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8 month UPDATE! 30th B-day Celebration!! - Indianapolis, IN

I am 29 (turning 30 in May) I have 4 kids. 8, 6, 5...

I am 29 (turning 30 in May) I have 4 kids. 8, 6, 5 and 3. My 5 and 3 year olds were over 10 pounds. I had a c-section with my 1st and he was my smallest baby. I have a ton of stretch marks as you can imagine from 4 kids and 2 being 10+. I am 5'9 and weigh 185.

I had my first consult today. LOVED the doctor. He recommened either an extended tummy tuck or standard TT. I am not sure why. He said the results are only somewhat better with the extended. It eliminates what would be puckering on your sides, but standard done with lipo would do the same. I am not a fan of the all around scar and I do have a tattoo that would be cut in half and I am attached to the tattoo (it is angel fish that I got when my husband and I got engaged because they mate for life, corny I know, but I LOVE them) He also said that drains were an option that he would decide on during surgery if I would need them or not. How should I feel about that? I mean, I am under the impression drains are a good thing? I could be wrong about that though. Help me out on that one!!

So anyhoo, planning on the surgery date of March 28th when the kids are on spring break and they can be sent away for the week.

I am excited and scared. Thank you for letting me lurk here for the past couple of weeks too, you all have been sooo helpful! Look forward to sharing my journey with you and reading about all of yours! :)

And sorry about my horrible pics. Only for realself eyes only! I had to hurry and delete them from the camera so they couldn't go anywhere else! :)

Holy Sheesh, seeing pics of yourself is...

Holy Sheesh, seeing pics of yourself is depressing! Like I said only for realself eyes!

It is bought and paid for!! I am sooo stinking...

It is bought and paid for!! I am sooo stinking nervous now. What have I gotten myself into? Hubby is now more supportive than he has ever been and that makes me feel better. I literally have butterflies in my stomach and it is 6 weeks away. What is wrong with me?

I forgot to ask. Do you think having surgery first...

I forgot to ask. Do you think having surgery first thing on a Monday morning is a bad idea? I don't know what that I want to relate the car buying theory to TT surgery.

My pre-op date is March 17th. I just realized...

My pre-op date is March 17th. I just realized today that my son has a field trip on that day that parents have to attend. (It is pre-k and they don't do chaperones). My husband didn't go to the consultation with me and so he was planning on going to the pre-op. Now he is going to have to miss that too to go on this darn field trip. Do you think this is a big deal? Did your husband or significant other go to these appts with you? Why does this bother me? (side note, tried to re-schedule but his only available appt that week was at 830am. I have to get my kids on the bus and to little ones to pre-school at 9, that is a no can do) ACCCKKK, just another this to stress me out... Thanks for any insight.

Well my consult was a holy horrific incedent of...

Well my consult was a holy horrific incedent of terror!! First off everyone was really really nice. I just can't believe how bad I looked. First off, they give you underwear that would literally be snug on a freaking barbie doll (size Free? really free? whatever), turn on these HUGE operating room lights and tell you to fold your arms awkward over your chest and just start snapping away with pics!! I was not really humiliated cause I have a good sense of humor and said ya know I know why they give these underwear and have these lights because it totally validates that you NEED this surgery done! I felt sorry for my husband causeI thought, that poor man has to look at this body everyday and be turned on by it! God love him!!
The doc was great, went over everything, prescribed meds, chatted with husband. The wait times were kinda bad though. My appt was at 1030 was supposed to be there early at 10, we acutally got there at 945 and we left at 1130. Kinda sucked, but what are you to do?
I am just now more excited than ever to get this over with!!

OH MY tomorrow is the day. I am so nervous I can...

OH MY tomorrow is the day. I am so nervous I can barely function. Not about the surgery itself, but about a complication in recovery. Only time will tell though...
Today is also my daughters 7th birthday and she is not here with me. Been at the grandparents for 2 days already. It is the first time I haven't been with one of my kids on their birthday and I am feeling really guilty about that. Happy 7th Birthday Princess SHAE!! I love you!!!

Hello everyone!! I am alive and well! Surgery went...

Hello everyone!! I am alive and well! Surgery went great, doc said he stitched me up tight and boy can I tell! I am really hunched over. Didn't do the pain pump, made me really nauseous. Only been taking vicodin. I get really loopy on that too, so I am going to ask if I can just start taking advil tomorrow. Haven't seen my results yet, still in binder. One drain is barely producing any and the other a ton. That is odd.
Will update tomorrow! Thanks again for the prayers and well wishes, much appreciated!!! not sure when i will post pics, can't see anything as of yet!!

