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Yeah~~I'm only on the second day of my first...

Yeah~~I'm only on the second day of my first tray, and I already see a difference!!
My gappy front teeth are now a little bit closer to each other! (around 0.3mm closer I guess?) Maybe it's only noticeable to myself, but I can totally feel that they are closer than before!

Long story:
(excuse my bad English, not a native speaker~~)

Why I need invisilign?
I wore traditional braces when I was a child, but I didn't wear the retainer because I hated the feeling of the retainer (little did i know!). My teeth started to shift ever since and now they are a little overbite, and I have gappy front teeth that I always hated!

My teeth are not like horrible looking, and my friends think that I don't need braces, but I truly wish they can be straighter.

My biggest wish is to close the gap. Some nice dentist used a dental composite on my front teeth so they don't look too far apart from each other, but the teeth looks a little bigger than natural teeth, so overallI still wanted to fix them.

I came across this forum a couple months ago and was amazed by other people's review. Clearly I don't want to go through the traditional braces route again, and I think invisilign is much wiser anyway, so I decided to take the plunge!

How I choose my doctor?
I'm a lazy bean so I just choose the nearest orthodonitcs (and he's a elite provider,too, good to know), it's so close to my place, I can walk to the clinic~

The price?
In order to do invisilign, I fixed a couple cavities, and made a crown for one of my teeth (it had root canal before, i was convinced that it's better to place it with a crown to protect it, otherwise it might break in the treatment). Yes I spent a fortune but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

The price of invisilign itself is kind of on the high end compared to other people's in this forum, but again I'm too lazy to go to other clinics to compare the price, and I'm happy with the orthodontics already.

How do I feel?
My teeth feels sore and tight, but I like the feeling cuz they are working! and I can't wait for the next tray!

It's been a week with my first tray, the...

It's been a week with my first tray, the soreness has gone, the tray is now fitting well to my teeth.

I'm following the instruction to wear it 22 hours a day, I only take them out to eat.

I'm starting to clean the tray with Efferdent, and brush them with a soft brush. Hopefully it'll stay clean and fresh everyday.

I'll visit the orthodontist in 2 weeks, to get new trays, and he'll show me the Clincheck, and maybe add some buttons to my teeth or start to use rubber band I don't know. I've seen some people online using the rubber band to correct their overbite, and they have succeeded! I can't wait for my rubber band, too! I hope everything will go well for me!

Yeah~~I got my tray #2 to #5 today! I'll have...

Yeah~~I got my tray #2 to #5 today!

I'll have total number of 24 trays in both upper and lower teeth.

Today I went to to ortho, I got my attachments, I have twelve of them. (I just found out that one of them already fell off)

It was not very comfortable when they put those attachments on, (mouth wide open for about 30 minutes and the air gun makes my teeth very sensitive and hurt), so I'm kind of hesitate to go back to let them put the one that is missing...

It's a lot of attachments and I'm feeling like a vampire~~
I'd say it's not very visible for other people, I pointed out my attachments to my friend and they said they can't see it.

And today I also got my IPR (Interproximal Reduction) done, the doctor shaved down many different places between many of my teeth, it doesn't hurt at all, it's just kind of scary. And I'll have more IPR in the future.

I'm on my second tray now, it hurts a lot more than the first tray, especially my front teeth, they are hurting crazy, cuz they are the ones that has the most movement in my entire treatment. I'm really reluctant to take my tray out, you know it hurts the most when you take them out...

And also, I got to see my clincheck today! Yeah~~I think clincheck are so cool!

By the way, this week I'm having severe sore throat and cough, but it doesn't feel like a flu, and I search online and see that some people can get sore throat from invisalign ( some kind of allergy), and some people get sore throat from toothpaste, too, I've been brushing my teeth a lot more recently so I don't know which case I am.
Does any people have sore throat?
I just wish i'm not allergic to invisalign and wish my sore throat can go away soon (god please help!)

I'm on my 7th tray now. I started my first tray...

I'm on my 7th tray now. I started my first tray last November and it's already March, time really flies!

So far I'm about 25% into my treatment, and my teeth already look a lot better than before. I smile way more and feel more confident about myself!

