Finally my turn

This is my last month to see diatition so happy I...

This is my last month to see diatition so happy I am done with six months of waiting. Now wait for insurance approval. May 16 ,last day for six months of let's get to the real deal,,,,,surgery. Can't wait!!! People ask me am I scared I say no ,I'm happy and excited,I want to see the little me again,
Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Do you know how long you'll have to wait for insurance approval?
Good luck to you and remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. One day at a time and you will be healthy for a lifetime.

getting close

Three more days to see dietician. Can't wait to see what she says,and what if any dates they will set.
No, I will let you know Friday,that's when I have my last visit with dietitian.
Awesome, I'll look out for your update! Good luck on Friday.
This,that what I want baby steps.


Well Friday ,was my last day,now my papers will be turned in to insurance company and waiting for a date. I told doc asap.I can't wait for this new journey to begin.

In vegas

To much
You're on your way! Congratulations!
I know everyday I get so excited because I may get the call that it is a go. Then I will start o the mush food for two weeks.I holding I can do it ,I'm telling everyone how beautiful I'll look lol.
You will!

devil is a lie

Well I thought the nurse was calling me to tell me to start on my two week pre diet for vsg. She called me because my medical was discontinueed.I was floored.
Well it was because I didn't send paperwork to child support so now they are sending me the paperwork back out ,and I will hand deliver them and get the sanction lifted,then call the nurse back and get back on track. There is a God.
Wow, I so sorry you've hit this setback. I don't really understand it all, I'm the UK and our system is different but I know this must be stressful. But you're right, you are going to do this, this is just a bump in the road and we've all had them, but we'll get over them and get to where we want to be.

waiting for insurance

Well everything was taken care of ,now they need to give me my medical assistance back. So now waiting for child support to send an email to dfs. I called each party in point,and everyone says not us.I hope someone gets it right by Monday June 9th.. I am ready for my surgery date..
Thank you its prepared me for what's ahead.

still waiting

I am waiting for my insurance to get approved. Hopefully I will hear something by next Friday. I'm excited, hurry call me .
Hi! How are things going? Have you heard anything from the insurance company yet? Don't get discourage, maintain your faith!
Thanks I will survive.

Can't keep a good woman down!!

Hi Everyone, Everytime I check my e-mail I see a new face that is going to have a sleeve surgery or waiting for insurance clearence. Well I thought I was having my surgery in June . Everything was done the hospital sent my papers into my insurance ,you know what happened,,,, they denied it,because something the dietician wrote in it, oh I was hurt I was not in compliance so, I have to do three more months, so this is my second month ,and September is my third month, So I ask the dietician now do I know everything and doing everything ,'which I new already what to do before and after surgery. So now she says they're not going to turn me down . I was depressed,I wanted to go to my daughter's wedding a little smaller,well I sucked it up and,now I am back on rhis forum letting you know stay encouraged,it will happen, The dietician says it will pass so I am looking at before the year is out. I am happy it wasn't anything major,like lose more weight. So I am back posting and reading all the old and new post to keep me encouraged,until next time, Stay blessed.
nenekidd, I'm sure you will appreciate the sleeve even more after the journey to it you are having! You sure a committed to it. I enjoyed your review and I reckon perseverance must be your middle name. My dates October 24th, and I am so, so, so looking forward to it. Hope you get a dare soon!

waiting game

Hello everyone, I was off the site because I was disgusted with my nutritionist. I had to tale three more months of compliance and today 09/15/2014 was the last day .Now they will turn everything into insurance and wait for a date. I can't wait. I have a new fiancé and he said he's with me for better or worst. So hopefully the end of this month or next Month. Will keep you posted.

compliance done

Took three extra months for compliance now I'm done I did lose ten pounds. So now wait for insurance to be approved and the call. Oh the nutrition did say 2 weeks before surgery I need to be on liquid diet. So we will see.

Insurance approved!!!

Hello my friends, I am approved for my surgery, and it is November 4,2014. I will start my 800 /1200 calorie pre surgery food on the 21st of October. I have read a lot of forums on this site and I learned a lot. Can't wait for my surgery. Yea!!
Please let us know every step

Ready to start

I am finally going to have gastric sleeve. The surgery will be at the university of iowa . I am ready for this journey to a better me.
Whoo hoo, my surgery is Nov 3, I am super excited! Good Luck to you and I will be looking forward to following your journey!
I will follow your journey . Good luck.
Since posting to you, my date changed to 23 Oct, just 5 more sleeps!

Hi Sleevers

Nov is a bad month because it's thanksgiving but a good month because I'm having my sleeve November 4. I should be a little better by thanksgiving. Although I have to cook that day ,wow ,I don't know what's going to happen with my taste buds. I'll


Almost there November 4. 3014
3014 wow will earth be here
Issac Samuel

Dr. Now

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