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Tummy Tuck - Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I will be having my TT and BA by Dr. Slatton Nov. 9th. I would love to here more about your experiences with him and also the hospital.
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Hi I'm glad to see you are doing much better. The HLT tt scars are really thin even with the hiccup I had, but I know you are loving the opportunity for another cool tattoo. You look great!
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I'm so "glad" to hear you say this! I read the accounts of people saying they were off meds by 3 days po and I feel like a huge baby. My TT was shockingly hard. The kind of experience that changes my view on the wisdom of having a body that can feel that kind of pain and still endure! In the whole nightmare, I'd add that your BODY FEELS LIKE IT DOESN'T FIT! It was like wearing a body tube, crushing me, all the time. And my skin pulled constantly. I felt claustrophobic, like I couldn't breathe inside my new body. Couldn't move. Couldn't walk. I went home right after waking up. I can't even believe that I did that. It was awful. An hour long drive and then walking up the stairs. I lived in panic that an earthquake would happen and I wouldn't be able to move, lol. Glad you're happy - you look great! Never again...
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IshTar and Sexy I have a question...right after surgery in the recovery room did they put on a CG (ab binder one)? The one slatton told me to purchase he told me I probably should wear like 2 weeks Post...I have seen so many pictures with ladies with the ab binder one on...did you guys just leave with stitches and bandages or did you ahve that CG (ab binder to start with)?
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Hi, Bring your cg garment with you as you will wear it home. My garment was placed on me after surgery-I was out though. I didn't wear it home because I had extra swelling on my right side. I didn't wear my binder until two weeks po.
Wow, love this post! Thank you for the pics - it helps confirm my idea that Dr. Slatton's work is *amazing*. Look at how straight and thin that scar is! A question for you, Ishtar - are you a smoker, or not? Just curious. Also, to the other posters on this thread - thanks for the information about the hospital, and the lift chair rentals. All things I hadn't thought of, but will keep in mind. I'm still not quite ready to get a consultation for my procedure (need to save up a bit, and want to lose a few more pounds first, to lessen the need for lipo, especially on my back and thighs), but this is really helping me. Thank you!
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Wow another Dr. Slatton fan!!! Yippee!!! It get's better. I will be 5 weeks po and will probably update my review then. Take your time, happy healing!
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Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for the awesome review and updates.

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I agree this review is great! Dr. Slatton could be the best PS in Indiana however the most silent...which means he may not get the exposure he deserves...
I have my preop with Dr. Slatton tomorrow. My TT is set for Oct 24! You mentioned horrible nurses...which hospital...so I can for sure stay away? How was PS? Did you have all info, prescriptions, etc at preop? Did you have to pay for op, aneste separate?
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Yes, did you go to Witham? My mom spent the night with me, they made her bed and these ladies and gent were really attentive. Hopefully it wasn't these guys.

Hi, I paid cash excluding Doc fees and they were separate-hospital and anesthesiologist. The last thing I remember before going under was the anesthesiologist cologne.

The HLT is serious business but the results are wonderful for giving you that hour glass figure and thin scar.
Well, I did have my preop and:
1. He thinks it is a waste of money for me to stay overnight. So I am going home same day and will have the procedure at the surgical center located at 106th and Meridian.
2. I have gained some weight since my original consult with him and he now thinks I may need lipo on flanks...however with me having two bodies (figure and offseason) we both know that I can get the fat off my flanks...when I need too (show time). So I am actually going to try to lean out a bit and see him again on Oct 10th to make a final decision on adding the lipo or going with just the HLT which is originally what was planned.
3. Did you rent a recliner? He suggested actually a lift recliner...they are remote controlled to raise you and lower you, plus all of the benefits of a recliner.
Yes, I rented the lift chair. I initially wanted a hospital bed, but the lift chair has been fine.

You make the final decision about the hospital over night. If you have no complications and they are able to manage your pain levels, its no big deal. The hospital stay was only about $500 extra, and my 75 y/o mom was my nurse. She was able to observe the nurses, ask questions, and get a real insight about my care. I was there for more like a day and a half and it gave me and my mom's more confidence to be there at the hospital if something went wrong. Overly cautious maybe.
No...my thoughts as well (regarding hospital stay). My husband will still have to manage working from home and our son...however we will make it work. My biggest issues is I have not told any family members...in which there are a couple that would easily be able to help me...just don't want to hear thier mouths right now.

Ok...lift chair...please tell me the company you rented it from? I saw that rentacenter has one...but I have never rented furniture in my life and don't know who to go with.

I rented from AHHE.  The chair was 96.30 total.

Great how long did you use it before you decided to do your bed?
One month.
Cool...they have a show room thwt is literally 10 min from my home. i plan to just stop in...maybe a walker and a raised toiliet seat might come in handy too!
I took a trip up to the AHHE show room! Cool chairs and walkers and raised toilets...lol. I will go with them and she told me to just stop by 1 week before I need it and take care of everything! They even have a large chair...mainly for larger people however given I am 5"10 she suggested I go with it for the leg length...same cost as reg chair just need to tell them at the time the order is placed. I am so grateful for you and so many others on REAL SELF! Thanks
Glad to help.