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Day 5 Post op...woweeeeee! So happy.

I have always been fit but flabby in the belly and...

I have always been fit but flabby in the belly and after three pregnancies with 9+ pound babies and three c sections my flab is now floppy. I call it "the Drip." I am 39, 5'6" 185 and exercise 3-4 times a week. My calorie intake could be tapered but for the most part, I have landed at this weight for several years after each pregnancy.

I very curious to know how the TT , muscle repair and lipo will compare to c section recovery which really wasn't bad. The worst part for me was the anesthesia recovery with nausea and itching.

I've have three kiddos, 7, 5, 2 and my husband is a teacher so we have decided the best time to have the TT done is during the summer when he can help with the kids full time. My parents are amazing and would help too but I'm too hesitant to tell them about elective surgery. They couldn't ever possibly comprehend why anyone would do something like this to their body. I need their physical support but emotionally I don't think they would be helpful and may possibly ask me in the midst of recovery why I would ever have done this to myself.

I'm nervous about the surgery and being under for 5.5 hours. That's a LONG time. It all seems too far away at this point but just trying to get my ducks in a row as to what is realistic with pain, helping with the kids, etc.

My PS is doing a drainless tummy tuck and as I...

My PS is doing a drainless tummy tuck and as I understand it, this takes extra time due to the stitching that is different than a traditional TT with drains. They said the TT is 3.5 hours and the lipo about 1.5-2 hours. I suppose once you're under, 3 hrs vs 5 doesn't make a huge difference.

I had several consultations set up with plastic...

I had several consultations set up with plastic surgeons in Indianapolis but after meeting my PS and finding out he is the only one in the State to do the drainless tummy tuck, I scheduled the surgery with him without seeing any other plastic surgeons. I felt GREAT about that but am having thoughts about whether or not I should consult with others. I am having my surgery done an hour away and I have three young kids at home and little time to travel back to the metro area for any other consults and I felt so great about his office, the procedure, the time he took with me, etc that it seemed like the best decision. I would welcome your thoughts on whether or not I should have any other consults.
Lol@ 3 little kids attacking you with a hug! I'm dreading not being able to hold my 7month old! I miss not being able to lift her already!imagine that! *sob sob*. Wide awake now at 3am. So gonna so what I do best these days! Research research research. Lol. I'll be reading up on drainless I guess. ;-)
Yay! The 'drainless' team! My PS isn't using drains on me either. But spending a longer time stitching me up. He's only recommending a TT without lipo for now. He basically discredited my need for a BA/BL and said I might not need lipo once he's done. But he prefers to let the TT settle first and then see if there would be a need for lipo. He was my second consultation and I subsequently cancelled my other appointments with other PS. I'm happy and feel at peace with him. It's so nice to know someone else having no drains. Good luck on your journey. Xx
There are few reviews of the drainless but my plastic surgeon explained to me that he was hired to do surgery on trauma patients prior to bringing it to his practice and the rate of infection was non existent compared to traditional drains put into wounds. He is the only one in the entire State but said others will soon be following. I just felt great after talking to him and like you, at peace with the decision. Now to try and put my head around how I will manage with three little ones attacking me with hugs after the surgery!!!

Preparing for my past c sections mentally was...

Preparing for my past c sections mentally was easier than trying to prepare and anticipate for elective surgery. You get so much support and sympathy after birth but I think that there is little support after cosmetic surgery, or so I anticipate. I am keeping my surgery private from most and having it done during the summer when I don't see as many friends. I have read that depressions after surgery is common and I have a tendency toward that any way ( my PS is aware of this.) I'm curious if those out there have experienced the recovery alone and how that went? Ebb and flow?
I had tt, lipo and muscle repair, and I thought my c section hurt alot worse. Personally, the only pain I have is at the drain sites and that is because it stings. The lipo areas hurt the worst. They are bruised dark purple and hurt to touch. I was told my surgery would take 4-5 hours and it only took 2 1/2. Just like a c section, it will hurt to laugh, cough, sneeze etc, but the pain isn't as deep. Probably because the cut isn't as deep as it is for a c section. The things I have had trouble with is the swelling and bloating. It is uncomfortable and the back pain you will get sucks also. Meds will help with this. I took Lortab for 2 days, and was off all pain meds except the occasional tylenol on day 3. As for the depression, I take Lexapro for that and was worried that I would have problems in this area. I did feel a little weepy one day, cuz I was confined to a recliner and felt trapped in my own house! You just have to tell yourself in that moment that this is normal, everyone goes through it, and it will get better! Just lean on all of us girls on this site. We will be there for you to support you, help you with any questions, and be your friend. God Bless you on this journey, and I will see you on the flat side soon!
Your info sounds very close to mine. Down to your weight and c-sections!! I am 12 days post op and the recovery has been easier because i dont have a baby to take care of!! I am thrilled with the changes in my body!! good luck!!!

