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I'm a mother of two 6yrs and 9 yrs. Boyh were...

I'm a mother of two 6yrs and 9 yrs. Boyh were c-sections. I'm married to a pretty nice guy,my highschool sweet heart, for 11 years. We've been together since I was 14. Today is my birthday, I am 33. I bought myself a BIG gift today. I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck and lipo of flanks and up my back a little bit. He's going to blend it in. Surgery is on October 26. I wanted to have it soon, as I will be put on Bio-estrogen. Just found out that my estrogen is post-menepausal low!I will start HRT 1 week after surgery.

I have been working my butt of in the gym and my mid-section still looks terrible. I have maintained my weight, I am 5'4 and weight 165. Will post a before picture soon.

Made my deposit today!! I am so excited and...

Made my deposit today!! I am so excited and nervous. I had a breast reduction 5 yes ago and it was a bad experience. I had a terrible infection and I dehissed completely on my right breast! My new doctor reassured me that it was not my fault that the "other" surgeon stitched me up to tight. I'm going into this surgery very well informed. With my c-sections I had no problems at all. I promise I will post pics soon. I don't have a good mirror to take them with.
Happy Birthday to you. Keep us posted!!!

Welcome to RealSelf!  

Happy Birthday and oh what a nice present to yourself.  I see some bikinis in your future so be prepared for some serious shopping soon. You are lucky that you don't have to wait very long to get this done.  I bet you are really excited about now.

Keep up the good work in the gym because being fit really helps in the recovery.  Your final results will also be ultimate if you are strong and healthy.  

I would love to see some before and after pictures so we will be waiting for those!  

Keep us up to date and do let me know how you found RealSelf.




I need advice on how to upload pictures from my...

I need advice on how to upload pictures from my iPhone.

6 days until surgery! I'm so excited. I have...

6 days until surgery! I'm so excited. I have made plans for the first 2 days after surgery. My sister, who happen to both be RN's will take turns taking care if me! I have only told my husband and sisters that I am having surgery. I haven't even told my parents. I don't want to stress them anymore than they already are. I told my 9 year old daughter that I am having a "procedure" that will fix my muscles in my tummy and that I will be sore for a couple of weeks. I haven't told my 6 year old anything. I thought I would tell him the evening I come home after surgery. I will be as brief as possible with him. I'm afraid that he will go back to school and tell everyone! I will make sure that both of them know that it is a personal and private thing and that I am fine. I took pictures of myself but stil can't figure out how to post them on here.

Oh yes the kiddos like to talk at school so best to keep it quiet:)   My son who was 17 at the time told everyone.  All of his girl/female friends came over to see me!  They wanted to see the new tummy..crazy!  But they also came with gifts so that was nice:)


Here are some before pictures. I'm pretty...

Here are some before pictures. I'm pretty nervouse about tomorrow! Decided to eat light today. My stomach is growling! Sorry if the pictures are sideways.
Good luck tomorrow!!! You deserve it. We are all jealous that you'll have RN sisters who can help you with your recovery. Will give you extra peace of mind. You won't believe the difference, and sounds like your surgeon nows how to make it all look right w/ his "blending in" lipo. My PS also balanced things out with the lipo, including a little off the top of my hips which I hope will make a nice difference when I can see the final shape (I'm only 13 days PO). Best of luck tomorrow.
Thank you!

1 day post-op. The doctor removed 7.5 lbs!!!!!!! ...

1 day post-op. The doctor removed 7.5 lbs!!!!!!! I can see a difference even throughout my binder. My lasted 4 hrs instead of the 3 that he thought. I don't know why, probably cause he's a perfectionist. Waking up from surgery I wasnin TERRIBLE pain!! I stayed in recovery for 3 hours until my pain was controlled and my nausea was ok. I was there so late that they locked up the drugs. thank GOd I took my phenergren suppository. My hour ride home was ok. It took me forever to pee. Now it seems like all I do is get up to pee. They sent home with me a pair of circulation shoes. They pump my feet to prevent blood clots. I'm going to take a shower today!!! Yeah. I'm draining ALOT!!!!! I doing better by myself than I thought I would:)

Well I'm 5 days po. Not feeling bad. I'm taking...

Well I'm 5 days po. Not feeling bad. I'm taking leads pain medicine. Now down to 1 oxycodone every 5 hours plus a toradal every 8 hors for swelling and pain. I have coughed three times, HOLY CRaP!!' that hurts. I would say if I didn't have MR I would be getting along a lot better. Putting ice on my tummy feels good. I finally pooped 4 days post op. I think my swelling may be starting to subside today. Yesterday I was swelling ALOT. They sent me home with vascular booties. I had to have them on everytime I was sitting down for 3 days after surgery. They pump my feet and help with blood clots. They feel good, actually.
My PS is always at the cutting edge of EVERYTHING! He used to have the one that go on your calves, but just in the last couple months started to use booties.
That's good they sent u home with the booties. I believe u first person that I read that about. I prefer those myself but I don't think the are offered from my PS #luckyyou

scar 2 yrs post op

Can barely see it!


2yrs after

2yrs after

Love it!!
Wow your scar is barley visible! Awesome thanks for posting!
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