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I have suffered for many years (almost 12) with...

I have suffered for many years (almost 12) with neck and shoulder pain. Just recently it has escalated to include mid-back discomfort and numbness in my left arm and hand. The kicker is that I've been being treated for these symptons since 2003, but just recently made the connection between the pain and the size of my breasts. I've known women who have had the same symptoms but there breasts were so much larger than mine (I'm a 34DDD, but I measure around at a 34C)it never entered my thinking that my breasts were the culprits, I thought only E-G breasted women had messed up backs!! I am hopeful that my insurance company will pay, I meet all the criteria that I know about....the above symptoms, shoulder grooving, rashes, failed physical therapy, and recently failed pain medication management. I am NOT doing this for vanity reasons at all..due to my 34C measurement status(34DDD is because of the fullness of my breasts) I do not look large busted in my clothing at all, people who have known me for years have been very surprised to know the actual size of my bra. I am scheduled for a consultation/recommendation with my on the 15th of this month and then I will see a PS on Dec. 29th. Praying for insurance coverage, if I can get mine paid for than my husband and I have agreed that we can pay for our 17 year old daughter to get one, I don't want her to suffer any longer.

I am in a similar situation, TallOne, and wear a 36DD bra. I used to wear a bra even when sleeping at night because I just didn't feel comfortable without any support. I found a great alternative from one of my friends who had just had a baby. It's called the Shower Hug, and it's made for people who are breastfeeding to wear when showering because apparently that's a painful experience, but for those of us who haven't gotten a reduction yet, or who are still a little busty after a reduction it really helps you get a good night's sleep while keeping everything safely tucked in. It's a stretchy cotton with a velcro strip that closes in the front and no straps to dig into my shoulders! I want to shout about it from the rooftops!
I think I should look into that....I never go without my bra, can't stand the feeling of the girlz against my skin. Thanks for the info!!
Hi TallOne! I have BCBS of Iowa and had no problem with coverage. I went to my primary care and she wrote down everything that I had tried over the years (massages, antiinflammatories around the clock, exercises, etc) and I took that to the PS consult. I also took copies of my mammogram reports that said I have very dense tissue making it difficult to get a clear representation. The PS submitted that along with all of my measurements and pictures and in about two weeks I had my approval.
I had my surgery 8/17/2011 and have been so happy with it. I had been a 34H, though I could wear some 36DD. I would fall out of the DD, but they were much easier to find than the H so I would squeeze in to it.
I am now about a 34DD, a bit bigger than the C I really wanted, but much better than where I started. And I've been told that there is a chance I still have some swelling in there and may go down a bit yet.
Good luck with your appointments. Keep us updated, please!

So I had my appointmet with my GP yesterday and it...

So I had my appointmet with my GP yesterday and it went great. Turned out he used to write the criteria for BR surgery for insurance companies and those companies referred to him to get his advice as to whether or not patients surgeries qualified for coverage. He believes I am a candidate for surgery and assured me he would do a fantabulous job writing his recommendation letter.....hurdle #1 accomplished!!

Hurdle # 2 out of the way...I met with my PS today...

Hurdle # 2 out of the way...I met with my PS today and he said that with all the documentation I brought him combined with what he has to add I should have no problem getting covered for my surgery. So need to have this surgery done, my lifestyle is going down the tubes and not having it will have disaterous effects on my life. I'll keep y'all posted!!!
Glad your appointment went so well. Hopefully you will have your approval soon!

My PS told me that I have Pectorus excavatum...

My PS told me that I have Pectorus excavatum (sunken chest) which I kinda thought I did. My breasts literally cover my entire chest from under my armpits all the way to where they meet and touch in the middle due to the "cave" in between them. I have NEVER been able to wear bikini tops because of this, my breasts come out the bottom since there is no "flat" area for the suit to lay down on. I am hoping that after my reduction I will have "space" between the girls so that I can wear cute tops and bikinis and not have all this cleavage hangin out (it is not pretty on some of us). I am curious if anyone else has a sunken in chest that had BR and can post some before after pics. I can't find any on the internet, it seems that most people with this condition have itty bitty boobs and get implants to solve their problem....oh how I wish!!!

I called my PS office today to see what the status...