Less than a month until surgery. Feeling very...

Less than a month until surgery. Feeling very anxious about the recovery, results, did I do enough to prepare my body, should I lose more weight, is it all going to be worth it, etc. Since I'm having it done at the beginning of summer it will be interesting trying to participate in outdoor summer activities with the family post surgery. I will also be itching to get back to working out once I have the surgery.
Recovering was a lot easier than my c-sections and sooooo glad I did this!!

How is it possible that the surgery is only three...

How is it possible that the surgery is only three weeks away? Crazy! I go for my pre-op appointment on Monday and I am hoping to get a lot of questions answered at that meeting. I have everything notated on my phone to ask but would love to hear additional questions to ask from those that have already gone through this.
Gmoni, Had my TT on 3/25. Based on this I would definitely talk to him in some depth about 1) how high your incisions will be. I was disappointed with mine though I had spoken to my surgeon about this but only briefly and right before the surgery 2) how much he wants to lipo since this can impact recovery (I'd suggest asking him to take the least possible for several reasons) and 3) what you can expect in recovery specifically (how long would you have to wear a binder, would you have to wear Epifoam, how many drains, how long you'll be in a Stage 2 garment,etc. and 4) for a specific supplies list (what you need at home to recover from this surgery). All the best!
Thanks so much Busybee. Great questions. The incision question is interesting because I just assumed he would place it as low as possible. Is that not the case? Also I would be interested to hear your recovery experience.
It was not in my case. I too felt that the incision should be low and easily hidden, based upon the pictures she had on her website. I had two pregnancies and as best as I can tell the surgeon cut all of the loose skin using the natural edge of where the bulge was (my natural "anatomy"). Also, she did her drawing wrong so that one hip has the scar 2" higher than the other; therefore the only panties that will hide the scar is granny panties (UGH!). I will be happy to share my recovery experience with you but it's a long story. I had a number of issues. Please private message me here.

Had my preop appointment on Monday and they were...

Had my preop appointment on Monday and they were so detailed that all my questions were answered. 26 page document for me to take home. One that struck me as very different from most stories on here is that they don't recommend you wear compression garments. I'm having a drainless procedure and this must be the difference.

My dr is also having me I inject blood thinners into my thigh for 7 days after the TT to prevent clots. Did anyone else do this?

One other thing is that he will make the incision anywhere I want it. Yikes. That's a big decision. Should I go as low as possible? My c section scar is about 4 inches above the girl parts and he said he recommends 3 inches. I could use some advise in this area. I like to wear things low rise so I'm thinking the lower the better

Also as luck may have it, I was shopping at Aldi today and thy randomly had raised toilet seats with handles clearances to $15. Woo hoo!!!
Gmoni, 1) Go as low as you can go on the incision so that you can wear whatever panties you want; 2) I have heard of a few PSs on here who don't have people wear binders but the vast majority do have patients wear them and the stage 2 compression garment for drainless and surgeries with drains. The compression garments help to keep swelling down (legendary with a TT) and to set your new contour; and 3) Haven't heard the one about the blood thinners. That's unusual; my PS just had me wear TEDs (the anti-embolism stocking) and put my feet up. Believe this is by far a much more common practice.

My supply list for post TT surgery. Items that WILL make your life easier.

I have added some great things to my supplies list that I haven't seen on here that were used after my c-sections and I thought they would be perfect for after my TT.

-Memory Foam bed wedge
-Raised toilet seat
-Face wipes
-Baby wipes
-Chux Pads for bed
-Tefla pads (these are non stick pads that are 8"X3" and absorb fluids. They were AMAZING after the c-section. SO soft and absorbent. I had never heard of them prior to the last c-section. I ordered them on Amazon)
-Pereneal instant cold packs (they hospital sent home about 30 of these after each birth and they were amazing for general use but I really liked them because they also have an absorbent component to the outside of them as opposed to a regular ice pack. I ordered them on Amazon.)
-Moist heat heating pad
-Camelback water container. I bought this for after my c-section and I loved the long hose with straw component so that when I was lying down I could still drink without spilling.
-Maidenform compression tank tops. These are a Stage 2 type garment because I will be having a drainless tummy tuck and don't need a Stage 1.
-Dry Shampoo (I get pretty oily hair so I can use this daily. I purchased the Dove brand and really love it.)
-Stool Softener
-Fiber pills
-Milk of Magnesia
-High fiber crackers and cereal
-Frozen fruit
-Pill container for am/pm and dry erase marker to notate times on mirror
-pack of cheap mens white tank tops to wear during recovery
-pack of gigantic cotton granny panties for post surgery.
-sanitary pads

