Self Injecting Aquamid

I ordered Aquamid from an online source. Foolishly...

I ordered Aquamid from an online source. Foolishly I only thought of it as more long lasting than the 3 to 6 months other choices. I had no idea it will last 10 years or longer.

Plus I did not inject the product right as I injected just barely under my top layer of skin or lip skin. Injecting was difficult to do as it is thick and it does not come out evenly from the needle. I put in my lips but it swelled upward and unevenly. I put in the first of Feb. 2011 and tried to have it removed by needles inserted and trying to push the product out. The second time the doctor did not feel like it was doing any good. He suggests I wait to see if the swelling goes down. However, I have read post of people that have had this in for 10 years and it still looks the same.

How do doctors remove from upper part of upper lip? I am looking for a doctor that would be willing to try to remove the product further as from the posts, it may never go away. The contact len material does not leave your body. Maybe the scar tissue around it might lessen, but from some posts it does not happen.

If you know of a doctor willing to try to remove this product I would like to know more?


Hi sweetie how are you doing?? I'm so sorry to hear about this; you must be so frustrated. I hope you have it either entirely fixed or as good as it can be now. My recommendation as far as doctors would be to try Europe, since Aquamid is legal there and has been for some time. Since (as I'm sure you know by now) it's not legal yet in the USA, you're unlikely to find any doctor here who has much experience removing it. Another important thing -- buying these products (even Botox) online is bad idea. It's illegal to sell most of them directly to the public, and black market companies have no incentive to make sure it the products safe for you to use, or even provide you with the chemical they claim to be selling. A few years ago a couple AZ doctors were selling "bootleg botox" that they made themselves, and it ended up paralyzing (and nearly killing) four people. So do go to a properly certified doctor for these things (the real brands), and let them do it. The only rec I have for a doctor in the United States is a Miami doctor who specializes in removing silicone from lips (another product commonly used on the black market incidentally). Obviously he probably won't have had experience with Aquamid, but he's a true genius with silicone removal and 'lip repair' in general. So if you're not yet satisfied with your results it might be worth giving him a call -- his name's Dr. Jeffrey Epstein MC FACS. He's operated on me with great results and is a very nice guy. Take care sweetie and good luck with everything!
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MD FACS -- type, sorry about that.
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