Invisalign: What They Don't Tell You

My first set of retainers where 36 trays for the...

My first set of retainers where 36 trays for the upper and 19 for the lower. When I got to tray 22 in the upper new trays had to be made because the trays were 'off track' just a little in the beginning and got to point of being worthless. The new set of trays was 34 for the upper and 17 for the lower. After tray 19 on the upper my canines were not line-up properly. I had the option of going for fine adjustments with invisalign (part of the package) or going full traditional fix appliance (no further cost to me). I decided to go for full fixed appliance and here is why.

Reason number one NOT to use invisalign. Check with your dentist on this if you don't believe me.....

1) I was 37 when I started invisalign and had one teenee weene cavity. One cavity in my entire life. While wearing invisalign I received five cavities! With invisalign the teeth are covered with plastic. Big deal right? YES! Your salivia acts as a cleansing agent for your teeth and helps prevent decay. When the teeth are covered guess what? They are not "washed" by your saliva and are more prone to decay.

2) Invisalign cannot raise or lower teeth. Trust me on this. Even with the litte "bumps" of the glue; it just doesn't work well.

3) For every hour you don't wear the aligners it take 24 hours of wearing to make up for that hour.

4) If you need eslatic work (mid shift alignment) forget it. What a royal pain.

5) You WILL lose a tray or two! and lose momentum in your treatment!

6) Snacking is a pain. Removing the trays, brushing all the time, etc....

In short I wouldn't reccomend this product to anyone. I was so worried about the look, what people would think, yada, yada, which is wy I choose invisalign. One thing I learned is no matter how bad you think your teeth are aligned other people think the extact same thinkg about their own teeth! Believe me on this one: People WILL be jealous you have braces! Not everyone has the money for brace....they WILL be jealous!

Average braces is 1 to 1.5 years and its a short time in your life. Do not worry what people will think or say or whatever. Your oral health is worth it!

Do your homework; a lot of homework if you are considering invisalign.

Go for traditional braces - they are cheaper and do a MUCH better job and most importantly give treatment control to your orthodonist who sees your teeth in real life as opposed to someone at invisalign looking at your teeth in 3D on a computer - Its just not the same thing....

I also have just had 3 cavities filled since starting invisalign and have not had any for several years leading up to the start of treatment. My dentist had to "file" a bigger space between two of my teeth to allow them to move into place. A few weeks later my tooth that had been filed cracked off and it was discovered that there was extensive decay in the tooth. Coincidence? I don't believe it is. I was not aware that I would be needing to periodically have filing done between my teeth and would have reconsidered having invisalign done had I known that this would be part of my treatment.

I have to agree. I've had 28 weeks of treatment and the change while evident isn't achieving the result that I need and I will have to finish with traditional braces. I wish I had chosen that option in the first place. Taking them in and out for eating is a real disadvantage. My work was minor so anything more and I'd got the extra and get traditional braces.

If you've been in them for four years then your teeth were probably pretty bad off and your dentist should've told you that youd be better off in traditional orthodontics. Im not sure about an additional fee for refinements, I do know that most refinements are typically covered but maybe your dentist wanted to charge you because it was such a process. Ive NEVER heard of eating with them in! They teach you in the invisaline courses to NEVER eat them or have patients eat with them in. I think maybe your dentist was thinking you were leaving them out too much or something and that's why he said that but If hes recommending eating with them in Id have to recommend finding a new dentist!
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