I will add other things before I go but this is what I already have stocked. What am I missing????
Hi Gmomi, I haven't posted my story yet..I've had good intentions but just haven't done it yet. I am 3 DPO. I had a drainless Tummy Tuck and I am also on blood thinner injections for 7 days! My PS did give me a binder-however it's not that tight and it mostly holds the pads in place-doesn't give that much support-but feels very confortable. She said that its not necessary but most people feel more comfortable with a little bit of support in that area. I haven't had any draining from the incision yet and everything looks great! I am feeling swollen but ofcourse that seems to be normal. I was put on blood thinners as a preventative to blood clots and although my blood work came back normal-I do have family members that have had a history of blood clots-so I believe she did this to be extra cautious! I also still have anti-embolism socks on and leg massagers. Anyways, I thought I would share since we have simaler procedures! Hope all goes well!
Wow, your story sounds so inspiring when it come to recovery. I also need any tips you can give me for the injections. Are they awful? Do you do them yourself? Where do you give them? My PS said in the thigh.
The injections aren't so bad! There is a bit of numbness in my upper legs (this is apparently normal after tummy tuck surgery)-so I try to find a numb spot and inject there. The first one was difficult...I felt a little light headed doing it-but its no problem now! I would find a numb spot, pinch some skin (keep it pinched), insert the needle (straight up and down) and inject slowly (not too fast)-you will do great! So far-I am really glad I had the Drainless Tummy Tuck-I have not had any discharge and everything seems great so far! I started posting my story (review)...but seem to have misplaced it...lol...I will try to find it and post some more of how my recovery has been going! Your list of supplies sounds perfect-the cold packs would have come in handy for me-I have alot of swelling in my girl bits-which I was surprised at-but apparently this is normal as the swelling tends to travels down! I have been using cold clothes-but cold perenial packs would have been ideal! :)

New before pics

Thinking of you! :)
Good luck and prayers being sent your way Gmomi!! You will look awesome!!!!

5 days post op...wow, wow, wow!!!!

Ladies if you're still on the fence as I was prior to the surgery, it's time to jump over to the flat side. I'm 5 days post op and terribly swollen but I am SO happy with my flat tummy and cute little belly button. There is no comparing the post op pain to my c sections...the TT isn't even in the same league as it was so painful the first few days. I don't want to hide that fact but you have to consider the fact that you can make it through hour by hour in those dirt few days. Days 4 and 5 have been very manageable with the pain the most intense when you change positions. I getting great sleep at night and my destination of choice is the corner of our sectional since its really easy to feel all tucked in by cushions and pillows. I also bought a bed wedge from Amazon and that has been a life saver. I paid around $50 and it's by far the best investment in recovery because it helps with changing positions.
My TT was drainless and in that regard has made PO healing easier to not have to hassle with the drains. Believe it or not but the incision is the least painful. Ranking in order if most painful to least: 1. Muscle repair hurts like a mother father. You can't cough without feeling like your internal organs will come out through your nostrils. 2. The Lipo insertion points are OUCH. That was unexpected. They are tender and on my back so I have to ice them a lot. 3. Least painful is the incision. It has tugging and pulling but that pain is totally manageable.

All in all I would definitely do this again if you can handle a few days of extreme pain and have lots of help. My swelling is at it's worst and I am in live with the results. Can't wait to put on real clothes but don't underestimate the awesomeness of the maxi dress. I live in mine. No undies necessary!
I was underwear free for a good week, too!! Lol. You do look amazing, what a difference. Hurray!!
you look great so far! good for you!

11 days PO. So thrilled I could cry!!!

Feeling pretty back to normal except for energy levels in the afternoons. I have run into many acquaintances in the last week that make a comment and know something is different but can't figure it out. I love having this secret. Everyone knows that I'm really active and committed to a healthy lifestyle so when someone has blatantly asked if I've lost weight I jut say that I've been making gradual changes. It has been the highlight of PO to see womens reactions that have no idea I had surgery. I even went to the public pool with my kiddos yesterday and was actually getting stares from people. Yay!!!! This was 10 days PO with massive swelling. So so happy. My hubby says that he doesn't know how to say it for fear of hurting my feelings that I may think he didn't think I looked good before but his eyes jut stare and me with such a new lust. I love it!!!! I'm 20 again in my abs!!!

11 days PO

You look great. Your scar look good

4 weeks post op. back to normal

You look fabulous! Enjoy!
dr. william sando

I chose Dr. Sando in Carmel because I really liked the professionalism of his staff and also the time he took with me in the exam room. It was a beautiful facility even down to the fact that you exit out of a different door than you enter for those that have an in-office procedure done and want to remain anonymous. I also like that he is drainless. I had such a great gut feeling after the meeting that I cancelled my other appointments and he was the only surgeon that I saw.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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