NOT a fan of the MOM. Tried 2 tbsp today, to get...

NOT a fan of the MOM. Tried 2 tbsp today, to get things moving. Well I am in such cramping and gurggling pain, I want to take a damn pain pill for that. Ticks me off. Should have waited til it was a need.
fever is 100.4 again. WTH? Incision is starting to get puffy, but not red or tender, no foul odors. Just not sure what is going on. Another day down, pics tomorrow at some point when I "shower" off.

Had a GREAT night! Have graduated to Advil!! No...

Had a GREAT night! Have graduated to Advil!! No more pain meds for me! WOOT! I have some swelling in the incision, kinda annoying, and I have gas pains, damn MOM is still not working and causing horrible cramps. Gonna try some prunes today and see if that helps. Shower today too at somepoint and will take pics then! Nervous about seeing my belly button...

Updated pics. I am really flat below my belly...

Updated pics. I am really flat below my belly button. my mom says so flat it makes her a little nauseous! HA! I think that is a good think. Above my belly button is a bulge and it is hard, been there since the surgery though. Not sure what it is but hope it goes away when I straighten out. Happy with the surgery so far!!


HOLY MOTHER OF FRICKIN FRACK!! Do NOT COUGH!! Thought I had died. Had a tickle in my throat while sleeping and body just coughed on its own and I thought I died! My mom was a Godsend. Got me water, bread and a cough drop. Went back to sleep and slept pretty good.
Went poo this morning! WOOT! It was not bad at all. I was kinda dreading it! Glad it is over!!
Gonna wash my hair today, oh the small things in life.
My kids are still away in Iowa, got weepy lastnight talking to them. My baby has had the stomach flu for 2 days. I really want to see the kids, but I am so afraid that they are going to bring home the stomach bug and I could NOT handle that. What should I do? It typically runs through the family every 2 days and there is 6 of us. OH MY just the thought makes my heart race. I am so scared and I want to be there to make him feel better and I can't. OH this is terrible....

Well the last 24 hours has been kinda shitty, in...

Well the last 24 hours has been kinda shitty, in more ways than one!!!
I ended up with diarrhea! WTH? Only took 2 tbsp of MOM about 3 days ago! I can't believe it, running to the potty is NO fun and can't be done at this point.
Then, I have that tickle in my throat still. I have only coughed lightly about 4 times. I am so scared I am going to damage something... I didn't pay this much money to have it ruined by a damn cough. ACK!! I am so mad right now. I have NO pain, well only when I cough. I would be off to the races if it weren't for the COUGH!! So frustrating.
I had a couple bouts of being weepy and the what the hell did I do feelings last night. I am missing my kids, hoping I didn't make the wrong decision about having the TT being done, will I ever resume normal activities? Just fleeting thoughts I am sure, but still I wonder...
Sorry for the downer of an update, just trying to keep it real for ya'll!

What a difference a day makes!! The tickle seems...

What a difference a day makes!! The tickle seems to have subsided, my prayers are working! :) I have little to NO pain at all. Feeling great! Back is a little sore, lipo is kinda annoying, but nothing is bad and NO pain meds!!
My kids come home today in a little less than half and hour and I can't WAIT!!
There is a spot above my belly button to the right that hurts if pushed and there is a lump. It has been there since surgery, the nurses actually asked the PS about it. He said it was deep muscle sutures. Would/Should they be painful and a lump? Definetly going to ask the PS about that tomorrow. My stomach would be flat as an ironboard if it weren't for that damn lump! ACK, didn't want to be the kind that got knit-picky,but it is right in the middle of my stomach...

It is official! I have begun SWELL HELL! I...

It is official! I have begun SWELL HELL! I probably did too much today, but the swelling that is going on right now is MASSIVE!! I am so tight I can barely breathe...Gonna have to lay low tomorrow.
On a side note, my one drain is draining hardly anything. Gonna call PS tomorrow to see if it can be removed. WOOT! excited about that!
In little to no pain at all. Will take advil tonight for the swelling and a stiff neck from sleeping on the couch for the last 8 days.

All in all, I feel great and have NO regrets thus far!! :)

Well I was supposed to go and have 1 drain removed...

Well I was supposed to go and have 1 drain removed tomorrow and the darn thing jumps back up to 40ml today. It has been hovering at 30ml all week and now up again. So frustrating. Maybe it is because the last 2 days have been really busy. But I really can't stop life. I am swollen, but ok with that, I know Rome wasn't built in a day, so I expect the same from this surgery. Going to take time. Just wish the drains would stop draining and come out. Is it because I am doing too much?

