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Journey Towards My Rebirth - Indianapolis, IN

Completely stretched my body to its capacity...

completely stretched my body to its capacity.

I am ready to feel confident and finally enjoy the fruits of all my hard work and exercise.

This is the journey toward my rebirth.

FTT on 07/06/2012 my PS removed 8LBS of skin!!! Recovery has been great minus head aches. I am just ready to get back into the gym and start working towards shaping my new canvas.

7/16/2012 I am healing really well. Swelling...


I am healing really well. Swelling has gone down alot and I am in love with this Arnica Gel for stiffness. I can't lie, I am getting a bit nervous about the drains. My left drain is slowing down tremendously but my right keeps pumping out about 80cc a day. I am supposed to go into to see the doctor tomorrow to remove them, however I am not in the target range he would like to see them removed. What a slippery slope- I am also not in a rush to have them removed in fear of the seroma or hematoma, BUT they are so annoying. I had a tiny freak out a few days ago when I started to the white of my left drain but remembered the nurse informing me in the hospital that I would really have to yank for this thing to come out. I also googled in my panic and realized the tip is followed by like inches of perforated plastic- wheeww.

It's also annoying that my right drain is still so deep red, no where near the nice "im coming out soon" orange on the left-- but again, I am thankful that things have gone so well this far and will continue to keep my butt planted for the next 3 weeks- ughk.

Today is just a complain-ie day, I am going to do my best to really stay put and make my only responsibility be going to the bathroom. New one week photos posted!

x Carmen

07/16/2012- I will say, this is still an awesome...

07/16/2012- I will say, this is still an awesome to me from me gift for graduation. ;)
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Linderman has tons of experience and after my consultation last year, I knew after meeting he was the Dr. for me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Congrats on your transformation!! Your results are great, im glad your recovery has been a good one thus far :)
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Linderman did a great job! You go gurl!!!
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thanks girl! I am pleased, still swollen and exited to get back into the gym. but i am happy. and ready for these drains to come out!!
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Glad to hear you are doing so well.  Please do not rush the exercise just yet!!

He removed and amazing amount of skin..WOW


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Thanks so much!! I just feel like a bump on a log. =/
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Oh I know...but it's all temporary:)

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I'm in Indy. Did u interview any other docs besides Linderman. How are u doing? I'm scheduled for August 27th.
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Hay!! Sorry, I am just now seeing this. So I actually consulted with Dr. Linderman last summer. I knew I wanted to get this surgery for a very long time. I just completed my grad program and figured this was the time to do it before I move out of state. So I had a whole spread sheet of doctors to consult with and even looked into a plastic surgeon in Carmel that my friend went to when she got her BA done. I read alot of good reviews about Linderman, made sure he was board certified, really became a researcher on his work, experienced, etc. When I called and made the appointment the staff was lovely and are to this day! So SO nice. I met with Dr. Linderman and my mom August of 2011 and I loved him. I knew that he was the doctor for me. He spent such a great amount of time explaining the surgery and the risks and benefits. What really sold me on him was this: I wanted to go in thinking that I only needed to get liposuction. I wanted to stay away from the TT because I knew that it was a much more invasive procedure, etc. I will never forget that Dr. Linderman looked me in my eyes and said: "You could go somewhere else, and they'll do lipo and make a quick buck off of you, but you need to get a TT, all this is excess skin"-- and then proceeded to explain to me the difference. No only did I respect the directness of his approach, he really made me feel not crazy for not being able to loose that tire around my abdomen. Of course I couldn't! It was skin!

I am doing well, I am just really ready to have these drains out--but don't want to rush it. I am going to try very hard to not do anything at all. Like not even make food for the next few days in hopes my right drain will slow down. I know the body hates spaces but sheesh!! I think the best part of this procedure is being able to look down and see my lady parts-- would you believe that I have never been able to do that!!!; even at my lowest weight.

I am so excited for you! What are you getting done? You are seriously in good hands. I know what it's like to need an accurate representation of the same procedure. Our skin totally heals, scars, bruises, everything differently. Let me know if you have any more questions and please keep me posted. It's so nice to have a friend! LOL!!

xx summer


you get the binder at the hospital, I received alot of supplies at the hospital-- they were SO nice and gave me a huge bag full, even an additional binder! I would def get alot of your gauze and bed sheets from there, it will save you oodles.

invest in arnica gel for stiffness, good god it is amazing.

cook 2 weeks worth of food before hand and freeze it

purchase miralax!
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Thanks for the info. I consulted with a few docs in my home state and also here in Indy. I did not do a consult with Dr. Linderman because once I saw Dr Slatton's work I felt he could give me the best result for my tummy shape. Dr. Linderman was right, before I came to Real Self, I saw some not so good results by ps that came highly recommended.
A good surgeon is not a good cosmetic surgeon and every cosmetic surgeon has their own aesthetic.Dr. Slatton does the High Lateral Tension tuck which was developed for people with massive weight loss. It places the tension on the fascia and tends to give a more pulled in look. The scar can be higher....depending on your situation.
I haven't got the nesting bug yet, but I've been buying tons of salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc and freezing it. I will most likely cook the weekend before my procedure. I really do need to get on it.
I haven't seen my lady parts either....can't wait!!!!
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