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Self Injecting Aquamid

I ordered Aquamid from an online source. Foolishly...

I ordered Aquamid from an online source. Foolishly I only thought of it as more long lasting than the 3 to 6 months other choices. I had no idea it will last 10 years or longer.

Plus I did not inject the product right as I injected just barely under my top layer of skin or lip skin. Injecting was difficult to do as it is thick and it does not come out evenly from the needle. I put in my lips but it swelled upward and unevenly. I put in the first of Feb. 2011 and tried to have it removed by needles inserted and trying to push the product out. The second time the doctor did not feel like it was doing any good. He suggests I wait to see if the swelling goes down. However, I have read post of people that have had this in for 10 years and it still looks the same.

How do doctors remove from upper part of upper lip? I am looking for a doctor that would be willing to try to remove the product further as from the posts, it may never go away. The contact len material does not leave your body. Maybe the scar tissue around it might lessen, but from some posts it does not happen.

If you know of a doctor willing to try to remove this product I would like to know more?

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your lucky you didn't get it in an artery and cut the blood supply to your skin. that would have led to ischemia, a fancy pants med term meaning tissue death. with all injectibles, the experience of the person performing the injections is essential for a good cosmetic and safe result. you really are very lucky.
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hi i would like someone to help me, i had aquamid over 10 years ago and now i am experiencing problems, one side of my lip swells and hurts, lumps have formed underneath my lip, i would love a recommendation to a good plastic surgeon or some extremly qualified doctor to take it out. please someone out there give me a recommendation. i live in melbourne

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I am having some small lumps forming as well, after over 10 years. Please recommend a specialized surgeon in the U.S.A
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I have aquamid injected to my nose , lip and chin and i am still very happy with it . The person who injected aquamid to me is a nurse and has over 30 years experience from working with all fillers . But with the filler when injected to your face , u need to be patient , you will see the result better . My nose is now perfect with first injection and 2 touch ups .I got lots of good comments about it and thought it was my real perfect nose. With filler , never overdo it , less is better and natural look . I saw my nurse sculpted the cheekbone , fill the lips reshape the round face , short chin crooked nose , lines , scars , wrinkle hands and feet , also fix the private woman part and lower leg .
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i wish you good luck because the problems will began soon or late...
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Aquamid is not recomended under the eye (peri orbital) or the tear trough area. I would be very interested how she expects to remove it? Lumps can be successfully removed from the lips, if the lump is product. but the only way they I know that it can be removed from else where is to surgically remove it. However is the swelling recent? if so, it may just be inflammation and will subside. Do you have your aftercare information?
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It is not a temporary inflammation must I really have this surgically removed? No new solution?
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I had aqua mid injected 2 years ago by my doctor on my chin cheeks lips and she injected it under my eyes. I now have a big swelling under one of my eyes and she says she can fix it but I'm scared. I read somewhere that this is used for the buttocks. Do I trust her, I'm tired of looking like my eye just got punched. I let time pass but I can't take it anymore
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Hello to the engineer....i am with you ....they will one day invent something to make it soluble or removable.....what is phys. solution? Where do you get it....becuase ill take the crap out myself re lips under the eyes...etc i did it myself ive Aspirated myself and i see your post as something that is simply scientific and true!

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Hi were you able to find something to remove this terrible product from under the eye?
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Aquamid is composed of 97% water and %2.5 polymer. So it is a hydrogel. In my openion you can break the bonds of the gel an liquify it and remove it by adding exces SF solution. (phys. solution). When it liquified you can remove it easly.
I am a chemical engineer by the way.

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Hi can this be done under the eye, I've had a swollen right eye for four years now! Help please anyone, what can I do?
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aquamid is not that bad after all, you have to get an experience doctor to inject deep to prevent problems like lumping , never ever try to inject yourself that would be not advisable. removal is best done 2 days after the injection as the products will tend to fully integrates with the tissue via a fine fibrous network aquamid is a permanent filler with permanent solution therefore less injection is needed is an alternative solution to those who are Trypanophobia btw is true that you can never mix with other fillers i'm a aquamid user and it lasted until now i never experience any complication or maybe after injection there might be slight reddening but im good after that it is advisable to research on the products you intended to use on your on body -goodluck- marrilyn
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no aquamid is a poison.
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I totally agree
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...also out of curiousity, what antibiotic were you given?
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Aspiration...thanks for correcting me. Thanks for sharing your other comments also!

Will you give me the name or telephone of your Dr.?

No doctor who I know who lives by me has had any prior knowledge with Aquamid other than me.

If he lived within driving distance which I highly doubt, I would go to him. Otherwise, i will try to get my PS to communicate with him on his experiences in removing it.
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Hello again. Apparently it is extremely dangerous to mix anything with Aquamid. Aquamid themselves say so. I guess if you do you might even have further complications if the two products react against each other. With already only 1 it is difficult for your body imagine with two that do not even combine together!