Well Hello Swell Hell!! Holey Moley. I am sooo...

Well Hello Swell Hell!! Holey Moley. I am sooo swollen. I get what kimmers was explaining about the baseball look. Don't want husband to ever take a look down south when this swollen EVER!! So creepy looking. Probably doesn't help that I got my period today and I am bloated and my cramps are more painful than the surgery has been. What is up with that. Wish I still had my painkillers to deal with the cramps. YUCK.
Still draining like 35 per drain. Starting to really want them out at this point. I was uber busy today, double header baseball, could be the swelling too. Other than the swelling and period cramps, I am feeling great!!

Kinda odd. My drain is falling out... Called the...

Kinda odd. My drain is falling out... Called the doc and was told that as long as it is keeping suction it is ok, but to watch it. I am not draining that much, but still over 30. I pray it goes down and I get it out tomorrow. I now don't want to move in fear of it falling out.

So scared and frustrated. I am now running a fever...

So scared and frustrated. I am now running a fever of 101.3 Went to doc and he said everything looks GREAT and I have no pain anywhere. I do have to run to the bathroom when I have to pee so he said probably UTI.
I am now totally doubting this surgery. Everything was going great. NOw I am going to get sick and not be able to get back to normal for my kids. I just want to cry.

Forgot to add, both my drains are out. I feel so...

Forgot to add, both my drains are out. I feel so liberated, but bittersweetly because of the fever.

I ran 103 fever all night. Wanted to take a shower...

I ran 103 fever all night. Wanted to take a shower this morning and as I was getting undressed my drain site was pouring out goo. So gross!! Called doc and said stomach is red in one spot, but not much pain there, not really even tender, but draining yellowish goo. They called me in augmentin and I just took my first dose. I am no longer running a fever, took the last tylenol at 8 this morning and temp is 98.5 I just hope this is the end. So I am on 2 antibiotics cause they think something is still going on with the bladder cause I have to pee all the time and in a hurry. I am so scared still though. My mom leaves tomorrow. I wonder if the drainage should be cultured. Doc says augmentin would cover the infection though. Sheesh, I really am wondering if it was all worth it at this point. I have never been so scared for my life before all for something elective. I have got to get those thoughts out of my head. Thanks for listening.

First let me say thanks for all the kind words of...

First let me say thanks for all the kind words of support and encouragement. It really is helpful.

I went to my doc today. He asperated (sp) an area and got nothing. Saw the drainage coming from the drain site and he said it looked good, not abnormal. He was so concerned and so comforting. Basically he said it is a tissue infection. The area that it is in is a very hard place for fluid to move around the lymphnodes are not easily accessible from there either after this surgery with the way the incision is placed. So basically it is inflamed tissue that is infected. I am on both those antibiotics that cover everything. He said if I don't start feeling better by the weekend to call him back, however, he thinks I need to give the augmentin 72 hours to start taking effect. Worse case scenario he said I would be hospitalized for IV antibiotics, but he truly doubts that will happen. He himself had surgery 2 weeks before my TT and came down with an infection and was back in the hospital on IVs. He said he can really feel my pain and all the emotions I am having over the whole situation are justified. Made me feel so much better. I was seriously contemplating changing it to not worth it with all the things running thru my mind the last few days.
I just hope the fever stays at bay. Currently 100 still. YUCK. I LOVE when it dips into the 99 and 98s on no meds. I still feel like crappola, body aches, headaches, nausea, but he says all normal with an infection.
This too shall HURRY UP and pass please!!!!

I just can't get a break. I am up to 100.6 again...

I just can't get a break. I am up to 100.6 again with my fever. And this morning my drain site is draining again. But this time it is the other, so now I am draining out of the 2 drain sites. I have a feeling this is going to get bad. I am now so scared and so frustrated. What did I do wrong? I just want to feel better, I miss my kids, I am tired of people having to do everything for me. At this point, it is totally NOT worth it... I am so sad and scared...

Today is the first day I have woken up with 98.9...

Today is the first day I have woken up with 98.9 temp with no meds. I am very happy about that. I still kinda feel like crap. I mean I have hot flashes every once in awhile. That maybe because I am on so much antibiotics? I mean I am now starting with a yeast infection so going on Diflucan for that.
The drain sites are still draining. One was somewhat bleeding this morning and then turned into drainage. I am going to start using bacitracin and bandaids and try to get them to close up.
The area is still red but doc said that wouldn't go away for about a week or so. I think there maybe light at the end of this tunnel afterall.
Thank you to all for the well wishes and thoughts. They really mean so much, it lifts my spirits tremendously. And so sorry I have been such a Debbie Downer the last few days. I hope this is the end of it.

