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My arms have been bad since college, yo-yo...

My arms have been bad since college, yo-yo dieting/weight gain didn't help but Mom has the same problem. After I lost 65lbs, went from a 22Womens to a 14-16Misses in my clothes but was frustrated that my hard work in body shaping did nothing for the arms. I finally found a wonderful PS who said I was the perfect candidate for the arm lift. 10 weeks later I still have some swelling but I wear the compression garment when I'm home and sleeping. I think the worst is the nerve damage I have in my right arm below the elbow - feels like a huge wad of something under the skin when I rest my arm on a table, don't have it on the left side. My incisions look great, still some redness with the ones armpit down but maybe my bra is just irritating that area a bit. I didn't go into this wanting to go sleeveless, probably still won' but to be able to go shopping and buy a L or XL top/jacket instead of the next size up just so the arms fit is a great feeling (hubby doesn't see the shopping charges, LOL!) I have more tingling going on so I know the nerves will come back. I do have some indentation just above the elbow a bit above the bend in the arm but the PS told me right up front that "mother nature will take her sweet time in making everything perfect, you just have to be patient"...easy for him to say to someone with little patience to begin with :) I think my arms look a little better each week so hoping that by this time next year I can be in a swimsuit at the pool in Vegas having the time of my life! Curious if anyone else has the nerve damage problem too...
Congrats on your new arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you mean about being patient,i am NOT! My doctor told me that patients need to learn to have patience. HA! Please post before and after pics to help us view your result thanks BB
Congratulations on your surgery!! Can you add pictures? I'm 10 months out from my arm lift and your Dr is right, it gets better and better! Mine arms are still contouring a bit and I was already happy after surgery, the nerve pain gets better too. I'm so happy for you!!
Thank you! I am working on pictures! Did you have much numbness and has that diminished as well?

Arm Lift Photos

Marked Up Day Before!

Arm Lift Photos 2

3 Days Later in Sleeves
I am just about 5 months since surgery and still not getting back all of the feeling in my right arm, I'm not too worried yet but I am having weird feelings in the upper arm and wonder if that is the nerves coming back. I guess I'm not sure what that is supposed to feel like, it's a little painful sometimes so I elevate my arms at night...it's not the prickly feeling like when your foot wakes up after going to sleep - I can't quite describe it...is this common?
Hi What did ps say about the lump by elbow? I hope you're ok
He was glad I called and went in. Luckily I was still numb so when the needle with a local anesthetic went in it didn't hurt - I knew when he looked at it he was going to try to do something that would hurt but it didn't. No puss, no fatty tissue, no blood pocket - he cut, squeezed, pushed all while I'm holding my breath :) He's very certain it is a fatty necrosis (sp?) that just hasn't decided what to do yet. I had one under my left arm about 6 weeks out that needed to be opened/drained too. Temp was only 98.9 but to be on the safe side he put me on 500mg antibiotic for 7 days and actually I don't feel too bad today. The lump is still there but the redness is gone and the swelling has gone down quite a bit and it's been 12 hours and I haven't put the compression sleeves back on yet...hoping it will just go away! Thank you for your concern - very much appreciated!

From the doctors office

Surgery was 5/1/2014. We took a picture on 3/25 at the consult, 1 month 10 days after 6/11 (brown tank top) and at my final visit on 8/25. Amazing to see the before pictures now...
Thank you for sharing. The results are very impressive. Your arms look so good! :)
Thanks -I am very happy!
Arms look Amazing!!! I love the transformation :) TGIF!
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Wonderful man, honest and compassionate. He is retiring in a few months and I will miss our visits! I'm so happy that I found him before the next phase of his life! He explained everything very clearly, his nurse Kay was a great listener and this was truly one of the best medical experiences I've ever had.

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