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BEWARE! IPL Can Cause Serious Burns!

Had first (and last) treatment 2 weeks ago. Face...

Had first (and last) treatment 2 weeks ago. Face covered in welts and black zebra-like stripes immediately afer treatment, second degree burns on chin and jaw line. Now have pink and tan stripes on face. MD doesn't know what to do. (Actually won't acknowledge anything is wrong). Any ideas?

Wish I had asked how much training tech had on THIS type of equipment. Ask how many times they've donethe procedure. Ask to see certificate. Must not have recent tan or use self-tanners. Ask to see settings, take records with you when you leave appt. Don't be fooled by the ads...this IS risky...educate yourself. google IPL burns.

This is related to IPL two weeks ago on the chin Was your IPL performed by a tech or PA? Were you sun-tanned? Thanks
If any ladies or gents out there have this or any other treatment done using ipl, please insist that you ask for a patch test if not offered one and consultation so this gives you the opportunity to ask questions. I know what it is like wanting the treatment straight away but please please wait until after your patch test, they will probably only do a couple of shots, if they get it wrong at least you can walk away with minimum damage and find someone reputable, if they hesitate answering your questions they are either Newley qualified or un qualified, if my patients ask me a question I know the answer straight away I am fully trained in ipl, there is no excuses for causing damage like this this period! You always start on a low setting and increase energy slightly at each session this is what patch tests are for I have a rule that I stick by and that is I will only increase up to 10 joules per patch test if I can't find the correct energy I call the client back in 24 hours later and increase up to 10 joules again until the right energy is attained yes it's a pain, but at least I don't burn anyone not like these idiots. Just be careful there are some excellent therapists out there but there are also some idiots.
Omg that is bad and the operator clearly hasn't been trained, you poor love. I would be defiantly looking to make a claim.
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