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Hello i m Ravi, from indore.i got the laser co2...

Hello i m Ravi, from indore.i got the laser co2 fractional. 20 days before .and i am very sad that i did not get the desire result.on 15 days My whole face is seem to be the black .it looks like like pigmentation .i forget to apply before treatment cream. Like hydroquinone ,and glycin acids .etc. it might be the reason to develop black few days to tell about the laser.but on 21 days after applying hydroquinone .now my face is seems to be the good.

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hi ravi, after some time your dark spot remove? Now how is your face? Kailash
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Still handsome, Ravi

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HI Ravi,

After completion of 1 year , how is your face now.
I am also going for ultra pulse laser treatment.

- Vikrant

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When my dentist told me that I need laser surgery of the gum, which was in a panic. I struggled with periodontal problems, most of adult life and has always been a depth of 6.5 mm pockets of the mouth, which is a concern, but ultimately was up to 9 mm in the pocket. My dentist gave me a referral to the periodontist, and I was two days after his appointment, when I decided to Google gum surgery for more information.
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thiru sir iam age 23 my prablam shaving whaite heirs removel parment how mach casli tritmet plz reple me sir
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Hey ravi,

did you experience any skin discoloration especially lightening of the skin after the scabs came off?? I am brown also and i did the procedure, all my scars vanished and the only problem i see is my skin is red and pink and looks lightened from my original skin. I am only on day 4 so i may have to wait a full week to see full results

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Hi darral,

Nice to hear that your scars vanished. May I ask what kind of scars did you have ? and what kind of treatment ?

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yes i m applying on
hydroquinone 2%.
surgrace lotion (bisoctrizole 5 % w/w, octinoxate 7.5 % w/w, octocrylene 6 % w/w, oxybenzone 6 % w/w).
Demelan cream (arbutin 5 %, glycolic acid 10 %, kojic acid 2%)
little bit face is black
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If you would have put (and will do it now) Silvadene on it, it would have been totally healed in a few days. I had C02 laser and had white skin in 4-5 days! It literally creates new skin. My sister had 3rd degree burns on her legs from a gasoline fire and doctors used tubs of Silvadene on it and she has absolutely NO scars.
Good luck!
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HI abhi,

Thanks for the review and welcome to the community. How is your face today, is it still black? Are you putting anything on it. Please keep us updated and if everything goes well pictures would be great.



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