I have overcrowding, a marked overbite, and two crooked bottom teeth. - So Far, So Good - San Francisco, CA

I'm on tray set #3, out of a total of 26 for the...

I'm on tray set #3, out of a total of 26 for the top and 35 for the bottom. I have overcrowding, a marked overbite, and two crooked bottom teeth - one that's moved out too far and one that's behind the two on either side of it. The one that has moved forward is a sharp canine and it's a real problem; my lip gets caught on it, and I sometimes bite myself accidentally. It's moved further and further forward as I've gotten older and it's the main reason I decided to do this treatment. Getting the other things fixed - plus whitening - will be a bonus.

I had a little trouble adjusting to the first set of trays, but that may be because I had a cold at the time, which led to several very painful canker sores. After the first five days, I was fine. The second set was easy to adjust to.

12 attachments were added after the second set of trays. They are very uncomfortable when the trays are out because they're rough in texture, but that's okay because it encourages me to brush my teeth and put the trays back in as soon as possible after eating. When the trays are in, I can feel the bumps, but they're smooth so they don't bother me.

The third set of trays was much tighter than the first two when I first got them. My dentist said they kind of ease you into it with the early trays. I didn't need Advil, though. The pressure was noticeable and uncomfortable, but not really painful. It was a struggle getting them off for the first three days, but after that they were a little looser and I'd figured out the best way to lever them off.

I have no trouble sleeping with them, which bodes well for using the retainers every night once I'm done. I like knowing that after I've gone through all of this, I'll be able to maintain the new alignment easily.

I had a small amount of filing done and there will be more. It wasn't painful at all. There was some bleeding that night when I flossed, but by the next day, everything was back to normal. It was good to find that filing wasn't a big deal, so I won't be anxious about future reductions.

I can tell from the soreness whenever I take the trays out and bite into anything that the trays are doing their job. Unless something changes radically, I expect the treatment to continue to go well.

(BTW, the cost I gave is the total. I'm only paying 50% of that because my dental plan picks up the other 50%. Having straighter, whiter teeth and a set of retainers is definitely worth $2,400 to me.)


I started to see a for sure change after about a month. On the top and bottom. My outer incisors overlapped my front teeth and now being over half-way done, they're not touching them at all anymore. One thing I definitely have to get fixed now is there is a stress fracture on each front tooth from the outer teeth. But that has nothing to do with Invisalign. I can just see it now because my teeth are finally uncovered there. It's really neat to see the progress. Each time I get new trays I compare the later ones to the very first one. My teeth aren't fully done yet, but I certainly do smile a lot more now! I can usually feel when I put in new trays which teeth are the focal point of that tray. YOur bottom teeth may not need to move as much as your top teeth. My bottom usually has less pressure because they didn't overlap as much. I was told by my orthodontist I will most likely need caps for my front teeth because of the unusual wear from going from crooked to straight. I will also have retainers which I am more htan willing to wear for the rest of my life if need be! My sister got braces to fix her gapped teeth and she didn't wear her retainer and her gap in front has opened up again. What a waste of time and money, I think!
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Do you have pictures? You're the first person I've come across that has more trays than me. I have crowding on both the top and bottom. I'm on trays 14 and there is signifigant movement for both. I'm almost done with my bottom teeth (19 trays). My top have a little longer (25 trays). My dental plan also covers $2000. Well worth it for me at $4800. I'm 28 so this has been perfect for me. I didn't want the mouth full of metal. Good luck to you! :D
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I don't have pictures; in fact, I've been asking my dentist for a copy of the photos she took when we started and the little movie Invisalign sends. I need to follow up on that. How long was it before you started being able to see the change in position? I'm wondering if there's been any movement on the bottom for me. I don't feel anything when I take out the trays, as I do with the top. I hope everyone who goes through this treatment and is happy with the results will wear the retainers at night religiously. The one thing I keep hearing when I mention my braces is, "Oh, I had braces a kid but I didn't wear my retainers, so they've gone out of alignment again."
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