Cast is off! Surgery was Monday, 6/4 - Indianapolis

Hello! I had a consultation for a rhino when I was...

Hello! I had a consultation for a rhino when I was 20, but backed out because I was too scared! Now I'm 30, and the time is right. I'm not at all nervous, and just excited. I tried to look for blogs about rhinoplasty recovery when I first decided to get one, but couldn't find much. Then I discovered this site, and I love reading the posts on here, so I thought I'd join so I could write about how it is when the time is really here!

I get my bloodwork done tomorrow morning! Also, my...

I get my bloodwork done tomorrow morning! Also, my doctor called in prescriptions for pain meds, an antibiotic, and sleeping pills because I'm really afraid I won't be able to sleep with my head elevated since I'm a stomach sleeper. Not very exciting, but proof that the big day is almost here!

Does anyone have any experience with Arnica, and...

Does anyone have any experience with Arnica, and if so, do you think it worked? I was told to get a supply beforehand to help with bruising.

One week until my surgery! I started Arnica today,...

One week until my surgery! I started Arnica today, and was relieved that it's pretty much tasteless. I also got a lot of my supplies for recovery, but realized browsing on here that I need to get gloves and peas! I am so excited! The icing on the cake is that I'm a teacher, and tomorrow is field day and my last day with students =) Bring on summer vacation!

My surgery is tomorrow! I go in at noon, and...

My surgery is tomorrow! I go in at noon, and surgery is supposed to start at 1:30. I have a nice little area set up here on the coffee table, next to the spot on the couch I'll be hibernating during recovery. My husband and I don't even have a tv in our room, so the living room is the best choice. I was able to find Arnica gel at Wild Oats today. I had ordered the pills online, so I wasn't sure I'd be able to get the gel, but wanted to check since I've read so many positive comments about them on here.

It's really just now sinking in that it's almost here!!

Well, I went in for surgery at noon, and filled...

Well, I went in for surgery at noon, and filled out paperwork. They gave me a gown and little socks, and made me give a urine sample to make sure I'm not pregnant. Then the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about my medical history, and hooked me up to something to relax me (not to the point of being knocked out though). Finally, the doctor came in, we talked briefly, and he marked up my nose. Then they took me into the room, and the next thing I knew I woke up in recovery.

The pain pills got rid of the pain, but my real problem right now is the bleeding. I didn't think it would be so frequent (around every 20 minutes I have to change the drip gauze). **The doctor just called for his post op call, and told me that this amount of bleeding is normal. and that everyone thinks they are bleeding too much. So far, I have a small bruise under my left eye.

I grosssly underestimated how many gauze things to buy, so buy a lot! I'm about to take my pain pill and sleeping pill, watch Hell's Kitchen, and then head back to the doctor in the morning!

I went in for my first post-op appointment this...

I went in for my first post-op appointment this morning, and they took out the nose tampons. I'm not sure if they were related to the bleeding, but I now find myself not having to wear the drip gauze. I really hope this lasts! They scheduled me to come in to get my stitches taken out on Friday, and the cast/splint on Monday!

I spent all morning after my appointment sleeping, thanks to the pain meds, which is fine with me!

Today is my second day at home post op. My...

Today is my second day at home post op. My bruising has spread above my left eye, and on over to my right eye also. I really don't care what shape I'm in right now, but I can't tell at all what my nose looks like under this cast! I'm afraid it's going to look exactly the same.

My drip gauze is really done (I ended up wearing it all yesterday and last night), which is nice. I have some pain in my upper teeth, and I'm definitely more swollen all over today than before. I can't believe I'm posting a picture of this mess, but we're all in this together! =)

Today is my third day at home after surgery, and...

Today is my third day at home after surgery, and it's the first day I may actually feel like getting up and doing something (not that involves leaving the house!). All I have done is sleep and watch tv. I don't feel like the swelling is worse from yesterday, so I hope it will just start to go down from here on out.

Today I went in at 7:00 A.M. to get the...

Today I went in at 7:00 A.M. to get the non-dissolvable stitches taken out, and that was the most actual pain I've had the whole time. I'm out of my Rx pain medication, and am now just using Tylenol extra strength, and I can't really tell a difference between the two, thankfully. Having this splint on is driving me insane, and I'm tired of feeling like not doing anything but sleeping! I also can't tell that my nose is going to look any different when the splint comes off. On the plus side, my bruises are fading to yellow, and the swelling is going down.

I get my splint off Monday, and am counting the hours!

Well, today is day 5. I feel better than...

Well, today is day 5. I feel better than yesterday, and haven't taken any pain meds at all, even Tylenol. I woke up today and could breathe out of BOTH SIDES OF MY NOSE! I don't think I'm supposed to yet, so I'm still being mostly a mouth breather, but at least now I don't feel like I'm about to suffocate. I can almost completely cover the remaining bruises with make up, but it doesn't matter since I'm not planning on going anywhere.

I can drink without a straw, and am pretty much back to normal food, even though I have to cut everything into tiny pieces. On a side note, I don't know what on earth I would have done for the last week without Netflix streaming. Just wrapping up the entire series of The Office.

I'm adding a pic of me today (notice what seems to the typical "I've just had a nose job" immobile upper lip), and a picture of Max, who has been my faithful companion 24/7 since I walked in the door from surgery =)

Woooohoo! I went in today to get my cast off, and...