FEVER FREE!!! WOOT!! Happy to say the fever is...

FEVER FREE!!! WOOT!! Happy to say the fever is gone and the redness is subsiding too! So glad it is getting better!

On the other hand, my one drain site is still draining. I have been doing bacitracin and a band-aid and it just drains right thru it everywhere. If it doesn't stop by tomorrow I will put a call into the doc.

3 weeks today! Holy Cow time flies even when you are't having fun! HAHAHA! Still extremely swollen, but I am not worried about that at all. I will take the swelling any day over the infection.

Can't believe it is going to be 4 weeks on Monday....

Can't believe it is going to be 4 weeks on Monday. Where does the time go?

Still swell horribly. But not really bothered by it. Still a HUGE difference from the before. No saggy, hangy skin is always good. I am still walking somewhat hunched over. When I try and stand fully upright it feels like someone has looped a rubber band around my neck and waist and the stretching sensation is BIZARRE!! I am in little to no pain at all. Feeling really pretty good.

Hope all is well with all of you!

Had a follow up with PS today. Turns out I have...

Had a follow up with PS today. Turns out I have another infection. UGH! I am so over this. I am on antibiotics for 2 weeks now, 2x a day. I still have a cold, on meds for that. I just don't know anymore. KINDA want to turn the clock back and have never have done this... Guess today is just another down day. Updated pics in bikini. Can honestly say that aren't that bad, made me feel a little better. The pics are 4 weeks and 3 days post surgery. Hope everyone is having a better day that I am! :)

5 weeks today, Holy Nuts has it really been that...

5 weeks today, Holy Nuts has it really been that long? Swelling is down a bit more. I stress BIT cause I can kinda notice.

The 2 red spots on the incision that I am on antibiotic for started draining this weekend. Called the doc and he said it was a good thing. That way he didn't have to go in there and re-open it. DON"T want that at all. I say that and that will be next. One thing after another I swear...

Still have a horrid cough, it is what it is at this point. If I have torn every stitch I wouldn't care. I am over worrying already and with these stupid infections I am DONE...
Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

9 week update!! I am doing well. Back to my...

9 week update!!

I am doing well. Back to my normal life actually. I do still have to take it easy on somethings though, don't want to push it. Sneezing and coughing are painful.

There are days when I am 100% happy with the results and other days not so much. I am still swelling horribly above the belly button. The lower half of my belly is flat, some minor swelling in the who-ha area, but not bad. Above my bb is really ANNOYING. I can appear to be 3 months pg. UGH!! Pisses me off. I am hoping this is still swell hell.

I want to start working out and running, but the lipo'd areas are still extremely sensitive. By the end of the day my clothes hurt those areas. Just must be the nerves coming back.

Overall I can say that I have been happy with doing this at this point. I can't wait for the day there is no swelling. That will be a joyous occasion. I am still wearing my binder at night, but can't during the day because of the heat. I start itching and get a horrid rash.

Well ladies, I can't believe it has almost been 8...

Well ladies, I can't believe it has almost been 8 months.
I am proud to say that I am totally happy with my TT results. I had a rough go at it in the beginning and I am so thankful everything has worked out and I got the results I wanted in the end.
I feel fabulous. I have started running again recently. It has been a busy summer and we moved, a total lifestyle change (moved onto a 1600 acre ranch) and have just been enjoying life. I will say that I do swell sometimes still. Yes it is frustrating and that is why I have just started running again. I am so worried that I am going to gain it all back, everyday I glance down and can't believe it is my stomach. I have nightmares that it comes back and at times I also have a phantom belly. It is the weirdest thing ever! I feel like the fat/bulge is still there!! Wonder if that will ever go away. Kinda hoping the numbness goes away quickly too, over that feeling. But overall, doing GREAT!
I wanted to say Thank you to everyone on this site. You don't realize how much your stories and kind words helped me thru the hard times associated with this surgery.

