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Hi, One week until surgery:). I am a 28 year old...

One week until surgery:). I am a 28 year old mother of 5 children ages 7,5,3, and twin girls that are 13 months. After breastfeeding them all it was depressing to see what I was left with. I am now an A cup with lots of tissue as I was a C beforehand.

Therefore the past couple of years I have contemplated getting a breast augmentation; after breastfeeding my twins and knowing we were done having kids I knew it was time. In addition, I don't want to be very large as I am very athletic and do lots of running as well. My PS tells me that with my tissue I need to atleast get 339 (silicone). That seemed too big for me but as my surgery gets closer I am debating going with 350's or 375's. I would like to be a small C. Any advice?

I am also having a mini to standard tummmy tuck and my PS is fixing my hernia at the same time (I am dreading the scar). I have always hated my upper thighs and have not felt like they matched the rest of my body, therefore I am having liposuction of the inner and outer thighs done as well. I am now very excited for my surgery and ready to put this behind me and enjoy life more with my husband and kids. By the way, I have lots of help for the first several weeks. Any input and support would be great! I really enjoy this community already! I have met wonderful people and learned so much from their advice. Looking forward to sharing my journey and hearing from others:)

HI! Well I hope my email helped you! I'm going in for my pre op monday and I'm SO ready to have this done!! Only 5 days left! YAY:)
Hi Colorado28,
I am so excited to share this journey with you! What time is your surgery? Mine is at 12 and he thinks it will take about 3 1/2 hours. Whew... It is making me a little more nervous. Definitely the Anesthesia as I have never had any kind of surgery.. We have so much in common! I hope my kids cope well in the weeks to come! I am also not looking forward 6 weeks down. I like to be busy!
As far as the size goes I am not sure I want to be a full C?? It has been years since I was and I have been faking it for quite some time. I have too many judgemental people around me;). I am thinking a large B maybe a small C would be good for me as I like to run as well? Going with moderate profile as I have a wider rib cage and I as well am having them put half under the muscle- "dual plane." Yes lots of tissue and NO breast left after breast feeding 5! Yes my husband may get to see me in a non granny swimming suit this summer:). So exciting! So wonderful to talk to you:) Enjoy these last few days! Unfortunately I have made myself too busy! Hope I find time to love on the kids!!!

Can any fellow mommy makeover ladies tell me why...

Can any fellow mommy makeover ladies tell me why or why they choose to get a pain pump? I have read a lot about them but I don't recall my PS saying anything about it? Does it make you a little more out of it? Any advice on this would be sooo helpful!

Also, has anyone used spanx along with their...

Also, has anyone used spanx along with their compression garments? Does it help to use one over the other? Any experience with these? Thanks everybody:)
Hi, just wanted to say congrads to you for having and nursing 5 children under the age of 8. This surgery will help you feel better about yourself, mine is tommorow morning. I also breastfed my 2, ages 10 and 5 now. I don't know about the spanx. I will be getting a pain pump, from what I have heard the muscle tightening if the most painful part of the tummy tuck, and the pain pump is supposed to relieve a lot of that.
Thanks! Congrats to you as well! How neat! 10,5 and, 2... I bet the older ones are very good help! Goodluck with your surgery tomorrow! I will be thinking about you and will say a few extra prayers on your saftey and outcome:). I am going to have to ask about the pain pump.. Does it cost more? Sorry I should let you get some good sleep before your big day! Godbless!!
Hi, thank you so much for your kind words and prayers, I actually only have 2 children, (breastfed both). My surgeon just uses pain pumps for all tummy tucks, I don't believe it is extra. I really think you should opt for one,I have heard they really help with the pain. I have had 2 c-sections so I'm really scared of the pain considering all these people talk about how if you can go through childbirth, you can handle this, but I think c-sections are probably not as painful as a vaginal. I took my valium 45 minutes ago and feel loopy. Guess I better go shower and use the hibacleanse. Goodnight. Bless you : )

Can't believe my surgery is tomorrow :). I am sooo...

Can't believe my surgery is tomorrow :). I am sooo ready for this!! The anesthesia is freightening me at the moment! Also, the size of breasts I decide to go with. So excited to see a new and improved me and to especially feel more womanly with breasts again:) :). Thank you everyone for being so helpful and supportive! This site has really helped my mind, nerves, questions, and most importantly it has been an amazing support group!!! Thank you!
Thinking about you...I hope your surgery went well!! I am sure you are recovering :) Let us know how you are as soon as you can!
I am doing great thank you! I am sooo happy having this done! It feels wonderful to know the surgery part is past me:). I am pretty sore today and have a hard time getting in and out of bed. Even walking around is tough as it feels though I will rip a stitch! Still thinking about you today:) :)
Good luck tomorrow. You'll do just fine! Anesthesia is pretty safe when in the hands of a professional. Hope u get the results ur looking for and can't wait to hear updates and see ur results!

Hi everyone, I am now 1 day post op and feel much...