I don't think we will ever have it ALL out of us... but I do feel and incredible difference and I can only still feel some on one side of my lip. I cannot take it out right now as it is infected but my antibiotics worked really fast so I am hopping to take it in December (its always better to leave a few months of the area to not be infected to try and remove it instead of going in while everything is inflamed). I have an excellent doctor that does not want to make money, he wants to do things properly even if he has to wait a long time instead of getting money fast. I even pass by for free and when he thinks the time is right he tries to get a little bit more product out (this is when he charges me a minor amount as he knows how hard this has been and he rather split the process in as many times needed instead of charging a lot and trying to get it all out at one and scar me).

I never used Kenalog but I can give you the name of my antibiotics.

In my case the Aquamid was put way inside my lips. WIth time it started coming closer to the skin of the lip as thats when I saw the lumps forming. Everytime the lump is visible it means the product is near. My doctor with everything very sterile (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!!!) has a special hollow needle with a kind of balloon at the end. So he punctures the lump and vacuums product through the hollow needle and then he massages the rest out. It hurts a little but its worth it. At the end of each consultation my lump is gone. In another fews months another lump forms ( i guess the product follows the last parts path or a lump somewhere else shows up) and he repeats the process.

He has never tried to take it all out at once as I said, but this way I have no scars and you cannot even notice anything is wrong unless it is the time it gets infected.

"When I stretch the skin in that area it is very visable white in appearance. It looks lumpy on my skin right under the corners of my lips, and between the top of the bottom lip and the bottom of my chin area. " this is when the lump is ready to go with the procedure I explained above. You have a small prick by a hollow needle, no cutting no scaring.... I thin it is called ASPIRATION...

I hope this helps...
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Please email me at *******.****@*****.com, if you do not feel comfortable letting me know who your doctor is on this site so my doctor may discuss treatments possiblily through consulting your doctor's experience in removing Aquamid. You have been so helpful. Just to hear about someone else that has had problems with it and to know that after 8 years it is coming to an end. It has been such a learning experience for me.

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Does your doctor live in the US? Very few doctors I have met in the Mid West know anything about removing Aquamid. They may know you need to aspire it, but they have never done it before.

I have a good doctor in the US that is willing to try to work on it, but he claims he has no experience.

I also know a good doctor named Dr. Fuentes, that has worked on removal of Aquamid, but he lives far from where I am located.

If you or anyone else want to tell me more about your experience or the doctor you used, I am interested. I made a special email address just to hear from you if you did not want to post it, but they erased it from the post. If you can just tell me what part of the country your doctor works, if in this country, I would be interested.

I want to say again that is was so nice to hear someone else had this problem and how they dealt with the removal of the product.
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Hello better days
I am so sorry and feel your pain. I've had it now 8 hrs and massaging has helped but be gentle so as not to create a blister. Keep plenty of lip moisturizer on hand and can also use to massage the area. My girlfriend had 2 pr 3 cc injected and finally had much of it surgically removed after 6 years. She highly recommends Dr. Sam Lam (dallas) Her lips look beautiful again. I plan to eventually go to him to even out my lumpy lips.
Good Luck

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Does massage help to get the aquamid product to slowly break down?
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Massaging did not solve my eye swelling. I hate aquamid and the quack doctor I went to!
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Hi, and thank you for sharing. I live in the Midwest and am looking for an experienced Dr to help with granuloma. Were you able to find someone legitimate?
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Can you explain more on the danger of mixing anything with Aquamid?
What do you think of Kenalog to help the swelling of the product?
How did your doctor excise the product?
It took 8 years to almost go away. Depressing, but also that it can be taken away is good.

On my lip doctors will try to excise it. Just for sanity I have been getting Kenalog shots.
I would like it all out of me...but every time the doctor sticks big needles into the lips to try to get it out, it seems so slow for the effort. It is hard to want to go back.

How often would you go in to have it excised?

Did you ever use Kenalog?

Did you have any Aquamid on your skin area?

Was that area on the skin able to go away or be taken out and if so, what method?

I want it out of my skin too, but doctors have told me it would leave just as bad of scar to take it out than to leave it in. When I stretch the skin in that area it is very visable white in appearance. It looks lumpy on my skin right under the corners of my lips, and between the top of the bottom lip and the bottom of my chin area.

Kenalog has worked well to shrink it, but in the case of my chin, it appears to have moved down some and have made a lump, like a small wide cist look. Doctors are hesitant to cut the skin telling me it will look bad with a scar there.

Will this product ever go away on it’s own? Will the lump where it spread or where it is stay there until it is excised?

It is very depressing trying to fix this problem I created. I appreciate all your knowledge in this area you can share.
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