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Invisalign Review, my Pros and Cons (W/video) - Bristol, CT

Watch my video where I give pros and cons to...

Watch my video where I give pros and cons to Invisalign. Also I answer questions you may have about Invisalign.

These are all my personal experiences with Invisalign and just my opinion. If you would like to contact me for other information please feel free.

My video:

thanks for the info
Be advised, the Invisalign people won't tell you about the SHARP EDGES that, for some people, scar their tongue. A lot depends on the skill of the person making the actual invisalign molds too. Just note if your tongue is big, or if you don't like sharp knife-like edges in your mouth, you may not be happy with Invisalign. I'm on my tenth tray and it still makes me bleed.
you should def tell your ortho, they can shave the sides for you where they are sharp.
Washington Cosmetic Dentist

I recommended my doctor because she was very knowledgeable on Invisalign and was also very friendly and kept me updated on what was constantly happening with my treatment.

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