Hi everyone,
I am now 1 day post op and feel much better than I did this morning. I am sore, especially in my stomach muscles and my tt incision when I stand up. Getting up and back to bed/chair is the hardest part yet! I keep telling myself only a few days of this and I will be closer to full recovery.
Last minute my PS and I decided on 371cc silicone for me and I am so glad I did! I wanted to go smaller. However, as I look at them now with the swelling I think I made the right decision:). I am ready to quit walking hunched over as it is hard on my back!
Wanted to also tell everyone thanks for your support and advice! What a wonderful group of women I have been able to confide in! We all encourage eachother! God bless you all!
Hi Mommy of 5!! How is your recovery going up to now?! I'm surprise at how great I feel! Well, as long as I take my meds! lol It's too bad that you won't be doing before and after pics! Thats part of the fun! I know it could be easy to forget how far I've came if I didn't have those pics! I'm going to update my pics later tonight I think since its amazing how ive healed in the 5 days since i posted those. I hope everything has gone smoothly for you! let me know!!!:)
hey mommy! how are you doing? sounds like your doing well! i am doing so much better than i thought i would at this stage. i've been in the family room most of the day which totally elevated my spirits. i hate not being able to do drives me crazy!!lol! my binder is starting to annoy me though! it is so uncomfy. i wonder when i get to move into a stage 2? i'll ask my ps tomorrow. i can't wait to see my tummy:) have you seen your body yet? are you happy with your boobs? i think i'm going to love my boob size! not too big and not too small...just right :)
Hi Soon2banewm,
I am doing well thanks! I did have a few funny jerks today in my stomach where I could feel the stitches in the muscle and had to make myself relax! It hurt and continued to burn.. Yeah I too have been in our living room since I got home yesterday afternoon, which has been wonderful for my mood! It is so hard though because my babies want me and don't understand why I won't hold them! It makes me feel like a horrible mom! I keep telling myself it is short-lived. I hope they warm up more to my sister that is here helping me from out of town. It would make things a lot easier!
Your binder is annoying you? I dislike taking it off! I actually got to take a shower last night and the feeling was horrible! I felt like I didn't have a stomach.. (don't know how else to explain it;) )
And I was kind of sad as because of the swelling my tummy is bigger right now than before surgery! I know I need to be patient. As far as the size of boobs... I don't get it! They look like a B right now and I wanted to end up with a small C. I have 371's and have seen many photos of women just like me and they look bigger on them! Aren't you surprised I am saying this as I didn't want them to be very big... I just expected them to be bigger in the swollen state. I also was a little upset because I told him I really didn't want to have a tummy tuck unless I would have a much shorter incision as my extra skin was pretty minimal. He agreed and drew on me but it is much further (was going to be about 5 inches and is from inside hip bone to the other). I know I need to trust his judgement and will find out more on Tuesday.
Okay.. Enought about me! So glad you like the size of yours! I know can't wait till I can really feel them and see what they are like;). I hope tomorrow is an even better day! How are you feeling?

I am sooo happy to report my drains are gone:)!!!...

I am sooo happy to report my drains are gone:)!!! They were removed yesterday at my appointment (after 8 days) as I didn't have much drainage. It is also the first time since surgery I had seen my surgeon and it was very reassuring as he and I am thus far happy with my results. I am anxious to see my stomach results after all of the swelling is gone as it is bigger now than it was before.. I had no liposuction done to my stomach as I had only skin. I am loving my breasts now as they are settling; I have to go without a bra right now and massage them daily. I am guessing I will be a small to medium C and that's perfect for my athletic lifestyle. I also had a little liposuction of the inner and outer thighs. I see no results with this yet, but my PS believes I will notice a nice change in the end. I am excited for the change as I have always felt a little extra buldge in my upper thighs and felt they didn't flow as I wanted them to with the rest of my body. I have always been an athlete and avid runner and all of my hard work would not shrink my little saddlebags.
I am happy to report that the last couple of days I am feeling so much better doing chores around the house. I don't get too tired, although I am slow, but it is usually my back that makes me stop.
So far for my breast augmentation, I could say I would do that part again. As for the tummy tuck and liposuction of the thighs, only time will tell... Thanks to all the wonderful women on this site for their support!
Hi Mommy of Five, I have enjoyed reading al of your posts, as well as, several others. I am glad you are feeling so much better and that you are happy with your results so far. I feel like I can identify with you for several reasons. The first being that I am from Iowa, second that I have four children and third I am interested in all of the procedures you had done. I am, however, 42...not exactly the young 28 as you are. My oldest daughter is a sophomore in college. I have two in high school and one in elementary school. I am ready to do something for myself, but VERY nervous! I would like to visit with your doctor. I googled him and found him in NE. Is that correct?
Hi Iowa86,
So excited for you! Congrats! Yah to Iowa:). I totally understand the nervous! I felt that way too until I made the appointment, which then I couldn't wait for the day to get here. I did have some worries but I felt much more at peace with the approaching days and the morning of my surgery couldn't come soon enough! Yah for you though!!
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my doctor! He was first recommended to me by Ta Bella Med Spa in Village Pointe, if you are familiar. They see a lot of woman and gave me a couple referrals. My doctor was one of them and I was so impressed when I saw he was featured on The Learning Channel and looked at his credentials; he has way more compared to a lot of other Plastic Surgeons. He is very professional, kind of stoic, but takes lots of time with you; my breasts look SO natural and that was one of my biggest desires:). Also, I have barely had to wait at all. Staff is all very friendly as well.
Sorry, yes he is in Omaha, Nebraska out by Village Pointe. Anyways, stay in touch and I would be more than happy to help you out with anything! By the way... If you haven't noticed this website is awesome for support! Wonderful women, and doctors to answer more questions quickly.. So excited for you! :)
God bless,
I'll be 5 weeks on Tuesday. I feel great! Just waiting for the ok to hit the gym again. Gained a few pounds from not working out but i know i'll lose it.