I called my PS office today to see what the status of my insurance paperwork is and they said it should go to the insurance company tomorrow and with BCBS it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to hear back. I will keep in constant contact with my insurance company to make sure this doesn't get lost in lah-lah land. On an up note....I bought some cute and comfy Victoria's Secret button front jammis and slippers today (semi-annual) sale girls....good dealios!!! I need to get this surgery, so I'm believing in faith that I will and acting upon that belief!!! I can only work half days right now, and as soon as I get home and do some minor house things I have to go lie down to eliminate the pain, this is no way to live. I can't wait for the day when I can do all that I did before this got so messed up!! My day IS coming!!
Hey lady! Since we seem to be on the same page size wise, I thought I'd share with you a bra that only a smaller cup size can pull off. I ordered pink and red and from a different site, white and black. I liked the way I looked with no bra in the majority of my shirts so I thought this bra looked like the closest thing. Got the pink and red ones today, tried them on and lerrrrve them! Let me know what you think!
That is super cute...I love the wide bad beneath the breast. Let me know how easy they are to put on, one of the reviews claimed that it rolled up in a bunch when she tried getting it over her head. If it works out I will def. be getting a few!! I decided that my celebrity IBTC look alike is Jasmin Jordoa....she's a 33B!!! Thanks for the info!!
Once you slip it over your head, you do have to unroll as if it were a very tight tank top. I expected that because it has no hooks or anything. I soaked them in water and fabric softener then put them in the dryer and they feel like heaven on to me! :)

OK hold onto yur gurdles Myrtles, less than 3...

OK hold onto yur gurdles Myrtles, less than 3 hours ago I did not yet know if I would get approval or not and now here I am telling y'all that not only am I approved, but my surgery is scheduled for 7:15 am this coming Monday (1/23/12). I'm stunned, excited, shaking and feeling in awe right now!!! I have my pre-op tomorrow and then lots to do to get ready!!
Good luck tomorrow! You will be in my thoughts!
Tomorrow's your big day!! I'm so excited for you and will be thinking about you. Hope you will post soon after so we know how you are doing!
Congrats, TallOne! Now you don't have a lot of time to fret about this. You will be so busy getting everything ready that before you know it you are going to have little perky boobs! WooHoo!

My surgery was Monday at 10 am. Took about 2 1/2...

My surgery was Monday at 10 am. Took about 2 1/2 hours. My right breast was larger than my left one and they looked very ugly, they still are not pretty at all. My doc does not use drains, however he does keep his patients on 23 hour observation at the hospital, thank goodness. At around 7:30pm I began to experience pain and significant swelling in my right breast, by 9:30 my breast was swelled all the way up to my collar bone and the dr. determined that something had broken loose within my breast and I would need to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. I came out of the second surgery around 11:00pm with a drain tube placed in my right breast. They were able to locate the "bleeder" and bring it under control, however my recovery has been very difficult due to all of this. And I am not happy with the way my breasts look so far, but I was very prepared for the emotional toll this would have on me and do believe that eventually I will have beautiful breasts. I spend my days in the recliner, physically drained still. So thankful to have my parents taking care of me, I think I would be a wreck if I had to be at home semi taking care of my house and kids. I will check back in in a few days, thanks for the well wishes and prayers!
I'm so sorry you had such a tough experience. I hope you are now on the road to recovery. Good luck!

One day after my first post-op visit and things...

One day after my first post-op visit and things are definitely looking up (I knew they would!!). Although my breasts are still very misshapen (I have mountains and valleys on my chest rather than pretty little hills)I am very pleased with what happened at my visit yesterday. I was mentally and physically prepared for the drain removal, just certain that it was gonna sting like the dickens, when it was all over I didn't even know he had removed it....I literally felt NOTHING!! My mom did a very good job of cleaning the entrance site and applying Bacitracin all around it twice daily. I highly recommend this for all of you, that little thing just slithered right out due to being very well lubricated!! My PS showed me a picture of a patient whose breasts looked similar to mine (I have ALOT of bunching along the incision lines) and at her 3 month appt it had completely smoothed out, of course this put my mind at ease, knowing that there is still hope for pretty scarring. The only major hurdle at this point is that I do have to go back in for surgery to remove the excess skin that is underneath my aereola. He tols me that he removed as much tissue as possible, the excess skin (I believe) is a draw back of using the Wise pattern. I have no incision beneath my breasts. I'm certain that had he used the superior pedicle method this excess skin would have been removed during the procedure. Not everyone who has the Wise pattern done experiences this extra skin, I just happen to have weird breasts. So long story even longer, I am not looking forward to another surgery, but will be over-the-moon when I have pretty perky boobs!! I was a bit worried that my insurance would NOT cover a revision, but Dr Bayne explained to me that he does these procedures in the surgery center within his office under local anesthesia therefore it is covered under his dissatifaction policy!!! So as far as the physical recovery process, I am very tired of being confined to my house, however any normal activity lasting more than an hour knocks me on my butt!! I beleive this to be a side effect of having to be under anesthesia twice in less than a 12 hour time period. Thank goodness I took 3 weeks off from work. My plan is to push myself beyond an hour slowly each day until I am able to resume my per surgery schedule. I'll be back with more updates throughtout the days and weeks to follow!!!
Dr. Bayne

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