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With summer coming, I decided to try spider vein...

With summer coming, I decided to try spider vein treatment to remove small veins on the front of my right leg. I had some very small veins on my upper thights, but they did not concern me as you can't see them when wearing shorts or skirts.

I made an appointment at Decatur Vein Center in Indianapolis and spent $400 for treatment and hose After 4 week, there was absolute no change. I signed a paper that said it could take up to 3 treatments and that I should have a mapping done, but that for spider veins it probably isn't needed. So now I'm being told I have to spend more money on something that may or may not work.

They are so encouraging in person that it the treatment should work, but it doesn't and now to MAYBE get any results, I will have to throw good money after bad. I also found out that the BBB does not take complains on medical procedures, so I'm stuck with no way to get resolution to my dilemna.

My argument with

I did a lot of research before addressing my varicose & spider veins - and concluded that going to a free-standing vein care center/clinic was *not* the way to go. Instead, I went to a board-certified interventional radiologist associated with a large hospital on the East Coast. The doctor's credentials are superb & has been doing vein ablation, micro-phlebectomies and sclerotherapy for many years. So many horror stories about vein clinics on this site - stay away is my advice..

Also had a procedure done at Indianapolis vein clinic. Make sure you understand how much out-of-pocket these procedures cost. The first time I called they said it was my resonsibility to find out what insurance paid. Seeing as I had no clue, I said forget it. Shortly thereafter, a very personable person called to say they would be glad to help us out. They forgot to mention a few costs that insurance didn't pay. I just got a bill for $400. I called them up, they apologzed for any confusion and told me I would still have to pay.

Sorry my point about my previous comment was this. Spider veins are an underlying indication that your legs may not be getting the oxygen they need to feel and look their best.
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I never saw a doctor. Just a nurse or medical assistant.

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