Hello ladies:) ~ I am 3 weeks post op today-...

Hello ladies:) ~
I am 3 weeks post op today- halfway through!!! :) I am feeling so much more like myself now! Yesterday I went 4 mph for 30 min and went 2 miles:). I felt wonderful all day so I think I may go a little longer today. I am also not hunched over anymore at all; sometimes my shoulders get hunched and I have to remind myself to straighten out..

Okay I can't believe I am saying this but I think I wish I would've gone a little bigger- I was terriified to go too big. I went with 375 cc silicone and 400 would've maybe been better for me. I am a runner, snowboarder, and love all athletics so I didn't want to be very big but even now I am hoping I am a C? I tried some of my B bras and I fit them; they were pretty full though. You can't really tell by looking as I am SO happy with the shape of my breasts (they look so natural yet perky!!) but I still have some tissue that could've been filled. If I would've gone bigger it may have taken away from the natural look I wanted. I am so happy to have breasts again! My husband is so happy for me as well- and himself :).
As far as the tummy tuck goes I think I am liking it more but I don't think I will be able to tell until I get back into my workout routine. I really had a nice looking tummy before with minimal skin and you could see all of my top muscles until you got to the skin;). I can't see any definition now and of course have a wonderful scar now. I can't tell what the horizontal scar looks like as it still has tape on it; my ps says research shows it heals nicer with the tape left on. However, I have had a few problems with my vertical scar and belly button. It is having a hard time closing- slowly but surely. I also had an infection and got put back on antibiotics. It is looking SO much better now! Hope I won't have to have a revision on it. I highly recommend the low low low incision on the horizontal incision! I wear very low cut underwear and it is hidden perfectly! Still hoping I am happy with my results. I don't look any thinner so it is the overall appearance of the tummy which I pray will look better. It has to, right?!

I also had lip of the inner and outer thighs. I can kind of tell on the outer and definitely from behind. I always had a little extra that hung out on top there- love my skinny jeans that would suck it all In;). Even always wore a skirt with a swimming suit.. I can't see much on inner thighs yet. I am being patient and HOPING to see more of a change in the coming weeks.. It has always been so frustrating to be so athletic and yet have this extra in my thighs that I could never get rid of being 5'6 and 130 pounds.

I am now holding my 13 month old girls (18 pounds ) per my doctor. It feels fine! Sometimes walking far and holding them is when I feel it and I know to put them down. I am back to doing all my own housework besides heavy lifting and vacuuming.

God bless all of you women that decide to have these mommy makeover procedures done! I was never one to dwell too much on vanity but this is truly transforming and can make you feel more womanly again; no longer do I have ziplock sucked-out looking breasts:). My husband never pushed me to and actually didn't want me to at first. He is happy with my results as well :). I know I will be a better wife and mom for this! The most important piece to it all!
God is good!
God IS good! I totally agree! So glad you are doing well!

Okay I didn't want to update until I was 4 weeks...

Okay I didn't want to update until I was 4 weeks post op (a few days away) but I have to say after shopping this weekend I am soooo glad I didn't go any bigger!!! These lovely boobies fit me perfectly! There were some items/sizes I am used to wearing and couldn't fit because my boobs were too big!! So, I am happy to say these boobs fit me just fine:).

Feels great to clean the whole house again- except for vacuuming of course... Still waiting to see the final results on my tummy tuck. I get pretty swollen at night and feel bigger than before surgery. I have been able to wear my jeans atleast but my incision does get irritated toward the end of the night on certain areas. I need to start using pads! I've read that on someone else's blog;).

I am loving holding and carrying my 14 month old girls again!! Ahhh what a great feeling:). The time really has gone fast!
Hi friend. How are you?
Hey:)! So wonderful to hear from you!!! I am feeling fabulous thanks! I actually went for a six mile walk today and kept going as it felt great!! Not even close to running though! I will be five weeks on Friday:)..

How are you feeling? I just went to your page and saw your new pic! You look absolutely incredible! You must be soo happy! I am still swelling quite a bit which is making me jeans tight and uncomfortable. Well you are going to have a great time in Miami:).. Soo happy for you! You will have to give me a further update:). Sorry I am hardly ever on anymore.. Well talk to you soon and have a wonderful night! :)
Hey Mommy!!! So glad to hear you are doing well!! I am glad you are happy with your boobies too :)
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