the burn spots fell off and now I have some pink and some dark spots mostly on my forehead, neck and sideburns.

what is now the right treatment for them? Are they ever gonna completely go away? this treatment was meant to treat two tiny sun spots and it lead to this. what should I do? where should I go?

I use the numbing cream, and let it sit 30-45 mins. I would not be able to tolerate the burn without numbing cream. I would ask them for it. My red puffy face calms down normally within several hours. For me, if the spot did not come off it was because they needed to turn it up for a better burn. My experience is that they sometimes did not turn it up or focus enough on some spots. I have never been damaged by the burn.
When doing IPL....do research people go to a place where they are boaed certified. I went to a plastic surgeons office and did my research on the staff and im olived skined and my result as are awsome.....I felt sunburned for the first couple of hours and tjen ut went away no discomfort what so ever then i had the "coffee ground effect "the next day been peeling off like they said I would on my fourth day after treatment my results so far have been rite on awsome. ...I also had no pain during my treatment except for the rubberband snap feeling during the treatment....so far loving the results..will post before and after pics soon....
Yes I loved my first treatment too but on the second time damage happened. One lady had treatments for five years with no problem and than one time poof your great skin is gone. She went to a doctor and so did I that had years of experience but ended with damage. I think there are too many variables and the damage is so permenant. This not like a bad hair cut that will grow out. Very powerful machines that go deep in the dermis.
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This type of procedures are very high risked and especially when you leave your fate in the hands of an incompetent technician and not an M.D. is just not worth the outcome.

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