For anyone waivering on doing it, it is totally WORTH it!!
Dr. Akers

I really think Dr. Aker is one of the best people I have ever known. His concern and thoughtfulness is unlike anyother doctor I have ever had. The staff is wonderful too. Totally recommend that office even with the complications I have had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, your transformation is amazing! I love that you put up pics to show us the process, for us new gals we freak out when we see so much bloating but your pics show us to truly trust everyone when they say you really cannot judge your final results until many months later.
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wow you look wonderful, if I may ask how much weight did you lose after you had your tummy tuck? not due to your tt just in the past 8 months, we are the same height and about the same weight and I am trying to get an idea of 8 months later .. lol i guess i need to find out how much weight I have to lose to get your results :)
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I weigh about 180 or so. Haven't weighed myself in a very LONG time. Kinda weird but it was only a few pounds that I lost after. Not much help, but after the tummy tuck I don't weigh mysefl anymore. Don't really need to cause all my clothes fit awesome and weight is just a number to me now.
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Also in Indy, Looking at Dr. Slatton. Have you heard anything about him?
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Sorry so long to reply. I didn't do any research on doctors before. I just went to Dr. Aker and we clicked. Sorry I couldn't help...
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Hi I just had a revision surgery for dog ears as well as the pubic area an my ps did not charge me for anything .. he didn't want his work to look sloppy he is a perfectionest! I really hope you doctor does it for free as well! That would be the right thing to do.. id love to see your tats. I want a huge one across my stomach! Lol I know crazy!
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Wow u look amazing..... Can u believe it almost a year...... I still swell at bight but by morning im sexy again.. Om now getting pain inmy belly button. Ill be putting pic up on my anniverary day!##
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I have been wondering about you and how you were doing. I too have dog ears in both sides, but I am not worried about them would go in to have them fixed. I still swell like a balloon by night time and then like you am back to sexy again in the morning. Above my belly button hurts the most. So odd. I am working out daily on an elliptical and if I have not swollen to capacity for that day, when I get off the elliptical I am swollen double. REALLY annoying, but understandable as I never had any stomach muscles before I guess...
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wow... i am sick of the swelling already. i got my belly button pierced last month and a left side tattoo this last friday, but over all i love my new body... i wish i can gt down 10 more lbs but i dont eat the healthiest so i know why it hasnt came down anymore.
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I am still swelling to after a year esp toward the lower half of my stomach. What is your tattoo of?? I had a flower on my left side and they removed it with the TT lol. I need to lose 10more lbs too but I did lose almost 10 since my TT.. Love to see some update pics!!!
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Ill do pics sometime this week. I got a Tattoo of two flowers. And my children s names. I just called my ps. To see if hell fix my dog ears for nothing so well see. I also had Tattoo on my tummy but Tattoo now it's gone...lol. I've pony lost 5lb since Tattoo. I would like to lose 10 more....
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Hey u look amazing... I too have dog ears but not sure if I would go under Surgery again or not... Ill be putting pic up on my anniversary day... I still swell.. It drives me nuts
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Im at almost 4 months post and I'm having the swelling above the belly button (pregnant look) too. Has your completely resolved? Words of encouragement? lol I need some about now.
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I'm 9 no post op an I still swell about the belly button but its only after I eat..do you notice if that's when it happens to you?
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Just like Soccermom here. I swell above the belly button a lot still. Especially after I work out or do laundry. I think it is the carrying of the laundry baskets and the movement from washer to dryer. Odd I know...
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Thank you so much for coming back and updating your pics!!! So nice to see what the future can look like. You look awesome! Glad it all worked out well and you are loving your new body ~ as you should!
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Thanks so much. It is amazing to me sometimes. I feel huge on some days and then I come and look at before and after pics and I put myself back into perspective...
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U look amazing! I am 3 weeks and feel like a stuffed sausage! Can't wait to work out and instead have to deal w/ holiday parties! When will the swelling go!
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The swelling takes a long time! I'm 9 months post op an still swell. Its not as bad butyou will have that for up to a year.wear your garnet at bed time for a long time. That will help. In your case only being 3 weeks post op your swelling may get worse avoid salt and gassy. Food. Happy healing.
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Soccermom is right, I stil swell and I am almost 9 months. Tonight I feel like a stuffed PIG, I hate nights when I feel like this, should have skipped the china buffet... :( It does get better though with each passing week... Good luck.
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You look fabulous! !! I have to go in for a revision January 19th. I ended up with dog ears an still some extra skin at the pubic area.. kinda bummed but hes fixing for no charge thank gosh! I'm so happy for you!!
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I actually have dog ears too. We moved outta state from my PS and I honestly am too far away from another PS to even attempt another procedure... I am hoping that the butt that I developed will start sloughing off with the help from running and praying that the dog ears dissappear! Wishful thinking probably...
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In your pics you can't even see them.. you can see mine for sure! I hope they do disappear for to soon!
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Wow you look great!! I am 9 months PO and I still wear my garment at night sometimes. I still swell by the end of the day..
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I still wear my binder at night sometimes too. It is almost like a secruity blanket for me now. On days when I or did it or just feel huge it is really comforting to put the binder on and know that in the morning it will be a pancake again! :)
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