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I have always had large (non perky breast's) and...

I have always had large (non perky breast's) and after seeing some of my friends with large and beautiful breasts that still looked natural I had to inquire.
I was told about Dr. Christopher Pellitier and made a appt. He told me I needed a lift and if I chose I could get implants after because they would be smaller as loose skin would be removed. I was hesitant because who want's 2 procedure's? Well I have to tell you after the first (and a few months of deliberation) I have absolutely no hesitation to get my 2nd procedure. I don't know how he does it but he is truly an artist regarding his work.

It is about 6 weeks post surgery and I am very...

It is about 6 weeks post surgery and I am very happy with my results and have absolutely no regrets. I have told anyone interested in any type of plastic surgery about my doctor as I am still amazed at how well my surgery went and how good I felt in the healing process.

It has been 3 months since my breast lift and I...

It has been 3 months since my breast lift and I have NO regrets! I am thrilled with my breasts and have complete faith in my doctor. I am going in just a few days for my measuring for implants. Due to the amount of lift my breasts are smaller than I want but perky! I have my implant surgery the following Monday, May 20. I am very excited and have no hesitation with my doctor and his abilities. Dr. Chris rocks!
My scars are fading and my breasts have settled so he can measure them to the best size and even them out for me as one is bigger. Can't wait!!

Wish I had done this 10 years earlier!

My experience with my doctor was such a wonderful one I wish I had done this surgery so much sooner. My self confidence is so much better and I have no "after effects" whatsoever. My breasts have always been large and I wanted them about the same size but not drooping. Dr. Christopher Pellitier was pretty particular about doing the lift first then waiting 3 months to do implant is I chose to.....which I did. I really did not want 2 surgeries but he was absolutely correct! The results are so worth it and I would have done it again in a heartbeat! It is different type of discomfort for the lift vs the implants but again worth every bit of it. I can wear clothes that I could never wear before, I do not cringe when I walk into the shower and pass the mirror and most of all I just feel so much better about myself. I am sure to him it is a routine surgery because he is humble and does not boast......to me it is life changing. Saying he is gifted is a understatement.
Dr. Christoher Pellitier

Several friends raved about him. Friends who have had work done and rave about him. Dr Chris Pellitier is remarkable. He is surgeon and a artist. He is humble and answers all your questions no matter how many times you ask the same thing! I would never go to another surgeon. He is fabulous. I was always treated with respect and never pressured either way in my decision. He explained the procedure in detail and followed up more than my family did. He is one of a kind.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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After 1 year I can honestly say my only regret is not having it done sooner--I am so much more confidant and my Doctor was amazing. I would absolutely recommend it if you have a Doctor like mine. My scars are very minimal and still fading--I love my breasts now !!!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that everything turned out for you. It sounds like the 3 month wait between surgeries was worth it...and like you said, the right thing to do. You mention the discomfort was different with each procedure. Just curious as to what differences you noticed about each one? Thank you for coming back to RealSelf and updating your review. It's great to see your progress! 

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5 months ago I am 46 years old and have always had large breasts. My breasts never stood up where other women's did and I guess I got used to it--one is also much larger than the other. People tell me I look much younger than I am until they see me without a bra....then the jig is up! So one of my friends had implants and she looked amazing and natural yet firm. I asked who did them and she proceeded to tell me about Dr. Christopher Pellitier. She was just gushing over how he took such good care of her etc... so I made an appointment for a consult. Dr. Chris was very calm and cool.....he told me I would need a lift and then I would need to wait 3 months for implants as my breasts would be smaller after the lift (if I wanted them bigger). I really did not want 2 surgeries and he did not push. He told me that there is a trade off for the type of breasts I was wanting and that was scars due to the lift I needed as my breast were sagging and heavy.. I thought about it for about a month and realized I wanted pretty breasts and I knew of many things for scars and I was willing to take the plunge. I admit I was so nervous before my surgery but Dr. Chris was so responsive to all of my emails and made me feel so comfortable I became very relaxed when I walked in on THE day! The type of anesthesia he uses makes so much difference!!! I ate when I got home and I was never in pain and NO nausea! I was in slight discomfort the first few days but ice was the best thing for that. He checked me in 2 days and all was good-then in a week and again all was good-my next appt. is in a month and I have already scheduled my 2nd surgery and I have absolutely no hesitation that I will have exactly the breasts I want. There are not many doctors that take such time and care with each patient and I am so grateful to have found him. I would and do recommend him to anyone who is interested in cosmetic surgery. I had no idea how much my confidence was affected by my breasts, but now I feel so comfortable in my skin and I can wear so many clothes I could never wear before. I feel like a new woman. I have also found that the product "New Gel" although expensive works wonderful. My scars have gone down by about 50% in just 5 days of use....remarkable. I also juice and I think that helps a body heal faster. As far as the actual procedure....I was giving twilight and I felt no pain -I was out. Next thing I knew I was waking up and then I was moved into my changing room where my friend and sister helped me get dressed as well as the sweetest nurse ever. Had I known it could be like this I would have done it 10 years sooner!
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Your scars (incision lines) look incredible! Oh I hope mine turn out as well
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Thank you!!!!! I love them....I am so pleased and I am sure you will be too ;)) I got great referrals and now I know why. I am so excited about getting my implants and I have 4 fiends already lined up with my doc. Check out New gel and I would recommend ordering before the surgery as they take a week or more to get to you. I started using them as soon as my tape was off--I use the gel during he day and strips at night. When is your surgery???
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My surgery was March 8 and my steri strips come off Monday so I may have missed the boat on that one but I will still try it! I am anxious to see my own incisions. I haven't yet.
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I just found it on Amazon and it will ship quickly what quantity do I need? For example how long does one box last? Should I buy several? Thanks so much!
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Hi bday boobs ;) I am not sure what you got. They are reusable and can even wash them in mild soap and let air dry. I also got some surgical tape because sometimes the ends come off my skin. They say they last about a month. I use the strips at night and the gel during the day because of my job. I recently started wearing a sport bra and seems to work even better when I have strips on. I saw a difference in just 24 hours. I already have new ones ready for my implants. It takes a minute to get the strips on just right but you will get the hang of it. :))
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Make sure the incisions are fully closed before using the new gel products. You can use the new gel 24 hours a day if you want. Don't be alarmed at the incisions when you first see them. They will heal and from my experience it won't take very long ;) I got the full anchor strips 2 sets of them and the areola (which I am still waiting for). I also got the large curved ones for when I get implants for under my breast. I got some other strips to cut and use around my nipples just in case and I am glad I did. I also just found them on amazon! Keep me posted !!
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I figured out after my post that they were reusable. You have been most helpful. I had implants during my lift and a small amount of tape has lifted on my creases at the edges. That is the incision I am least concerned with because it sets perfectly in the crease. I am trying to prepare myself for the tape coming off. Again thanks so much! Ill post new pictures on Monday.
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Yes the crease incisions are not bad at all....You will be great!! I look forward to seeing your progress ;)
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That is great news for you!  Do you have a date yet for your 2nd procedure? 

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I do!! May 20 and I am so confidant now with Dr. Pellitier. I have no hesitation. I knew I would be smaller after the lift and he also told me (unlike another lady I know and feel so bad for. She went from a DD to a A) Anyways.. I just can't even tell you how relieved I am that I don't have to be concerned with anything regarding my surgery. Thanks for this wonderful site !! Laura
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