Time flies!!! I'm already on my 19th tray!!...

Time flies!!! I'm already on my 19th tray!! Initially I have 24 trays but the doctor says I can be done by the 20th, because the last couple trays are just tighten them up. So I'm almost there. My teeth looks 200% better already! I love to smile! People also say I have beautiful smile!!! ^o^ You can see how happy I am!!! This is the best investment ever!!! Yes girl, you need to love yourself more so if you are still thinking about whether to get invisalign or not, just GO FOR IT!!! The earlier you start your treatment, the earlier you have beautiful smile!!! WAHAHAHHA!!!

I'm on my 22nd( or 21st?) tray!!!! As you can...

I'm on my 22nd( or 21st?) tray!!!!
As you can guess I've been pretty easy about the wear time lately, I wear one tray almost for a month or more than that because I take it out longer to have more time to eat! haha!!
The good thing is that my teeth are soooooo straight and beautiful now!!!

My teeth are perfect now!!!

Last year April I already finished my invisalign treatment! A total of 22 trays. It only took about 1 year and a few months.

My teeth look really perfect and beautiful now, There's no gap in between my upper front teeth anymore, and they are the beautiful "U shape" instead of the old "V" shape! I'm not overbite anymore! I'm not overjet either! All I can say is that my teeth are perfect I love it so much!!

I got my retainer and I wear my retainer religiously for every night!!! Yes, that's right, I wear it for every night during sleep, it's been a year and my teeth are still as beautiful as it just finished the treatment!

In the past posts I mentioned that when I was a kind I had braces but due to laziness I didn't wear the retainer, that's the reason for the my invisalign treatment after I became an adult. So here my honest suggest for you is to wear retainer no matter what!!!! Wear it religiously like I do now, and you will have your beautiful teeth forever!!
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Great! I'm glad it worked out for you. It kind of shocks me when people go through treatment and then don't continue on with a retainer. I understand how it's possible to not have a retainer routine down for regular braces so it's easy to stop. But with invisalign you're constantly changing trays and cleaning them, so a retainer should be second nature by the end of the course. Glad you're sticking it out :-)
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Thank you so much for coming back and updating us!  It's wonderful to hear that everything is great.  Are you using the standard Vivera retainers from Invisalign?
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I'm on my second set if trays and I've noticed a sore throat also! Just wondering did this get better with you??
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Sorry for the late reply cuz I don't check this site too often. For your question, yes it does get better after I'm getting moreused to it. I also use denture cleanser (such as Efferdent) to clean it every day, that way my tray are always fresh'n clean with no bacteria! It helps a lot! No more sore throat!
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I am 50 years old and starting my treatment next month - and have been wondering if it's all going to be worth it. I too have dental composite on my front teeth which I am a little nervous about having removed to start treatment - your review has given me the confidence I needed. Karen

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Thank you for your comments, you'll be fine, they will remove the composite little by little so don't worry about it! ^^
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I am on my first day of treatment!!! So excited, no pain yet a little discomfort when I took them off for breakfast but nothing major to report. My cousin is a dentist in NYC and I live in Florida but he wanted to take care of my teeth - what a wonderful family I have!!! I will let you know how many trays and how I progress. I will be doing this treatment long distance so we will see - I have been given five trays in a I believe I must go up in June and get my buttons and check up!!!
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That is exciting JuliaS - you are very fortunate to have a dentist in the family!! :)

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Thanks for posting an update - Woohoo for being 1/4 of the way done!!

That is so awesome you are already seeing changes that you like. Please continue to keep us posted on how you are doing. :)

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Glad to hear the trays are fitting better! I think the Efferdent will do you well for keeping the trays clean since it is designed to clean dentures, it seems like it would have no problem cleaning Invisalign trays up.

I'll be looking forward to hearing how things continue to go for you, and especially what they do for you at your next appointment!

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I'd say for not being a native speaker you have excellent English!! Loved your comment about "I'm a lazy bean..." when talking about how you chose your orthodontist. You bring up a very good point, even if it may not have been intentional, that choosing a doctor's office that is easy to get to is important with as frequent as the visits are when you are in treatment. Good job for knowing yourself well enough to decide that a convenient location was needed for you!

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