I went in today to get my cast off, and oh my GOSH does it feel amazing. I have to say that my immediate reaction was disappointment, because my nose looked, well, not much different, even though it's obviously still swollen. After taking a thousand profile pictures of myself today, and realizing that my ideal "after" wasn't that much different to begin with, I'm already pretty happy. It's smaller and less pointy, and I know it will only continue to look better!

By the way, getting the cast off wasn't painful. They did do a suction thing inside my nose ( know exactly what they were getting out), and THAT hurt.

I thought based on reading a million of these reviews that I would have to tape my nose up at night or all the time or something, and I don't, which I am THRILLED about.

Now, I'm off to take the longest, hottest shower I have taken in a week! =) =)

Well, I fell off the updating wagon since the cast...

Well, I fell off the updating wagon since the cast came off, because life has been 100% back to normal since day 7. I still can't believe how easy the whole thing was! I feel like I have a little bit of asymmetry from the front (sorry no pics), but I don't think anyone would ever notice. My nose was far from perfect to begin with, so I'm totally fine with a bit of imperfection. My favorite things about the whole experience are 1. wearing my hair in a ponytail and 2. not being self-conscious about people seeing my profile. I would have had this done ten years ago if I'd known how easy it would have been. If you're trying to decide whether to get this done or not, feel free to email me with any questions!
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Hey lady! I live in Indy, too! I'm just starting to look for a surgeon. Who did you see? Did you have consultations anywhere else that gave you a good or bad feeling? I'd definitely appreciate any guidance!
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Wow you look amazing congrats! Seeing your results gives me some relief about my surgery
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it looks amazing! how are you doing?? i hope still good :)
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You look great Jordan! And don't feel bad about not thinking there was much change it's so swollen the first couple weeks it can bum you out a little. But after that you see some fantastic changes can't wait to see your update!
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Lol, thanks! No it isnt awful, probably better that you didnt look into it. I think im over researching it and psyching myself out more. Thanks for the advice!
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That is a dream nose job. You look incredible. Gives me hope for next Tuesday! Congrats!
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That is wonderful to hear. It sounds like you had a smooth recovery. I am having it for cosmetic purposes as well. Thanks so much for answering my questions, it really helps build up the courage for me to follow through with the procedure. Cant believe you are back to normal in a weeks time! So good to hear. Did you have an open or closed rhinoplasty?
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Lol, is it awful that I don't even know if it was open or closed? I think open. I just found the best surgeon (in my opinion) and let him go to town. I wasn't at all concerned with the specifics! You should schedule a consultation...I had one at 20, got scared, and just now had my surgery at 30. I live in a pretty big city (Indianapolis), so it was easy to find someone amazing. My advice is don't scrimp on the money! It's your face! =)
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Wow, looks amazing! Great results. Did you have any problems with breathing right after the surgery? Did you feel suffocated at all, could you breathe through your nose at all? Did you sleep ok. Sorry for the questions but im considering rhionplasty but afraid of the whole mouth breathing suffocating feeling! Would love some feedback.
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I couldn't breathe through my nose for a day or two, but I didn't have septoplasty, so I don't know if that's normal (mine was purely cosmetic). My surgeon told me to breathe through my mouth for two weeks, but I'm completely cleared up now (one week after surgery). I asked for a prescription for sleeping meds, because I'm a stomach sleeper and knew I'd never fall asleep on my back, so sleeping wasn't a problem. I actually slept a ton during the first few days. I never felt like I was suffocating though! It was totally worth it. I had surgery a week ago and am back at 100% =)
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Your nose looks fantastic!!! Congrats!!
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Thanks everyone =) I'm really happy with it!
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wow! You look fantastic!!! Congratulations xoxo
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There is a HUGE difference between your before and after but I think the reason you were disappointed was because your doctor did such a fantastic job and it looks so natural that you couldn't even tell. If you can barely tell the difference, then no one else will be able to tell you got the nose job..which is what we all want isn't it?! You look amazing! So happy for you.
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Thanks!! My surgeon is great!
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Hey thanks for sharing. Love ur profile!
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You are looking good! Watch out for the cute 4 legged recovery buddies if they bump your nose you'll be back on your meds lol!
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Ha, I'm mostly just worried about the cat, since his version of love is a head bump to the face! I've been armed with a water spray gun, and he's so sad! Can't risk it!
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Just an FYI my doctor prescribed me a topical ointment to put on an hour before he removes the cast & stiches it's suppose to numb the area so the removal of the stiches dosent hurt;)
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I know what you mean! I think the stitches will be the worst for me as well. They hurt just when I'm cleaning them with a q-tip. My cast hasn't bothered me too much yet but I'm a couple days behind you. Can't wait to see your progress! :)
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Thanks for sharing I'm going crazy with the splint to! My nose starts to throb and every so often it gets really itchy lol can't wait to get it off! I get the cast & stitches out on Tuesday, Can't wait!! Im happy for you seems your recuperating good .. My bruising and swelling is much better only a little yellow under my eyes yay but can't wait to gone on with life lol hope you get better and better;)
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Thanks for sharing! Happy recovery : )
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You look better than I did 2 days post op! Keep relaxing :)
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You have some nice shiners like I did =) My surgeon told me Papaya really helps with bruising at my splint removal and it did, I wish I would have started using it sooner. Hope you're feeling well!
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Thanks for Sharing your pics!! I have a little brusing on my eyes to but not as bad as I thought it would be:) I go today for my post op :/ hopefully it goes well.. You look great ;) can't wait to see your results !!
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