10 Days Post-Thermafrax

I am 10 days post thermafrax and am having severe...

I am 10 days post thermafrax and am having severe problems.

Before they did the fraxel treatment - they "needled" fine lines on my face saying that it works sooo much better. Now I have HUGE indentations / craters on my face. The impressions in my skin resemble severe acne scarring, which I didn't have prior to this treatment. There are a few fairly large / not uniform in shape that are still scabbed, even though I have kept them covered with ointment since the procedure.

Mistake to trust the provider? Please help! If anyone has any advice or guidance I would sincerely appreciate it.


It is hard not to overreact, as you are home bound and have nothing to do but stress over what you have done. These procedures rarely play out the way the docs describe, and sometimes the final results are months away, not the "two weeks" they may promise. Most of the treatments turn out well, and some do not. The most you can do is be completely educated about what you are doing, and be willing to face not getting the optimum result. Most people have wonderful results, some do not.

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I'm laughing at myself because I WWWWAAAAYYYYY over reacted. It's still pretty tender underneath the eyes, but it does heal rather nicely.
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Hi, This is my first post here. I AM FREAKING OUT about the mess the laser has made of the areas underneath my eyes! I now have droopy lower lids and third degree burns on my face. I am using Vaseline. I am ready to sue. Good luck
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Horrible results

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