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I have had invisaligns for 6 months now, the end...

I have had invisaligns for 6 months now, the end of my initial treatment. My bottom teeth were crowded, and out of place, but my primary reason for getting these at age 52, was to correct an overbite. This was not "part of the plan" I was told by my dentist, my first mistake. DO NOT GET THESE FROM A DENTIST.

The entire process has been supervised by a dental assistant. I had a 3 minute discussion with my dentist who then programed me for this 6 month process. They did not even offer to show me the digital before and after plan until I started to question my progress regarding the overbite situation.

My bottom teeth were overcrowded, which was the focus of this tx after my three minute consultation and a quick pulling down of my bottom lip to reveal the problem, "you are the perfect candidate" he says.I have an open/overbite. I have never had a comfortable resting bite and my top and bottom teeth do not even touch. Anyway, his plan to straighten my bottom teeth was to fan them out even further to make room for the overlapped teeth. Now I have an overbite on the top, and my teeth are fanned out on the bottom, and still not straight. I could not really afford these, but was so tired of my teeth.My smile is always off and it is very difficult to chew.

Take my advise. Stay away from them, go to an orthodontist to get braces which have made great advancements and will turn out to be much more convenient in the long run. You will get sick of the plastic trays and your teeth may or may not end up being corrected. They cost a couple thousand more than regular braces and are not covered by most insurance plans. I can see why now.

The testimonials made by orthodontists on the invisalign website state that after maybe 600-700 individual cases, they are starting to really figure out how to use this product properly. A dentist is not qualified to do a proper assessment of an orthopedic case. A dentist will never accumulate the number of cases needed to really master this new product.

My dental assistant tells me that I don't have an overbite, it's just the shape of my teeth. My dentist jokes about my top teeth being inverted if he does any correction. What a terrible thing I have done by not doing proper research before jumping into this.



The same exact thing happened to me! My teeth look similarly! Went to a dentist in Beverly Hills. Tray 8 and 9 looked better than 10. The guy never gave me a trainer. 5 Years later I'm still wearing tray 9, attempting to keep my teeth from screwing up. My four front teeth sits outside of my mouth. Yeah, they are straight, but they flare. All of the other DDS that I've been to all assume my lower jaw is back too much, but it is not. My top arch is literally moving forward over time. It's as if they are falling out of my mouth. If I put the trays on, you can see where my teeth "use to be." I say this because I've grind my teeth down so much and without the trays created a new position. It's only with the trays that my teeth stay in my mouth, causing only the two front teeth to protrude and one on each side to half way protrude. Next time, like the OP I am going to a orthodontist. My goal is to get some kind of appliance to retract the top teeth and then regular braces if I qualify. ( I have 3 implants on my bottom arch.) If any orthodontists are reading this and you are in the Tri-State area, please reply with your page.
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For corrections with an overbite, going to an orthodontist is advised. Dentists usually focus on teeth, while orthos focus on the entire jaw. It's entirely possible you might not be a candidate for Invisalign if your overbite is too pronounced. Invisalign is mostly used for straightening teeth, not realigning jaws.
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Very few practitioners have the number of cases and experience needed to be able to get positive results from this new product. It takes a lot of trial and error. Do you want to be the next experiment?

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